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Choosing a name for your baby girl is without a doubt the most exciting (and frustrating) task you’ll encounter before welcoming her into the world. Maybe you've had a cute baby nameor a moreunusual baby name in mind for years, but for many it can be a hard task that can take months to make a decision. Do you go for a one-syllable girl name? Or something lengthier? The choice is endless!

A modern baby girl name is a good option if you're looking to break away from those more traditional, old fashioned baby girl names. So, if you’re keen for your daughter to have a more 'current' and 'trendy' name, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up 43 modern baby girl names, as well as their meanings, incase you’d like it to have that extra sentimental touch.

Aimee - the revamped version of the name ‘Amy’ and is pronounced ‘ay-mee’.

Alanna - this unisex name is apparently popular in Hawaii and means ‘fair’ and ‘beautiful’.

Aspen - this name may make you think of blue skies and snowy mountains, as it’s the name of a ski resort. It’s a great name to honor the great outdoors.

Ava - of Latin origin meaning ‘life’, ‘water’ and ‘bird’.

Brielle - derived from the Hebrew name ‘Gabrielle’ this name means ‘heroine of God’.

Brooklyn - a gender neutral name that feels cool and modern. It also means ‘beautiful brook’.

Brook - if you’re still unsure about Brooklyn, this shortened version sounds a little more feminine and means 'stream'.

Charley - a variation of the name Charlie, this gender neutral name sounds hip.

Cia - derived from the name ‘Cynthia’ it means ‘of the moon’ and can also be spelt with an ‘S’.

Demi - in Greek this name means ‘Goddess of the harvest’ and is also the name of pop singer Demi Lovato.

Esme - the French meaning of this name is so sweet, it means ‘loved’.

Everly - of English origin which means ‘boar’ and ‘woodland clearing’. You may be thinking ‘umm what?’ but the ancient Germans believed boars represented strength and courage.

Evie - the Latin form of Eve. This name has Hebrew origin which means ‘life’ or ‘breathe’.

Hadley - another gender neutral name that means ‘heather fields’.

Kallie - not only does this name sound beautiful, but that’s what it means in Greek too.

Isla - this Scottish girl name also has Spanish origins and means ‘island’. It’s also pronounced ‘eye-la’.

Indy - short for ‘Indiana’, a boy and girl's name.

Iris - the name of Jude Law and Sadie Frost’s model daughter, whose Greek origin means ‘rainbow’.

Ivy - this name of English and Latin origin means ‘vine’. It makes us think of the Christmas carol ‘Holly and the Ivy’. One to consider if you’re due in the winter.

Jade - the gemstone in this colour is known to attract happiness and good luck.

Juniper - of Latin origin, this name means ‘young’ and ‘evergreen’.

Kiki - this positive name means ‘double happiness’ in French, a nice option if you’re expecting twins.

Luna - meaning ‘moon’ in Latin and is also the name of Chrissy Teighen and John Legend’s little girl.

Lyra - of Greek and Latin origin this name means ‘lyre’, which has associations with the night sky, music and harmony.

Maeva - of French origin meaning ‘welcome’, perfect we’d say for your little one entering the world.

Mabel - the same name as the pop singer, whose Latin origin means ‘loveable dear’.

Maya - if you’re having a water birth or just love the water yourself, this name which means ‘water’, could work.

Mila - in Spanish and Italian this name means ‘miracles’, while in Russian it means ‘gracious’. It’s also become more mainstream since actress Mila Kunis stepped onto the scene.

Nala - of African and Arabic origin, which also means ‘queen’, ‘lion’ and ‘successful women’ in different languages spoken in Africa.

Navy - this English name means ‘a fleet of ships’.

Olive - this English name means ‘olive tree’, not to mention olives are a very popular snack.

Poppy - comes from the name of the flower (of course) and has Latin origin.

Raya - not only is she a cool, kickass women in ‘Riya and The Last Dragon’, but it’s a lovely one to choose to symbolise the bond between you and your girl as it means ‘friend’ in Hebrew.

Remi - of French origin this name means ‘oarsmen’ and is another great gender neutral name.

Stella - the Latin and Italian origin of this pretty name means 'celestial star’.

Stevie - A Greek name which means ‘crown’, very fitting for your little queen’s arrival.

Talia - this name has quite a few meanings, in Greek it means ‘blooming’, in Hebrew ‘dew from heaven’ and Latin for ‘child born at Christmas’ (great if your little one is due in December).

Tia - a fitting name for every little women out there as in Greek this means ‘goddess’.

Thea - short for names such as Althea, Mathea and Dorothea, this Greek name is another that means ‘goddess’.

Wren - a wren is a small, sweet little songbird. It could be perfect if you think your little one is going to have a beautiful voice.

Zara - not only one of everyone’s favourite high street stores, but it also means ‘radiance’.

Zanda - this is a name you may not have heard of. It’s Greek origin means ‘man’s defender’. It’s a strong, modern baby girl name.

Zendeya - you may recognise this name because of the beautiful actress who has the same one, but it also means ‘to give thanks’.

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