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If you're looking for a cute baby name for your daughter that just rolls of the tongue, sometimes you just can't beat a girly name. Whether a traditional baby girl name that is popular because it sounds so sweet, or something with connections to nature (as many of the loveliest feminine names are associated with flowers), one of these names is sure to be a fitting match for your adorable new arrival.

We think once you see them, you won't be able to resist these pretty baby girl names that really do sum up sugar and spice and all things nice. There's even a few Disney names based on classic princesses as well as some more unusual girly names you may not have considered.

Traditional girly names

There are some adorable old-fashioned girly names that are really popular and it's because they sound so lovely. A lot of these come from historic names, many with Latin origins, and there are also some romantic-sounding Greek girl names.

April - from the Latin meaning 'to open' and, of course, it is the fabulous fourth month of the year. It makes us think of spring the minute we hear it!
Bella - Can you find a more girly name that one that simply means 'beautiful' in Italian? Although, if you're looking for something super unique, there has been a huge rise in names ending in ‘ella’ and your little one will probably not be the only one in their class with this adorable name.
Chloe - a romantic Greek name meaning 'young green shoot' - symbolising springtime and new growth.
Elsie - a Scottish name, meaning 'pledged to God'.
Ophelia - a Greek name meaning 'help'.
Sophia - a sophisticated and beautiful girly name is originally from Greece and means 'wisdom'.

Cute girly names

While all of the names on this list are cute, these ones have an extra pinch of sweetness for an undeniably endearing name that is sure to enchant anyone she meets.

Ariel - This name gives us adorable Disney Little Mermaid vibes! Ariel means 'lion of God' plus it is also a biblical name that can be used for both boys and girls!

Evie - Evie is a cute Hebrew name meaning 'life'.

Heidi - Heidi is a German name meaning 'of noble birth'.

Lola - This cute Spanish name means 'lady of sorrows'!

Millie - Millie is a name of both English and German origins, meaning 'strong in work'.

Pixie - The name Pixie is a mystical name of Celtic, Swedish and Cornish origin meaning "fairy".

Nature girly names

From flower names to more unusual options such as 'Snow', what could be prettier than naming your little girl after something beautiful in the natural world.

Daisy - This lovely flowery name, Daisy, is a girly name that comes from the Old English word 'dægeseage', meaning 'day's eye'. Interestingly, Daisy is also a nickname for Margaret, as Marguerite, the French version of the name also means 'oxeye daisy'.
Ivy - This quirky botanical name saw a rise in popularity after Beyoncé called her daughter Blue Ivy.
Poppy - Another floral name because they really are the girliest! Poppy is of Latin origin and obviously comes from the deep red flower that we use to commemorate World War One.
Rose - A sweet-smelling English flower. The perfect girly name for a little baby girl.
Sky - Think blue skies and clouds floating by. Sky is a variant of the Scottish 'skye'.
Snow - Snow is quite an unusual but girly English name conjuring up thoughts of purity, a fair complexion and winter.
Lily - a lovely floral name of English origin. It just rolls of the tongue and reminds of purity and innocence.

More girly names

If you still haven't found the one, here are a few more girly names that we love.

Grace - a pure and virtuous name of Latin origin, often referred to as divine grace.
Harmony - an adorable musical name from Greece. If you like this one, what about Melody or Lyric?
Honey - This name is simply delicious and sweet! It comes from the Old English 'hunig' meaning 'honey' and was used to refer to someone who sold honey or kept bees - as well as a term of endearment.
Layla - a name of Arabic origin meaning 'night'.
Mia - a short and simple multicultural name of Italian and Scandinavian origin meaning 'mine'.
Molly - This really sweet name surprisingly means 'bitter' in Hebrew.
Nancy - of Hebrew origin and means 'grace'.
Tilly - If you want a frilly girly name that means strength - go for Tilly. It is of German origin and means "battle-mighty".

For more pretty names that are undeniably girly, do check out more of our baby name lists. There are lots of beautiful French girl names that are cute and feminine, or you may prefer a more modern girl name or something a bit unusual.

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