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When your little one is on the move, a baby gate or baby playpen will be one of the most useful pieces of nursery kit you’ll buy. Stair gates can stop them from accessing the stairs while they're too small to be up there by themselves. It will also keep your bubba from wandering off where your eyes can’t follow so they stay safe in your home and avoid any bumps to their baby head.

There’s a wealth of safety gate products on the market, so to make your life easier, we've put together some tips on how to choose the best stair gates for baby.

Stair gate safety advice

According to RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents): "Every year there are more than 42,000 Accident and Emergency attendances by the under-five age group resulting from accidental falls on stairs."

In their research into 'Can The Home Ever Be Safe?', the publication looked at the need to improve safety in the built environment of homes and gardens.

The Society wrote: "RoSPA considers the provision of reinforcement of the wall substructure to ensure the safe fixing of European Standard stair gates should be included in the specification of all new and refurbished homes."

We spoke to Selina Russell, from safety products brand FredUK, about the importance of stair gates; who said:  "Stairways, kitchens, bathrooms, fire hearths to name but a few, are areas of the home that pose potential risks for older babies finding their feet and confident toddlers on the move.

"It is important that any access to open stairways and rooms in the home that could be hazardous to young children if left alone, are restricted by installing safety gates. As infants have an innate curiosity and tend to feel the need to explore their surroundings, stair gates enable you to restrict little ones to safe areas in the home."

How to choose the best stair gate for baby

First up, you need to consider the place you’re guarding. You won’t want anything with a step-over bar at the top of the stairs, but they could work fine at the bottom. Is there space for a door to swing open and shut in the space? If not, a retractable gate could be the answer. And you’ll definitely need a gate that you can open and shut with one hand – trust us on this.

The best stair gates for baby

Best highly rated stair gate for baby
Price: $64.99
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The Hauck Baby Gate, Open N Stop is one of the most highly rated stair gates for baby on Amazon. With versatile size options, you can select according to your space, and even add an extender if necessary. Best for the bottom of the stairs, as it comes with a bar at the bottom, it doesn't require drilling as it's a pressure fit mechanism which means an easy installation for you.

One reviewer said: "I have other products from Hauck which I like so I chose this one and it is great! The pressure mechanism means no drills etc and also you can have the wall at different depths (we have a skirting board so the lower half has a different length compared to the top, unlike others where you have to have the top and bottom at the same depth). The self-locking mechanism is really useful and it's easy to open (for adults, of course)." •


  • No drilling required
  • Can fit wide spaces with extension
  • Extension included


  • Bar at bottom could be a trip hazard
Fits opening measurements:96 - 101cm (can be extended an additional 9cm with included extension)
Height: 77cm
  • One-handed opening
  • Two-way opening
  • Two-fold locking mechanism

Best wide stair gate for baby

If you have a wide opening between rooms, this could be the perfect gate for you. It has no bar at the bottom, which means it could go at the top of the stairs. The easy-close, push-to-shut closing feature allows parents to quickly and easily push the gate closed.

Tested by mum, Louise: "I feel that this Lindam extending safety gate is good value for money. It is essential for those awkward spaces in a home where a standard size gate will not fit. The fact that this gate has no bar at the bottom is brilliant as my three-year-old is constantly tripping over these on standard gates. Very easy for parents to open but I would say near impossible for an inquisitive clever toddler, which is perfect."

Read our full review of the Lindam Push To Shut here


  • Extendable frame makes it great for small and wide spaces
  • No drilling required


  • Easy open latch can take some getting used to
Fits opening measurements:64.5cm - 102cm
Weight: 4.9kg
  • One-handed push-to-shut closing
  • Can be set to open in just one direction only or in both directions
  • Quick release fittings

Best stair gate for baby for £30

The BabyDan No Trip Safety Gate opens in either direction and with one hand just to make things a little easier when you’ve got your hands full. There are no bars or footplates to trip over at the top of the stairs, and the gate features a wide walk-through area.

One reviewer said: "We have two of these now - one at the top of the stairs and one on a door frame and they work brilliantly."


