The best baby proofing kits and products to keep your tot safe

The best baby proofing kits and products to keep your tot safe

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Once your baby arrives, suddenly you'll see your house in a whole new light – all those possibilities for painful injuries that you never thought of before! That's why baby proofing kits are essential, especially when your little one starts moving around.

First, there are the crawling stages, and before you know it, they're toddling around - leaving them even more chances for bumps to their head. From banging heads on the corner of tables to incidents with the oven, there are enough potential dangers around the house to keep you awake at night.

Luckily there are a lot of baby proofing kits and products available to buy that will help keep your home safe and your baby protected, preventing knocks, bumps, and injuries as well as keeping them out of the family medicine cabinet. As well as baby stair gates, toddler bed guards and other safety products, baby proofing kits.

Best baby proofing kits at a glance:
Best overall child safety gate: Munchkin Maxi-Secure Pressure Fit Safety gate - Buy now on Amazon UK
Best value child safety locks: BABYGO Magnetic Child Safety Locks - Buy now on Amazon UK
Best child safety latch with dual operation: Lindam Xtra Guard Latch - Buy now on Amazon UK
Best door stops for large door gaps: Wundermax Door Stops - Pack of 3 - Buy now on Amazon UK

Below we've listed the best baby proofing kits and products you can buy today that will soften edges and prevent accidents.

The best baby proofing kits and products

Best overall child safety gate

The Munchkin Maxi-Secure Pressure Fit Safety Gate was awarded Bronze for Best Safety Product at the Mother&Baby Awards 2024.

Munchkin Maxi-Secure Pressure-Fit Safety Gate combines quality and value. It comes with all tools provided for quick and easy installation in just 5 minutes. The Munchkin four-point pressure-fit frame means you don't have to drill into any walls to get a solid fitting, and the clever pressure indicator provides you with visual assurance that the gate is installed correctly, keeping your little explorer safe at all times. Our mum tester said that the gate was extremely easy to fit, as well as easy to open and close during use. She liked that there's an extra lockable feature at the base of the gate too and said, "I will happily recommend this safety gate to anyone with children, or even pets."

We think the wider walk-through is really practical as you'll have more space as you pass through the baby gate, which is ideal if your hands are full with baby, shopping or holding the washing basket. There is a separate extender for even wider spaces too, but this is purchased separately – we think it'd be worth it though! With a double lock, even the most adventurous and inquisitive little one will not be able to open the gate, providing you with complete peace of mind at all times.

Read our full Munchkin Maxi-Secure Pressure Fit Safety Gate review.


  • Pressure indicator helps to install gate correctly
  • Quick and easy to set up in just 5 mins with tools needed provided
  • Adults can open the gate easily one-handed
  • Choose from one or two-way openings for bottom of stairs vs. doorways
  • Peace of mind with the optional second lock at the base of the gate
  • Will fit any space adjusting up to 117 cm with extra extensions
  • 4-point pressure-fit frame means no drilling into walls is required


  • Extensions for widest openings must be bought separately
  • Four point pressure fit
  • U-shaped power frame
  • Pressure indicator
  • Ready-assembled
  • 5 minute installation
  • All tools provided
  • Steel construction
  • Adjustable to fit openinfs from 76cm to 82cm
  • Separate extensions available up to 117cm
  • Extra wide walk through
  • Squeeze and lift handle
  • One-way opening for use on bottom of stairs
  • Two-way opening for use in doorways
  • Optional second lock at the base of the gate

Best value child safety locks

Set includes: 10 safety locks, eight corner protectors, and two magnetic keys | Extra strong adhesive | Easy to install | Award: Won Bronze at the Mother&Baby Awards 2023 for Best Safety Product

The BABYGO magnetic child safety locks are an essential set of locks and corner bumpers to protect your little ones from unnecessary bumps or falls. The safety locks themselves work with a magnetic key which you can fit higher up and out of reach from little hands. The magnetic key deactivates your locks, which are placed on the inside of the cupboards or drawers you want to keep locked, out of sight. The BABYGO box also comes with eight corner bumper protectors that stick on using adhesive pads to help baby-proof things like coffee tables, kitchen worktops and cabinets.

