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There's no denying that children love mythical creatures such as mermaids, so when choosing your toddler's bedding set, you might want to opt for mermaid bedding.

When you transition your little one from their cot into their own big kid bed, you want to make sure they have everything they need from the right toddler duvet to bedding you know they will love to snuggle into at night. But as any parent knows, a child's bed is a place for dreaming, story time, and bedtime snuggles, so their bed should be a space for their favourite characters, making mermaid bedding perfect if your little one is mermaid mad.

We've looked at the mermaid bedding that's loved by parents like you, to find the best mermaid duvet covers that will make your little one excited to go to bed and give them sweet dreams all night long (hopefully). From The Little Mermaid bedding for Disney fans, to a colourful mermaid bedspread, and a more neutral mermaid duvet design, there's something here for everyone. And to complete the mermaid theme, why not add a mermaid toy for the ultimate underwater magical paradise.

The best mermaid bedding at a glance:

• Best mermaid tail duvet cover: MUSOLEI Mermaid Bedding Set - Buy now on Amazon

• Best organic cotton mermaid duvet cover: The Fine Cotton Company, Little Mermaids Organic Cotton Duvet - Buy now on Not on the High Street
• Best reversible mermaid duvet cover: little furn. Mermaid Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set - Buy now on Dunelm
• Best Little Mermaid duvet cover: Disney The Little Mermaid Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set - Buy now on Dunelm

So whether it's The Little Mermaid-inspired or underwater magic themed, there are plenty of cosy mermaid duvet covers with matching toddler pillow cases for you to choose from.

Best mermaid tail duvet cover

This MUSOLEI Mermaid Bedding Set is perfect for any mermaid-loving child. The single duvet cover features a fun and playful mermaid tail design, with some shells to complete the look. It has a bright blue, purple, and pink mermaid print that will instantly turn your little one's room into a magical underwater haven.

The zipper closure was a hit with parents, with one liking that it "prevents my daughter from opening it which is massive bonus. Would recommend." Reviewers agreed it was soft and smooth and one mentioned that it had washed well.


  • Zipper fastening for easy closing
  • Vibrant mermaid design
  • Matching pillow case included


  • Not available in cot bed size
Material:100% polyester
Machine washable:Yes
Fastening:Zip closure
  • Scale design
  • Mermaid tail feature

Best organic cotton mermaid duvet cover

Little Mermaids Organic Cotton DuvetThe Fine Cotton Company

This luxurious organic cotton duvet is just the thing for your little mermaid fan. With a 200 thread count, it'll feel thicker and more indulgent for them, and should hopefully last longer too. The embroidered mermaids are subtle so will suit most decors and should outlast more colourful options, as the white cotton background is more neutral than most bright designs.

The organic cotton does come with a higher price tag, but as it's good quality cotton it should last longer and provide good value for money. Pillowcases are sold separately but you could also choose to use plain white pillowcases (meaning less time hunting around for the matching set in your cupboards).


  • Available for cot beds and single beds
  • Made from organic cotton
  • Matching towels and bathrobes are available to allow you to coordinate your decor
  • 200 threadcount means a thicker, higher quality cotton


  • Pillows are sold separately
  • One of the highest-priced duvet covers we've tested
  • No online reviews
Material:100% organic cotton
Machine washable:Yes
Thread count: 200
  • 100% organic cotton
  • More subtle design

Best mermaid duvet cover for easy washing

Mermaid duvet cover in a room with matching curtains, bunting, beanbag and throw The Happy Linen Company

This magical mermaids duvet cover is sure to spark some fantastic dreams with its colourful design of underwater castles, narwhals, seahorses, and of course, mermaids. It's reversible, so children shouldn't get bored and can choose from a more simple design of colourful shells on a white background, or the wonderfully vibrant underwater magical scene.

This was a firm favourite with parents (and their little ones) who praised the quality and the "lovely bright colours that haven't yet faded in the wash," as one reviewer said. Many reviewers confirmed that the mermaid duvet washed well, with one saying: "I have washed it a number of times, it's held its shape and colour, and has softened a little."

