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When your baby starts to toddle about, there's no stopping them once they are on the move, which is why a stair gate always comes in handy at home. But what about when you are travelling? What's to stop your little one from accessing areas of your accommodation without you knowing? Whether you're heading on a staycation in the UK or going on a trip to stay with family, it's a good idea to invest in a travel stair gate. It will help to stop your little one from wandering into areas they're not supposed to be without you being there.

What stair gate is best for travel?

The best stair gate to use when you're travelling is one that is pressure mounted. A pressure-mounted stair gate fits walls without the need for screws or more permanent adhesives. These are ideal for travelling as they can be easily installed and taken down again at the end of your time away, without leaving any drill holes or screw marks on door frames and walls.

Best travel stair gate

If you're looking for a stair gate to take with you when you're away from home, look no further. From cheap stair gates to more expensive ones. Ones for narrow doors to ones that will fit wider openings. Our guide to the best travel stair gates has options to suit most families needs.

Easy installation

This safety gate comes assembled and ready to install, so it'll only take you a matter of minutes to put it up once you get to your destination. If you're unsure about whether you've installed it correctly, the gate has a handy safety indicator that displays red when there's a problem and green when it's good to go for additional peace of mind.

• Fits opening measurements: 76-82cm
• Height: 74cm
• Weight: 5.5kg
• Extra features: squeeze and lift handle for easy one-handed adult opening, double lock

Pros: Wide walkthrough, pressure indicator to show when gate is installed correctly
Cons: Could be lighter

Review: "These are so easy to install and do the job perfectly, out the box, in the gap job done. I also like the fact that you need two hands to open it which means little hands can't open it easily. Someone gave us our first one and we have bought an additional 2 of the same one as we like how it functions."

Widest baby gate
Hauck Safety Gate for Doors and Stairs

Rrp: $69.99

Price: $62.99

If the place you're travelling to has particularly wide doorways to fit, this baby stair gate would be ideal. It fits openings between 96-101cm, which is the widest fit of all the baby gates featured on this list.

• Fits opening measurements: 96-101cm
• Height: 77cm
• Weight: 5.3kg
• Extra features: childproof lock, one-handed adult opening

Pros: Opens to both sides with one hand only
Cons: Not suitable for smaller openings

Review: "At last, a well-made sturdy gate that actually does extend to the option selected. I've used other supposedly top brands and had to send them back - Not this brand!"

Recommended travel baby stair gate
Safety 1st Secure Tech Simply Close Metal Gate
Price: $199.00

There is a coloured safety indicator next to the opening on this stair gate so you can easily see whether the gate is properly closed to minimise the chance of your bubba sneaking through. It also has a double locking option to make it extra secure.

• Fits opening measurements: 73-80cm
• Height: 72cm
• Weight: 4.4kg
• Extra features: four-point pressure fit, a coloured indicator for gate opening safety

Pros: U-shaped frame provides a solid fit
Cons: Only recommended for children from six to 24 months

Review: "It does the job of keeping my 13 months old baby away from the stairs. She pulls it all day long and it stays there. I recommend it 😀"

Recommended travel stair gate

This stairgate can be fitted straight from the box to your chosen spot without any wall fittings, so you don't have to worry about leaving marks on the walls. It features a triple locking handle for added security and a gate that opens in both directions for added convenience.

• Fits opening measurements: 73.5-93.3cm
• Height: 72cm
• Extra features: one-hand opening, triple lock handle, no pinch hinges, two-way opening

Pros: Easy-to-read pressure indicator to show when the gate has been correctly fitted
Cons: Can be extended up to 119.3cm with the use of extensions, but these will need to have wall cups installed so not ideal for travelling

Review: "Really sturdy and also as stylish as a stair gate gets! Fairly easy to install. Very pleased with this product."

Recommended travel stair gate

With a one-handed opening mechanism and a push-to-shut closing mechanism, this stair gate is both convenient and hassle-free as you can easily open and close it when you've got your baby in your arms. It has a two-way opening that can be used in doorways, providing maximum flexibility.

• Fits opening measurements: 76-82cm
• Height: 76cm
• Extra features: push and squeeze handle for one-handed adult opening, two-way opening for doorways, optional second lock at the base

Pros: Strong, steel construction
Cons: Not suitable for openings over 82cm

Review: "I bought this for the top of the stairs to stop my grandson from escaping! It was easy to fit, according to my other half. It does the job too."

Where do you need a stair gate?

Before deciding where you're going to install your stair gate, think about what you're protecting your baby from. As well as what you're trying to guard away from your baby. If you're worried about your little one heading upstairs without you, make sure you install a stair gate at the bottom.

Of course, stair gates aren't just used to guard stairs. You may want to stop your child from venturing into the kitchen or living space without supervision. When you're travelling, your accommodation is unlikely to be baby-proofed to the same levels you have at home. Having a travel stair gate installed in between rooms will contain your little one in one area to limit them. Stopping from playing with appliances or accidentally trapping their fingers in doors.

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