Our mum tester Maria thinks the magnetic child safety locks are a brilliant design. She likes that the magnetic key can be kept higher up with adhesive pads, even when it is the lower drawers or cupboards that need securing from little hands. She says it's great if you want to keep them slightly hidden so as not to ruin your house decor. Maria also says, "The BABYGO baby proof corner protectors are a lifesaver, especially on the corners of the coffee table in the living room...however my toddler did pull them off! We can still maintain a normal, functioning living room, without any accidents."


  • Locks are hidden from view for a better finish and look in your home
  • 5x stronger than other leading brands 
  • No screws or lasting damage to your furniture (can use screw if you want)
  • Added protection from the 8 corner and edge protectors included
  • Suitable for all kinds of cupboards and drawers


  • Instructions may be unclear
  • Corner protectors can be pulled off by little ones
  • Invisible and magnetic
  • 5x stronger than other leading brands
  • Lifelong performance and tested to repel a pull force of 66lbs/29.9kg
  • Locks use extra strong 3M self-adhesive tape
  • Optional screw provided
  • Installation tool provided
  • Comes with 8 corner and edge protectors

Best child safety latch with dual operation

Stop your toddler opening cupboard doors (and slamming or catching their fingers in them) with these special latches, which hold doors together until you unhook them. They’re also ideal for cupboards containing cleaning products or glassware. The way they work offers an extra layer of protection because it has a dual button operation, so little hands won't be able to release the lock. The latches also have flexible straps allowing them to accommodate a range of different drawer or cupboard setups. They're super easy to install too, with no tools needed, and the adhesive pads can be removed without causing any damage to your surfaces.

Buyers seem to love this latch for securing the fridge door so that toddlers and pets can't get in and help themselves. One reviewer shared, "I've had a few close calls with the fridge being left open and overheating." They liked that they seem to work really well and that you can choose the angle to attach them as well, saying "once stuck they are really not coming off. They are opened multiple times a day and there is no apparent wear at all in the few months they've been there."

Another buyer commented that the adhesive might not be strong enough, however the previous customer came back to update their review periodically and said: "Nearly 3 1/2 years since the latches were put on, they're still there, fully functional, nothing broken or snapped and they're still opened/closed multiple times a day." One thing to be aware of is that kids are really smart. One reviewers says, "This worked great. Grandson must have been watching us open it. So at the age of 3 years old he can now open this device and luckily for him help himself to all the lollies in the freezer."


  • You get an extra layer of security with the dual-button operation
  • The flexible strap allows latching around corners accommodating single fixtures
  • With no tools needed, these are easy to install and remove
  • The adhesive pads won't damage your surfaces
  • Secures cabinets, drawers, appliances, toilet seats and more


  • Adhesive may not be strong enough
  • Older toddlers may be able to watch and learn how to operate the device
  • Dual button operation
  • Flexible strap allows latching around corners
  • No tools are required
  • Comes with adhesive pads

Best door stops for large door gaps


Rrp: $23.49

Price: $19.99

The XFORT door wedge slides under the door to prevent it from opening or closing in either direction and safely holds it ajar, ensuring little fingers and toes are kept protected from slamming doors and hinges. It’s heavy-duty and made of non-slip rubber that grips a variety of floor surfaces and holds the door fast until you’re ready to remove it.

One reviewer who thought they were great bought another pack, saying that they work well on their wooden flooring and carpet. "They even come with a clip so you can attach 2 together," they say, "I didn't realise that when I ordered them but am very glad they do as I've needed to use it on one door where there is a bigger gap underneath. Definitely recommend. And the sticky wall holders are great too."