  • Easy one-hand opening and two-way opening
  • No trip bar at bottom means less likely for accidents to occur
  • Easy and quick installation


  • None
Fits opening measurements:72-78.5cm
Height: 70cm
  • Stop pins for mounting at the top of stairs
  • Double locking

Best foldaway stair gate for baby

If you like to make a clear distinction between adult time and baby time, or prefer not to battle with a baby gate during late-night loo trips, this could be the one for you. When this retractable baby gate is opened, it folds neatly back against the wall, becoming almost invisible so it is unobtrusive when not in use. It also comes pre-assembled for easy installation.

Tested by Vicky, 34, from Cheshire, mum to Finn: "Perfect for the most high-traffic spot in the home. A drill is required but it’s easily installed. It’s easy and quiet to operate, and there’s no trip hazard."

Read our full review of the Baby Dan Guard Me here


  • Looks discreet when not in use
  • Great for narrow and wide openings


  • Drilling required
  • Installation a little fiddly
Fits opening measurements:55-89cm (can be extended up to 113.5cm with separate extensions)
Height: 72.5cm
  • Folds back automatically when opened
  • One hand opening
  • Three spare extensions in the box to take it up to 89cm

Best wooden stair gate for baby
Price: £38.95 (was £49.99)


Want a baby gate that looks good while also being super sturdy? Look no further than the Baby Dan Super Flexi Fit safety gate. You can choose the direction the gate opens in and there’s no bottom bar to potentially trip over. Plus, it’s easy to use with one hand, ideal if you’re holding your baby. We love the beechwood finish and that it's FSC-certified too.

One reviewer said: "Purchased for frequent grandchildren visits and needed a more versatile gate for the top of my stairs. Very good quality but found one of the fittings screw thread was ineffective and delayed completing the installation. In fairness to the company, they were very helpful and sent out a pack of the connections very quickly, so not delayed too long. Installation was a little fiddly and I needed to fix a small wooden packing on the top fixing the wall in order to equal the difference of the bottom fixing due to the large wooden skirting boards I have. The gate is perfect for the angled fitting I needed to make due to a low window on my landing. Once set up it works a treat and the added benefit of it being without a threshold is far safer without potential trips etc. On top of that, it simply unhooks when not needed. Recommended by me if you need something that is sturdy and adaptable."


  • No trip bar
  • Suitable for narrow and very wide openings
  • Made from high-quality beechwood, nice if you fancy something a little different other than just 'white'
  • Double locking feature for extra security


  • Drilling required
  • Not available in white
Fits opening measurements:69-106.5cm
Weight: 3.5kg
  • Opens both ways when mounted inside the door frame
  • Child-proof release

Recommended stair gate for baby

Shortlisted for Best Safety Product in the Mother&Baby Awards in 2015 and 2014.
Assembled and ready to install, the Lindam Easy Fit Plus Deluxe safety gate can be installed in just five minutes. All tools are provided and the four-point pressure fit frame means that it does not require drilling to the wall, whilst still providing ultimate strength when in position for complete peace of mind. Parents can easily open and close the gate and the wide walkthrough offers more space as you pass through. The clever pressure indicator provides a visual assurance that the baby gate is installed correctly, creating a safe environment for your little explorer.

One reviewer said: "Brilliant gate! I read up on reviews before ordering this and it's been excellent. We needed to order a 7cm extension (super easy to install) but once fitted it's doing the job. It took me (on my own) 15 minutes to install from adding the extension to getting out 15-month-old daughter hanging off it in a (failed) attempt to break it down. No screws (just some sticky pads on the walls) and it is as firm as the wall it's attached to. Well worth the money and peace of mind so that our monster doesn't go for a nose diver down the stairs. I recommend getting the gate first and then seeing which extension you might need as it's hard to tell before, due to the added length of the screws."

Read our full review of the Lindam Easy Fit Plus Deluxe here


  • Pressure fit
  • Two way opening


  • A little more pricey than the Lindam Sure Shut Porte Pressure Fit Gate
Fits opening measurements:76-82cm (can be extended up to 117cm with separate extensions)
  • Two-way opening
  • Double locking


The Maxi-Secure Pressure Fit Safety Gate won Bronze in the Mother&Baby Awards 2024 for Best Safety Product.

