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Disney names

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When it comes to choosing your baby's name it has to be perfect for you and if you're a film fan, what could be more perfect than one of these Disney names? Whether you love or hate it, there are so many traditional and unique baby names, so we have picked out the best 100 Disney baby names that you might not have considered.

We have included their meaning, as well as which films you can find them in. Plus we have even broken down our selections into different lists, including girls' names, boys' names and even space-themed baby names which are based on Star Wars and other iconic movies.

Disney baby names

Disney princess-inspired names

Anna - This can also be spelt as Ana, and while the name is quite traditional it became extremely popular after the release of Frozen. Meaning "favour" or "grace" the daring character has all the characteristics you'll want your little girl to have.
Ariel - What little girl doesn't love mermaids? This name can also be spelt Ariela or Ariella and the name in Hebrew literally means "the lion of God".
Aurora - Of course, from Sleeping Beauty, his beautiful girls name is Latin for the goddess of dawn, which might be fitting for those early mornings you'll have!
•Belle - Short for many names including Isobel, Isabella, Arabella and Belinda, the French word Belle means 'beautiful'. This would be a beautiful name for any baby girl and comes from B_eauty and the Beast_.
Briar - A gender-neutral name meaning "thorny bush of wild roses". It's also part of Briar Rose, a pseudonym for Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty.•Cinderella - From French origin, this name means 'little ashes' and can also be shortened to Ella.
Elena - A lesser-known princess from Elena of Alvor. Her name means "shining light".
Elsa - If you love the film, you will love the name. Meaning "God's promise" in Hebrew, this name is becoming less uncommon as so many people love it!
•Isabel - Meaning "pledged to God", she is a princess from Elena of Alvor on the Disney Junior channel
Jasmine - This name from the Aladdin movie is full of beauty, being taken from the tropical plant "yasmin" that is vibrant and fragrant.
​​•Kiara - "Clear" or "light", this is the Italian form of Clara and Clare and is the princess and daughter of Simba and Nala in The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride.
Leia - The perfect Star Wars moniker. This name is an English form of 'Leah' meaning "lioness" and it can also be spelt 'Lia'. If you're having twins and are struggling to find names that go together, why not consider Luke and Leia? You can also have "Luke and Lee" or "Lucy and Leia".
•Merida - Latin for "one who has achieved a high place of honour" we can see why this Disney character from Brave was given the beautiful name Merida. It's not very common, but definitely one that people will fall in love with when they hear it.
•Moana - Up next is this lovely Hawaiian name which was given to one of the more recent Disney princesses. It means 'sea', 'ocean' and 'expanse of water'.
•Mulan - 'Wood orchid' and 'magnolia blossom' are the meanings of this name which comes from Chinese origin.
•Pocahontas - Loosely based on the real historical figure, Pocahontas is a free-spirited resourceful princess and is therefore a strong name to give to any strong little baby.
•Rapunzel - Surprisingly, this name has food-based origins as it means 'rampions' - a member of the turnip family.**
**•Tiana - Russian and Latin for "princess" what could be more perfect as a Disney princess name and for your little princess? It's known from The Princess and the Frog.

Disney prince inspired names

Aladdin - 'Nobility of faith' is what this Arabic boys' name means.
Andrew - From The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. This name means "manly" and "strong".
Eric - Meaning, 'always ruler' or 'forever ruler', this is a fitting name for your very own little prince, you can find Eric in The Little Mermaid.
Hans - A German name meaning 'God is gracious', which comes from Frozen.
Kristoff - Also from Frozen, this is similar to the name 'Christopher' this name means "to carry". This unique spelling of the name with definitely let your little boy stand out on the class register.
•Naveen - Stemming from Indian origin, this name means 'new' and is a lovely name for a newborn baby. It comes from The Princess and the Frog.
•Shang - A Chinese surname, which means "esteem". It's the name of the Prince in Mulan.