Another reviewer points out that the flexible rubber offers better grip and that the wedges were much bigger than they had anticipated – which was a good thing! However, a different buyer said, "slips on hardwoods, laminate and tile flooring. If using for carpet they are fine, otherwise skip them"


  • Heavy-duty wedges hold open the heaviest of doors
  • Double up wedges from the multipack with the clip provided for larger door gaps
  • Good for preventing pinched fingers
  • The powerful grip works on concrete, carpet, stone, tile, linoleum, and hardwood


  • Buyer says they slip on hardwoods, laminate and tile flooring
  • Heavy duty multipack
  • Adhesive holder included for storage
  • Clip for pairing door stops included
  • 6 colour options

Best for hiding exposed cable wires

Price: $9.07 (was £11.60)

Hide all of those exposed cable wires with this power cord storage box. Not only will it help the rooms in your house look so much tidier, but it'll also mean that those wires won't pose a risk for baby to get their hands on, or trip over as they toddle around the house. One reviewer says, "I wish I'd bought one of these years ago. I always thought they were a little pricey, but they do the job so well and our baby ignores the box, where they never ignored the extension lead and plugs before."

You can choose from three stylish designs – black, white, or white with wood effect to blend in with your home decor. You can also choose between two different sizes to accommodate different length extension blocks, and there are different ways to manage the entry/exit cable according to your own preference. For example, D-line cable trunking, cable tube, cable wrap or cable zipper.


  • Three stylish design options to suit your home decor
  • Two sizes to choose from depending on how big your extension block is
  • Manage entry/exit cables in a variety of different ways according to preference


  • Some reviewers found the product a bit pricey
  • 2 sizes to choose from for extension blocks up to 280mm and 340mm
  • 3 sleek design options: black, white and white with wood effect
  • D-Line Cable Trunking, Cable Tube, Cable Wrap or Cable Zipper to manage entry/exit cables

Best child safety door finger guards

Price: $59.99

Doors seem to attract toddler and baby fingers like moths to a flame. These finger trap protection guards provide a barrier from the floor up to a height of 120cm and can be fitted using strong adhesive (you can buy them at 180cm too). One reviewer said, "With our back door being open almost all summer this was a god send as my two-year-old always goes through the door steadying herself on the hinged area. It was an accident waiting to happen but this product eliminates chances of trapped fingers. A little bit expensive for what they are, but safety first." Overall customers seem to think the adhesive is strong and that they are definitely worth the peace of mind.


  • Protects little fingers from hinges on both sides
  • Minimise risk of trapped fingers with doors, gates, cabinets, and other fixtures
  • Stands out as a British-made product with rigorous quality control 
  • No need for screws as these are installed using adhesive
  • Suitable for use at home


  • Might be considered a little pricey for what they are
  • Front and Rear – protection for both sides of a hinge mechanism
  • Compatible with doors, gates, cabinets, and other fixtures
  • Made in Britain
  • Adhesive installation

Best oven child safety lock

Keep your inquisitive little ones from hurting themselves by installing an oven lock on your stove or microwave. Simply stick in position, leave for 72 hours, and it's good to go! It's made from a resistant PC, so the heat from the oven won't affect the lock. One reviewer says, "We've had this lock on our oven for months, and even with a persistent toddler pulling on it, it has stayed in place! It is really easy to install and incredibly practical. Definitely recommended. Has saved me from a lot of motherhood-related stress!"

Other buyers like that the installation is so easy and quick and felt the design is well-suited to a modern kitchen. The adhesive seems to be good, with one reviewer saying they've had theirs on for two years, and it's still going strong. However, another reviewer says that the glue will eventually melt and it will fall off


  • Compatible with most oven models and microwaves
  • Strong industrial tape secures the locks to oven doors - no tools/screws needed
  • They are made from heat-resistant PC materials


  • One buyer said the glue eventually melted
  • No tools or screws are required
  • Install with industrial strength self-adhesive tape
  • Heat resistant

Best stove knob covers for child safety

Little ones love to explore with their hands. Prevent them from a potential accident by installing oven doorknob guards on your kitchen appliances. One reviewer thought these were "Genius!" Others like that they do what they're meant to do, although some complained about the fit, which will be different depending on your knob size and design. Some buyers aren't keen on the appearance, while others didn't seem to mind. We think the fact that they're transparent makes them nice and practical, though, as you can easily see if your knobs or turned on or off. We also like that you don't need any tools or adhesive to install them


