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toddler picnic table

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You can't beat spending time outdoors as a family, so when the weather's nice, why not make the most of it with a toddler picnic table? You can experience all the joys of a fun picnic at the park with a nice picnic blanket but from the comfort of your own home, so there's no need to get them out of their pyjamas or coax them into putting on their shoes, as you'll hardly have to step foot out of the door. Result!

Picnic tables also double up as activity tables and provide an ideal space to play outside and do activities that may be too messy to do indoors. Plus, once the fun is over they can enjoy eating their lunch or some snacks in the garden before they come in for nap time.

Editor's choice:
•Best plastic picnic table: Little Tikes Picnic TableBest picnic table with cushions: KidKraft Wooden Garden Table and Bench set
Best for messy play: TP Splash And Play Wooden Picnic Table
•Best picnic table with umbrella: COSTWAY Kids Picnic Table

So, if you're looking for some outdoor furniture for your little ones use in the garden, we've rounded up some of the best picnic tables for kids. There's such a variety to choose from, including small two-seater options to large wooden benches and even picnic tables with umbrellas; check them out below.

The best toddler picnic tables 2023

Best for activities

Toddler picnic table
Price: £98.54 (was 126.99)

This picnic table has two sections: one for sand and the other for water. We love that it comes with lid, so you have the option to transform it into a place for them to eat or carry out crafts. Once they're done you can simply remove the lid and they can carry on playing.

One reviewer said: "It went together really well, the troughs fit inside the table, they are not super deep but you can have one for water and one for sand (I used both for sand and it took one bag split between the two). It's a brilliant size for toddlers; it is definitely toddler size and not school age I would say."


  • Rounded corners
  • Easy to assemble


  • Small
Size:49.5H x 89W x 85L cm
Material:Solid wood
Recommend age:1 to 8 years
  • Removable inserts
  • No visible screws on the top

Best plastic picnic table

Little Tikes have created a durable table that can be used both indoors and out. Made from plastic, it's easy to clean (either with a cloth or with a hose when it's extra messy).

One reviewer said: "We have twin toddlers so it needed to be pretty sturdy and it is. They have lunch on it and it's lightweight so can easily be moved from indoors to outdoors. Very easy to wipe down and clean. Overall a great product - only watch out is the mischievous type can push it (as it's light) to then stand on it and get things they shouldn't have!"


  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • No sharp edges


  • Lightweight
Size:‎71.32 x 77.27 x 45.57 cm
Suitable for:18 months to 5 years
  • Bright colours
  • Two non-detachable benches

Best Picnic table with cushions

Toddler picnic table
Price: $208.24
Alternative retailers
Wayfair$222.00View offer
Kohl's$248.99View offer

Plastic chairs and tables may be practical, but they're not the most aesthetically pleasing option, so if you're after something a little more stylish, this KidsKraft set is the one to go for. It comes with a parasol and stripy cushions to match.

One reviewer said: "What an excellent little set this is. I bought it for my granddaughter's 2nd birthday and she loves it. Its built really well, very sturdy, the parasol and cushions are beautifully made too. It was very easy to assemble. I'm absolutely over the moon with it and would 100 percent recommend this product."


  • Stained wood for durability
  • Cushions attach to the seat, preventing slips
Size:107.3 x 57.8 x 48.3 cm
Weight:21 kg
Recommended age:3+ Years
  • Padded cushions
  • Adjustable umbrella

Best for messy play

Toddler picnic table
Price: £74.99 (was 129.99)

Perfect for sensory play, this table from TP is loved by parents and toddlers alike as it comes with it's very own sink where they can not only splash about in the water but give their hands a quick rinse before they come inside to clean them properly.

One reviewer said: "Bought this for my daughter as part of her birthday. She’s had many toys for the garden over her 5 years but this is by far the one that’s given her the most enjoyable experience. She sat invested for 4 hours yesterday (normally she can't sit still) and I managed to do so many tasks in this time."


  • Sand tray
  • Recycles water - no need to refill


  • Only fits one to two kids
Size:L94 x W89 x H50.5 cm
Material:Treated wood
Recommended age:2+ years
  • Rotating water pump

Best picnic table with umbrella

Brighten up any outdoor area with this fabulous rainbow table. It comes with a matching umbrella to provide some shade. You can easily collapse it down and put it back together whenever you need to move it (say, to cut the grass for example).

One reviewer said: "I'm really pleased with this item, it's ideal for my daughters garden play area. I found that if you lay all the wood out before assembly, the instructions are easier to follow - it only took 20 minutes to complete. I've personally treated the wood with a few coats of varnish to protect the paintwork but it's not essential. Highly recommended."


  • Reinforced screws
  • Umbrella is waterproof and blocks UV rays


  • Some reviewers say it may be a little wobbly
Size:‎79 x 52.5 x 140 cm
Material:Wood (table), fir-wood and polyester (umbrella)
Weight:40kg (bench), 60kg (table)
  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Removable umbrella with air vents

Best wooden picnic table

Now, this may look like your average picnic table, but hidden away inside is actually a sandpit where they can build sandcastles and sift for treasure. Simply add some buckets, toys and sieves for them to play with and they'll be entertained for hours.


  • Lid has handles for easy lifting


  • Raw wood, so may need to satin it
Size:0.91W x 0.50D x 0.90H m
Material:Raw wood
  • Two detachable lid pieces
  • Two-slat benches

Best multipurpose option

Toddler picnic table

Rrp: $427.99

Price: $340.00
Alternative retailers
Walmart$340.00View offer
Wayfair$340.00View offer
Lowe's$379.21View offer
Tractor Supply$449.99View offer

If you've got a small garden but you still want to create a special place for your little one to play outdoors, this is a fantastic option as it combines both a Wendy house and a picnic table together, so you won't need to buy them both separately. Plus, it lasts for a long time so they can play with it for many years to come.

One reviewer said: "This playhouse is simply beautiful. It is stable and heavy, there are no problems even in strong winds or stormy conditions. Our kids love their new house and we parents are happy that it is so sturdy. We painted it before setting it up, anyway. The children should enjoy it for a long time."


  • Compact size
  • Indoor kitchen/grill so they can pretend to cook food


  • Can only sit two kids at a time
Size:‎180.09 x 124.21 x 158.12 cm
Weight:54.43 kg
Recommended age:‎36 months - 10 years
  • Chalkboard
  • Fabric curtains and a mailbox with a flag

Things to consider when buying a toddler picnic table

Size - When buying a picnic table, you'll need to check how big it is to make sure that it will fit into its designated space. It may be worth measuring the area you want to put it in beforehand, particularly if you have a small garden. It's also a good idea to picture how many children it will realistically seat if your toddler has siblings or has lots of play dates.

Material - You can't go wrong with a classic wooden picnic table. They are durable and sturdy, plus they're more eco-friendly as well. However, if you'd like something that's easier to manoeuvre or wipe clean, a plastic picnic table is a great option. They're often cheaper too.

Accessories - Many picnic tables for kids come with extra items such as umbrellas, parasols and cushions. Some options even have built-in water trays and sandpits with covers, making them excellent activity tables.

Toddler picnic food ideas

Once you've ordered your new picnic bench, it's time to think of all the delicious meals they will enjoy eating on it. There are plenty of picnic foods the whole family can enjoy, from your basic crisps and sandwiches to delicious savoury muffins, fruit and vegetable sticks.

If you have a picky eater, you may want to let them help you to choose what picnic foods they'd like to eat. Perhaps you could write a list and go food shopping together, then they could help you to prepare the items. Why not host a teddy bear's picnic with a couple of toys or some of their friends?

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