The best baby proofing kits and products to keep your tot safe

Baby-proofing products

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Once your baby arrives, suddenly you see your house in a whole new light, all those possibilities for painful injuries that you never thought ofbefore. That's why baby proofing kits are essential, especially when your little one starts moving around.

First, there are the crawling stages, and before you know it, they're toddling around - leaving them even more chances for bumps to their head. From banging heads on the corner of tables to incidents with the oven, there are enough potential dangers around the house to keep you awake at night.

Luckily there are a lot of baby proofing kits and products available to buy that will help keep your home safe and your baby protected, preventing knocks, bumps, and injuries as well as keeping them out of the family medicine cabinet.  As well as baby stair gates, toddler bed guards and other safety products, baby proofing kits.

Below we've listed the best baby proofing kits and products you can buy today that will soften edges and prevent accidents.

The best baby proofing kits and products

Top pick
BABYGO magnetic child safety locks
Price: £19.95


Set includes: 10 safety locks, eight corner protectors, and two magnetic keys | Extra strong

Best guard latch
Price: £6.99


Stop your toddler opening cupboard doors (and slamming or catching their fingers in them) with

Best door stop
Price: £6.79


The XFORT door wedge slides under the door to prevent it from opening or closing in either

Best power cord storage
Price: £11.04


Hide all of those exposed cable wires with this power cord storage box. Not only will it help the

Best finger protector
Price: £22.99
Alternative retailers
Robert Dyas£20.99View offer


Doors seem to attract toddler and baby fingers like moths to a flame. These finger trap protection

Best oven lock
Price: £6.99


Keep your inquisitive little ones from hurting themselves by installing an oven lock on your stove

Best stove knob covers
Price: £11.99


Little ones love to explore with their hands, prevent them from a potential accident by installing

Best stove guard
Price: £23.91


Heat-resistant and easily installed, the Prince Lionheart Stove Guard protects your little one

Best cooker guard
Price: £30.39


Keep your pots and pans out of reach using a cooker guard. Using the backburners and turning

Best flex lock
Price: £4.95


The Wittle door knob covers come in a pack of four, perfect for use throughout the home. They are

Best table edge guard
Price: £22.92


Want to babyproof your coffee table? Stick on a soft foam table guard to protect your child from

Best corner cushions
Price: £9.31


Sharp edges can be very hazardous for babies and toddlers, especially when they’re learning to

Best 26 piece baby proofing kit
Price: £5.55


You'll notice Dreambaby crop up a lot in this piece and that's because they do great baby-proofing

Best 36 piece baby proofing kit
Price: £22.39


This 36 piece kit makes a great starting point for babyproofing your home. It contains eight


Is baby proofing necessary?

Unless you have eyes in the back of your head, we think that baby proofing is definitely for the best! Not only does it minimise the risk of baby being hurt unnecessarily, but it also gives you peace of mind that your home is as safe as it possibly can be to ensure your baby can explore confidently without any avoidable injuries. After all, their safety comes first.

What to buy for baby proofing?

It's important for babies to explore to enrich their development, but this can also result in trapped fingers, bumped heads or trips. Here's a list of safety products that will ensure your baby is thoroughly protected, making your home a safe environment for your baby:

  • Power cord holders

  • Guard latches, cupboard and window locks

  • Door stops

  • Stove guards

  • Doorknob and stove knob covers

  • Draw stoppers

  • Tap guards

  • Corner cushions and edge guards

  • Bed guards

  • Hinge protectors

  • Stair gates

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