  • See if knobs are turned on or off through the transparent covers
  • Easy install - remove knob, insert through base of cover, put back and snap lid shut
  • No tools or adhesive needed


  • Not very stylish
  • Transparent covers made from clear, durable plastic
  • Heat resistant
  • Easy installation - no tools or adhesive
  • Pack of 4

Best stove guard

Price: $24.99
Alternative retailers
Target$24.99View offer
Walmart$32.95View offer

Heat-resistant and easily installed, the Prince Lionheart Stove Guard protects your little one from scalds and burns. It doesn't require any tools or screws to install. With specially formulated adhesive tape it's easy to attach and remove when not needed anymore, and adjusts to fit most cookers. One reviewer with two small children who has had this for five years says they are very happy with it. They say, "I couldn't imagine cooking without them. Recently moved house, so I bought another one. The day before it arrived, it became clear just how accident-prone this hob is. Relieved to have it. Get one!" They offer a useful tip too, saying it's much more stable if you don't extend it at all when you fit it, and that otherwise, there's every chance it will detach under its own weight.


  • Adjusts to fit most cookers
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Special adhesive tape installation


  • Adhesive may not be as strong when extended
  • Heat-resistant smoked polycarbonate construction
  • Adjustable and fits cookers from 24"/0.7m and 36"/0.91m wide
  • Specially formulated adhesive tape secures the guard to your cooker

Best cooker guard

Keep your pots and pans out of reach using a cooker guard. Using the backburners and turning handles inwards are also important safety measure to take, and using a cooker guard like this one is a good reminder of this as pans with long handles won't fit on the front burners with their handles sticking out. The BabyDan Metal Cooker Guard has an adjustable front guard panel so you can fit it to the dimensions of your cooker, and it can be used on both gas and electric cookers with adhesive installation.

One reviewer comments that this is the most useful child safety device they have purchased. They say, "I have an electric hob that glows red and would probably attract little hands. This covers the glow and keeps little people away from the cooker." They describe it being quite sturdy too, in case you're worried about little ones managing to reach onto the cooker, saying that toddlers can be really quick and that this device is a great preventative measure. They liked that it's adjustable and say that their's is still going strong after a year.


  • Can be used on gas and electric cookers
  • Adjust the front guard panel to fit your cooker
  • Adhesive installation - no drilling or screws required


  • May hinder the use of the front burners
  • Silver grey non-toxic metal
  • Adhesive side brackets
  • Adjustable front guardpanel - width 39 to 72cm
  • Height 12.5 cm 

Best door safety locks

Price: $7.96 (WAS £9.95)
Alternative retailers
Walmart$10.00View offer

The Wittle door knob covers come in a pack of four, perfect for use throughout the home. They are portable, so you can reuse them on different interior doors or take them with you when travelling. They're also easy to install by snapping the two halves together around the door knob. To open the door, adults can just use their thumb and index finger to grip the knob through the two holes in the cover. One reviewer bought one of these for their bathroom under-sink cupboard to keep the little one out. She said it does the job and has saved her lots of mess for a small price. Another reviewer warns that their knobs measure just under the 6cm diameter, and the covers were tight fitting, so they didn't work as intended.


  • Quick and easy to install, just snap the two halves around the doorknob
  • Easily open the door without having to remove the knob cover


  • May not work on door knobs just under 6cm diameter
  • 4-pack
  • Reusable and portable

Best table edge safety guards

Price: $23.99

Want to babyproof your coffee table? Stick on this soft foam table guard to protect your child from knocks and bangs. It's easy to fit a variety of situations accurately with its cut-to-fit installation method, it's easy to remove when not needed anymore, and you can wipe clean with a damp cloth. We like that the materials used are with home fire safety in mind. One reviewer highly recommends this product for peace of mind after using it on their coffee table where their tot likes to stand. They said, "I like the fact that you can cut it to your required size and have found the length to be ample enough to do the job. However, be warned I did not try a small sample on my wooden coffee table before applying it fully and have since discovered after lifting it to adjust slightly that it has removed some of the wood. Be very careful how you peel it off." Another reviewer liked that it comes with 4 matching corner guards. They said, "You don't need to mess around trying to stick the foam around corners."