The Munchkin four point pressure fit frame means that the gate does not require drilling to the wall, whilst providing a solid pressure fitting when in position for complete peace of mind. The clever pressure indicator provides you with visual assurance that the gate is installed correctly, keeping your little explorer safe at all times. The wider walk through is practical as you have more space as you pass through the baby gate, ideal if your hands are full with baby, shopping or holding the washing basket.

Our M&B tester said: "This is a solid design and proves to deter my daughter from trying to open it. We as a family particularly like the extra safety feature at the bottom of the gate, with the double latches that secures the gate in place. This is great for when our daughter tries to pull on the gate, this feature gives further peace of mind."

Read our review of the Munchkin Maxi-Secure Pressure Fit Safety Gate


  • Safe
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Adjusts to fit openings


  • None
Fits openings of:76-82 cm
  • Four point pressure fit - U shaped power frame provides solid pressure fitting
  • Pressure indicator assures baby gate is installed correctly
  • Squeeze and lift handle for easy one handed adult opening

Best budget safety stair gate

safety first metal baby gate
Price: $199.00

This 73 cm tall child gate can be used to childproof widths from 73 to 80 cm and can be extended up to 136 cm by combining one or more gate extensions. The gate's aesthetic appeal is another positive aspect. It blends well with the surroundings and adds a touch of style to the designated area. This is a welcome change from many baby gates that can be visually intrusive.

Review: "I've been using the Baby Gate for stairs and doorways for about four months now, and overall, it's been a reliable addition to my home. One of its standout features is the ease of installation – no screws or drills are required. This not only makes it convenient but also ensures that it leaves no lasting marks or damage to the walls or door frames.

I opted to place the gate in the doorway leading to the stairs, and for the most part, it serves its purpose effectively. It provides a sturdy barrier that keeps my toddler from venturing up the stairs unsupervised, offering much-needed peace of mind."


  • Can be extended by combining gates
  • No screw installation
  • Self-adjusting


  • Lock can be tricky for some
Fits opening measurements:from 73 to 80 cm
Dimensions:136W x 73H centimetres
  • Can be extended up to 136 cm by combining one or more gate extensions

Amazon's Choice

The Lindam Sure Shut Axis safety gate comes with all tools needed for a quick installation. The gate does not require drilling to the wall as it has a pressure-fit U frame to provide high strength when in position for complete peace of mind. The clever pressure indicator provides you with the visual assurance that the gate is installed correctly, keeping your little one safe at all times. The wider walkthrough means you have more space as you pass through the baby gate and with a double lock, even the most determined baby will not be able to open the gate.
One review said: "Quite easy to install and provides what appears to be quite a sturdy fit. However, it probably should be thoroughly checked before being put in use, just to ensure the baby doesn't push it over. It's been a few weeks and baby is secure, however, my mum knocked the gate off its hinge by forcing her weight against it. She had no idea how to open it and ended up pushing the whole gate off, but I had it reinstalled within 20 minutes. To be fair, it isn't designed to withstand a grown adult's weight/force. I would recommend this to withstand a baby's advances. However, I am unsure how useful or safe they would be to withstand larger children that are older than 2 years. The handle can prove tricky, and a baby would never be able to open this. Even my mum had trouble figuring it out. The design is also quite neutral so should fit in with any decor."

Read our full review of the Lindam Sure Shut Porte Pressure Fit Gate here


  • Wide walkthrough
  • Pressure fit U-frame means no drilling required
  • Second lock at base of the gate for extra security


  • Bar at bottom could be a trip hazard
  • A little tricky to open with one hand
Fits opening measurements:76-82cm (can be extended up to 117cm with separate extensions)
Weight: 5.54kg
  • Second lock at the base of the gate

Best stair gate for baby

Won Gold for Best Safety Product in the Mother&Baby Awards in 2022.

The Callowesse Freedom Stair Gate is the only baby stair gate to feature a magnetic locking system. As soon as the magnet in the handle comes into contact with the magnet in the frame, it will automatically lock into place, giving you extra peace of mind when you need it most.

Tested by mum, Jane: "I love this product so much how did I not know it existed? I cannot begin to count how many times a day I had to remind my husband to shut our old stair gate behind him before this one was installed, now I won’t have to say it ever again! Thank you Callowesse you’ve saved my sanity and possibly marriage."