Animal-themed Disney names

Arlo - Any The Good Dinosaur fans will adore this name. Arlo is bound to make a mark on the class register as this unusual name is quirky and different, but we love it.
Baloo - It's unsurprising that this name means "bear", as it's given to the bear in The Jungle Book.
•Bolt - Meaning "lock" and "run away", this character can be found in the movie of the same name, which centres around a very fast dog.
Cleo - The name of Gepetto’s fish from Pinocchio. It's a unisex name which is of course short for Cleopatra.
Evangeline - From The Princess and the Frog, this means "good news".**
•Daisy** -This refreshing name is commonly derived from the flower rather than this sophisticated character, with the old English Word meaning "days eye". She's of course known from all of the duck films.
•Dante - A literary name meaning "steadfast", it's a name which has been given to the loyal dog in Coco.
•Daphne - From Greek mythology, this name means 'laurel tree'. You can find Daphne in Duck Family and several other films.
•Dale - Traditionally a last name, Dale means 'valley' which is referred as those who 'live in the valley'. It comes from Chip 'N' Dale short films. This name would be perfect for parents who love the outdoors and could make a great name for a twin...
Donald - Short for "Domnhall" (a Scottish name), it means "ruler of the world" and is given to a famous duck.
Dory - Meaning "Gift of God", this name is fitting for any baby. We loved the fun-loving character from The Little Mermaid, so why not name your little bundle of joy after her?
Finnick - Loosely translated to "marshland farm", this is an Anglo-Saxon name which has been given to the hot-tempered fox from Zootropolis.
Gus - When it comes to wanting a simple name that can't be shortened, why not go for Gus (from Cinderella)? If the adorable character isn't enough to convince you on the name, it carries the Latin meaning "worthy of respect" and "majestic".
Louie - This name comes from The Jungle Book and will suit any cheeky chap with a name meaning of "loud" or "famous warrior". It's a French variant of the name 'Louis' which is also the name of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge's third child.
•Maximus - A regal and royal sounding name, given to the horse in Tangled. The name Maximus can be found int the Bible and means "greatest".**
•Melody** - A charming name which literally means "song", it's one of Minnie Mouse's cousins.
•Millie - Another one of Minnie's cousins. The name means "strong in work" and "gentle strength" and is a wonderful ode to premature babies.**
•Mickey** - Often the nickname of "Michael" the Hebrew meaning of the name is "who is like God". This name adds a Disney twist onto the traditional family name 'Michael' or 'Mick' and of course has been given to one very famous mouse...
•Minnie - There are different name meanings for "Minnie" but our favourite is "wished-for-child". This name will be perfect for any special baby girl. Obviously, it's known from Walt Disney's Mickey & Minnie.
Marlin - How adorable is this name? Given to Nemo's father, it fittingly means "sea fortress" and "land near the lake".
Nemo - Latin for "nobody", this is the name of our little clownfish friend in Finding Nemo.
Ratigan - Up next is this Irish moniker from The Great Mouse Detective. It means "law" and "administrator" or steward**”**.
Roger - The dad of the puppies in One Hundred and One Dalmatians. It means "famous spearman" in German.
Rosie - Although you may not instantly think of the spider from A Bug's Life, this is a lovely classic name that will never go out of fashion.
•Sarafina - A Hebrew name meaning "burning ones", it's also the name of Nala's mother in The Lion King.
•Sebastian - This fun name from The Little Mermaid has an air of sophistication around it but can be shortened to 'Seb' for a more casual nickname.
•Timon - A masculine name, it's the super funny and quirky meerkat in The Lion King. If you're after the meaning, it's essentially "honourable" and "respect".
•Tito - From The Emperor's New Groove, this name means "saved" and is an Italian and Spanish variation of "Titus".
•Winnie - How adorable is this name, of course given to A.A Milne's honey-eating bear in Winnie The Pooh.
•Zazu - A Hebrew name meaning "movement", this girl's name is lovely and unique if you're after a moniker beginning with 'z'. You can find Zazu in The Lion King.

Unisex Disney names

Acer - Also spelt as Asa, this is a cute name which compliments other names nicely. It's given to one of the little green vehicles in the Cars franchise. It means "maple" as well as "number one", so it could be given to your first-born child.
Coco - He is the young boy from the film of the same name, who follows his passion for music. It's a French name which means "cocoa".
Cody - Originally a Gaelic and Irish surname "Cody" is unisex and means "helpful". You will find Cody in Rescuers Down Under.
Hudson - This is one for the parents who love Cars and not just the film! The name has started becoming more popular over the years. It's a winning choice for an adventurous little boy.
Remy - Don't let the character put you off the name as this creative little guy from Ratatouille has the biggest dreams and goals like all little ones dream of.
Robin - This can be used for a girl or boy name, meaning "bright" or "shining" and has been popular since the days of Robin Hood.