  • Cut to fit for accurate installation
  • Easy to remove
  • Easy to clean - just wipe with a damp cloth
  • The neutral colour is discreet and fits in with most decor
  • Made with home fire safety in mind


  • May damage your surface when removing
  • Impact Absorbing Foam
  • Cut To Fit
  • Wipes Clean
  • Neutral Colour
  • Includes four foam corners and a 12'/3.65m roll of cushiony foam edge guard
  • Fire retardant, non-toxic and latex free

Best furniture safety corner cushions

Sharp edges can be very hazardous for babies and toddlers, especially when they’re learning to crawl and walk, which often means they’ll be unsteady on their feet. Simply baby-proof all your shelf and furniture edges with these corner cushions to avoid accidents. They are transparent and discreet and can be used on different surfaces like glass, wood and plastic. One reviewer says they are much thicker than others on the market, while another reviewer said they like that they're nice and padded but that they don't stick well, so they had to use extra adhesive tape. Others have also commented on the stickiness not lasting, so this may be something to consider, though buyers do like the appearance and protection.


  • Can be used on many different surfaces, including glass, wood and plastic, 
  • The clear plastic blends in with your furniture
  • Thicker than others on the market


  • May not stick well
  • Transparent plastic
  • Mounted using a non abrasive adhesive 
  • Comes with 4 corner cushions

Best safety kit for value

This 26-piece set includes ten safety catches, 30 outlet plugs, two cabinet sliding locks, two multi-purpose latches and two doorknob covers, offering complete safety for your baby. It is a brilliant value pack providing everything you need to baby-proof your home. One reviewer thought that for £12 it was definitely well-worth it - just be aware that this is a budget kit and opinions on quality in reviews are mixed.


  • Everything you need to baby-proof your house in one kit
  • Great value for money


  • Opinions on quality are mixed
  • 26-piece safety kit
  • It includes:
  • 6 safety catches
  • 12 outlet plugs
  • 1 multi-purpose latch
  • 1 mini multi-purpose latch
  • 4 corner cushions
  • 1 door stopper
  • 1 appliance latch

Best large baby-proofing home kit

This 36-piece kit makes a great starting point for babyproofing your home. If you're not sure what you might need, this kit will cover all the main areas. It contains eight corner protections, eight cabinet protections, eight magnetic locks with two keys and ten socket protections. One reviewer liked how the socket covers looked but found they were easier to remove than ones they bought in a previous kit. Another customer says their baby ripped off all the plastic corner covers, meaning the adhesive may not be strong enough. Overall, buyers like the variety of items and easy installation.


  • A large kit providing a great start to baby-proofing your home
  • Plenty of useful safety products for common safety-issue scenarios
  • Discrete designs to blend in with home decor


  • Socket covers may be easy to remove
  • Adhesive may not be strong enough
  • 36-piece baby-proofing kit:
  • 8 Magnetic Cupboard Locks+2 Keys
  • 10 Socket Covers Protectors/Guards
  • 8 Child Safety Cupboard Straps
  • 8 Corner Protectors


Is baby proofing necessary?

Unless you have eyes in the back of your head, we think that baby proofing is definitely for the best! Not only does it minimise the risk of baby being hurt unnecessarily, but it also gives you peace of mind that your home is as safe as it possibly can be to ensure your baby can explore confidently without any avoidable injuries. After all, their safety comes first.

What to buy for baby proofing?

It's important for babies to explore to enrich their development, but this can also result in trapped fingers, bumped heads or trips. Here's a list of safety products that will ensure your baby is thoroughly protected, making your home a safe environment for your baby:

  • Power cord holders

  • Guard latches, cupboard and window locks

  • Door stops

  • Stove guards

  • Doorknob and stove knob covers

  • Draw stoppers

  • Tap guards

  • Corner cushions and edge guards

  • Bed guards

  • Hinge protectors

  • Stair gates

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