Read our full review of the Callowesse Freedom Hands Stair Gate here


  • No drilling required
  • Can be extendable
  • Automatically locks for peace of mind


  • Attachments may be a little fiddly
  • Bar at bottom could be a trip hazard
Fits opening measurements: 76-83cm (can be extended up to 111cm with separate extensions)
  • One-handing opening system
  • Two-way opening
  • Automatic lock

Best tall stair gate for baby

If you’ve got a particularly adventurous toddler, this model’s extra height makes it harder to climb over than standard ones. The opening mechanism is higher too, so you don't have to bend down so far which is better for your back. It is especially good for use with stairs and also great for when your tot gets taller. For most situations, there is no need to screw holes into woodwork or walls unless used at the top of stairs where the mounting cups must be screwed in for added security.

One reviewer said: "These are fab! I love the swing shut function. They are really sturdy and of good quality. They come up to the height of the door handle. My Houdini-child has figured out he can put his foot through the bars and kinda push himself over. It did take him quite a while to figure out, but that's not a negative to the gate. Although a flat panel (no bars) version would be great!"


  • Features a visible indicator showing when the gate is fitted correctly
  • Double locking and extra tall (also making it ideal for pet owners)
  • Pressure mounted installation, so no drilling required


  • Not available in additional colours
  • A little more pricey
  • Bar at bottom could be a trip hazard
Fits opening measurements:71-80cm (can be extended up to 120cm with separate extensions)
  • Auto-close feature
  • Two-way opening
  • Double locking

Best modern stair gate for baby

We love the unusual design of the Fred Pressure Fit Clear View Baby Gate. This is the best baby stair gate for modern homes as it has a contemporary acrylic barrier. You will be able to watch over your little one through the crystal-clear screen instead. This solid wall means that your little one won't have any openings to squeeze themselves through. The magnetic slam-shut locking system is child-proof, so you always know your gate is secure.

Review: “Stylish alternative to traditional baby gates, opening up the room. Super quick delivery and great value!”


  • Discreet, modern and almost invisible looking


  • Glass can get dirty quickly (messy fingerprints)
  • Only suitable for use at bottom of stairs
Fits opening measurements:75-96cm (can be extended up to 124cm with separate extensions)
  • Child-proof magnetic locking
  • Finger-safe hinges
  • Glow-in-the-dark anti-trip strip to illuminate bottom rail

Best affordable wide fit stair gate for baby

For those wide areas, this pressure-fit gate by Cuggl is undoubtedly the answer. For a no-fuss installation that doesn't require any drilling due to its pressure fit feature, this gate is an extremely simple solution. It also includes the manufacturer's one-year guarantee, with included extensions to adapt to your space.

One reviewer said: "No drilling which is a good thing for something that will probably be temporary. Many options to make it slightly bigger or smaller if you get your measurements wrong!"


  • No drilling required
  • Can be extended to fit stairs and doorways
  • Extension included
  • Can fit wide spaces
  • Affordable price point


  • Bar at bottom could be a trip hazard
Fits opening measurements:75-81cm (can be extended up to 117cm with extensions)
  • Two-way opening
  • One-handed opening
  • Double locking

Are baby gates safe?

As with everything in life, you’ll need to apply some basic common sense. No step-over bars at the top of the stairs. And the gate will only work if you actually remember to close it. Hey, nothing can be taken for granted after six months of sleep deprivation.

When and how to teach your baby how to go up and down the stairs safely

In comparison to an adult, each stair is a huge step for a small child. When your child is tall enough to manage each step without crawling, take them up and down the stairs whilst holding their hand on the opposite side to the stair rail, whilst they hold the handrail themselves with their other hand. Ensure that they go up/down one step at a time, and slowly. Make sure that you can grab the handrail yourself if one or both of you become unstable.

How often will you use a baby gate?

If your space needs a baby gate, you’ll use it every day. From stopping your tot from crawling upstairs alone and risking an accident to keeping them in one room while you're cooking dinner, safety gates are a lifesaver!

How much money should I spend on a baby gate?

A standard stair gate for babies can cost less than £20. Gates for unusual spaces can cost up to £200.

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