Disney themed boy names

Arthur - A name fit for a king. This film was inspired by King Arthur and the legend of the sword from the 9th century and is found in The Sword and the Stone.
Bruno - Both a surname and first name from Germanic origin, it means "brown" and "burnish". You can find Bruno in Encanto.
•Chip - A sweet name which can be found in Beauty and the Beast. It's given to the cup. Chip means 'free man'.•Dash - Known from The Incredibles, this name is actually short for 'Dashiell' which meaning is unknown but if you want a quirky name with a bit of mystery then this name would be for you! We've all heard how quick toddlers can be, so it's definitely a suitable name as your baby grows up...
David - Play it simple with this classic name. It's perfect for giving to your beloved baby (as it literally means "beloved". It is the name od David Kawena, Nani’s boyfriend in Lilo and Stitch.
Flynn - Similar to Finn, this name became popular after the release of Rapunzel's Tangled. There's something different about this name and one that no one else might have thought of.
Geppetto - A religious Italian name meaning "God will increase". It's given to the carpenter in Pinocchio.
Milo - A character from Atlantis: The Lost Empire. It means "merciful" and "soldier".
•Mowgli - The name of the little boy in The Jungle Book. In the story, this name means "frog".
•Hugo - "Spirit" and "heart" are two meaning of this four-letter name. It comes from the German word "hug".
•Olaf - Meaning 'descendant of the ancestors', this name has been around long before the Frozen films.
•Oswald - Mickey Mouse's half-brother is given this name in classic Disney.
•Peter - Greek meaning for "rock" this traditional name isn't as popular as it used to be as more people are wanting unusual names. So why not keep it classic, this name will suit any little boy while still being different to all the other names on the class register! You can find it in Peter Pan's Neverland.
•Phoebus - Meaning "bright one" this moniker has been given to the war hero in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Ralph - An Old English name meaning "wolf counsel", this name is on Wreck-It Ralph.
•Rex - Latin for "king", this name was chosen by Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash and is also the name of the dinosaur in Toy Story.
•Russell - You might think of Russell Crowe when hearing this name instead of this loveable character but we love them both. The name originates from the last name "Russell".
Tadashi - If you're looking for a Japanese name, this lovely moniker is wonderful. It's the name of the boy in Big Hero 6 who's great with robotics.
Woody - Unless you've seen Toy Story, this name is often inspired by nature but is now loved by those who adore the passionate and loyal character who would do anything for his friends.

Disney themed girl titles

Alice - The protagonist from Alice in Wonderland. It's a German name which means "exalted" and "nervous".
Celia - Meaning "heavenly" it's a literary name from Greek origin. It's the name of the snake-like monster in _Monster's Inc.
_•Colette - This French name is known for the meaning "victorious" or "people of victory", which is why the character from Ratatouille got this name as she was driven and worked hard to become the only woman in the films famous restaurant.
•Edna - Classed as an old-fashioned name, this moniker is short and sweet. It's the name of the costume designer in The Incredibles.
Esmerelda - The name of the woman in The Hunchback of Notre Dam. Esmerelda is a lovely long name, inspired from the word "emerald".
Eudora - Perfect for your miracle or rainbow baby, this name from Greek origin translates to "good gift".
Flora - Derived from the Latin 'flos' this name means "flower", she is one of the fairies on Sleeping Beauty. Watch your baby girl blossom with this name.
Giselle - This enchanting name means "bright pledge" and is definitely a more unique Disney name. It sounds magical and dreamy and will stand out amongst the other baby girls. You'll love it if you watch Enchanted.
Jane - The feminine form of the name 'John' meaning "God is gracious". This name has always remained a popular choice as it's simple and classic. You can find Jane in the Tarzan films.
Joy - A bright name for your little bundle of joy. It obviously means "happiness" and "great pleasure". She is one of the main characters in Inside Out.
•Lilo - A short and fun name, which is also the moniker of the girl in Lilo and Stitch.
Mary - "Beloved" and "bitterness" is what this classic name means. You can find this English Nanny flying with an umbrella in Mary Poppins.
Marian - The love interest of Robin Hood (also known as maid Marian). It has a broad range of meanings including "warlike", "rebellious" and "beloved" as well as "bitter".
Maudie - Found in the 2012 film Brave, Maudie means "mighty in battle" and is perfect for a strong little bubba.
Megara - From Hercules, this name is often shortened to "Meg" or changed to "Megan". Although the character is quite feisty, the name is still lovely for a little girl.
•Roz - Short for "Rose", you can find her in Monsters, Inc..
•Wendy - It's fitting that the German name meaning of Wendy is "wanderer", because this classic name would be perfect for the little girls who will dare to go anywhere. Wendy is one of the main characters in Peter Pan's Neverland.
Ursula - Meaning "little she-bear" this is a strong Disney name from The Little Mermaid.
Violet - Daughter of The Incredibles, Violet means "purple".

Space-themed Disney names

Buzz - This brave and courageous name of the astronaut from the Toy Story films. will suit your charming little boy perfectly. This name was made popular by Tom and Giovanna Fletcher after they named their son Buzz in 2014.
Eve - Meaning "life" this is WALL-E's love interest.
Pluto - Reclassified as a planet, this space-themed name is also the name of the famous dog that Mickey Mouse owns. It means 'wealth-giver'.
Finn - An Irish name meaning for "fair" or "white" this character is courageous after turning on the stormtroopers because he believed what they were doing was wrong. Finn is also a nickname of "Finley".
Kylo - Meaning "sky" this name is quite similar to the classic name 'Kyle' so why not be a little different and go for Kylo? Also known from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
Luke - The Greek meaning of the name is "light giving" which makes sense for the Star Wars films as the Jedi are the light side of the force. You can't go wrong with a name like this.

Why choose a Disney-themed baby name?

Choosing a name that's inspired by Disney is the perfect way to incorporate some of your favourite films and characters into a meaningful name for your child.

There are many ways you could include these magical names, whether that's via a first name, middle name or double-barrelled monikers, as well as nicknames.

If you're still struggling to find a name, or you would like to find a complimenting sibling name, our baby name generator has lots of ideas.

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