More matching products are available so you can create a dream nursery or big kid's bedroom for your little mermaid fan.


  • Magical pattern will spark little ones' imaginations
  • Matching products are available to buy too
  • Button fastening to add an extra layer of detail
  • Comes as a set with a pillowcase so no need to buy separately


  • A mix of cotton and polyester rather than 100% cotton
Material:55% Polyester / 45% Cotton
Machine washable:Yes
  • Single duvet cover set with pillowcase
  • Reversible
  • Matching products available

Best reversible mermaid duvet cover

The little furn. Mermaid Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set is double sided with two different patterns, so you can change up your child's bedding as often as you want - or you can let your little one choose which side they want. It can be machine washed too and still keeps its vibrant pattern after several washes.

The playful mermaids are slightly more trendy, so we can see this mermaid bedding set working well for a slightly older child who's still into mermaids but wants them to be 'cool' rather than 'cute'.


  • Reversible design for more choice
  • Made from hard-wearing polycotton


  • No onsite reviews
Material:50% cotton, 50% polyester
Machine washable:Yes
Fastening:Button closure
Thread count:144
  • Reversible

Best mermaid scales duvet cover

This vibrant mermaid bedding set is a glamorous take on the mermaid theme, with multicoloured printed scales and a hint of sparkle. It's plain white on the back so if your little one only wants a splash of mermaid fun, you could reverse it. The matching pillowcase is included and it's available in a single or double-bed size, so if your child has already moved into a big bed they can still enjoy the fun and colour of a mermaid duvet.

Parent reviewers thought it was "really good quality and very soft" and thought the zip was more convenient than buttons, with one reviewer saying: "it’s very soft material with a zip so no annoying buttons to close." Reviewers were mixed on the printing quality, with some suggesting the colours were less bright than they appeared in pictures but others picking out the colours as one of their highlights.


  • Made from super-soft material
  • Goes perfectly with blue, pink, purple or neutral rooms
  • Could work for all ages as it doesn't feature any characters


  • Some reviewers mentioned it's a bit thin for a duvet cover
Material:100% polyester microfibre
Machine washable:Yes
Fastening:Zip closure
  • Zipper fastening

Best gender neutral mermaid bedding set

A more neutral mermaid design, this blue is perfect for mermaid fans who aren't into all the pinks and purples. It's a subtle design with mermaids, seahorses and turtles that's also reversible, and features a beautiful blue scale pattern on the opposite side. It has a lovely button fastening so it won't come undone easily with a wriggly sleeper, and features the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX logo, so you can be confident that every component has been independently tested and checked for harmful substances.


  • Reversible with a fun mermaid scale print on the back
  • Gender-neutral design with a blue background and mermaid characters
  • Made from recycled polyester and cotton so better for the environment


  • Only available in a single bedding set
Material:52% recycled polyester, 48% cotton
Machine washable:Yes
Thread count: 144
  • Reversible
  • Recycled polyester and cotton mix
  • Button fastening
  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX logo

Best Little Mermaid duvet cover

The Disney The Little Mermaid bedding set is another reversible design, with a colourful but stylish The Little Mermaid design on one side and and a fun, lively larger image of The Little Mermaid on the other. It's perfect for The Little Mermaid fans, and your little one can choose which side to have showing, or change it every night - giving them more reasons to look forward to bedtime. As one reviewer said, it's "perfect for any little person who loves Ariel and her friends."

It comes in a toddler bedding size or single size, complete with a pillowcase, and features a button closure at the bottom which makes it look more expensive than it is. Many reviewers picked out the "bright and vivid" colours as a particular highlight, and thought it was soft and offered good value for money. Reviewers were united in one area - that their children or grandchildren loved it, with one saying: "my daughter (and I) love this set. Both sides of the design are gorgeous and I am hardly allowed to wash it in case it isn't dry for bedtime!"


  • Reversible design for more choice
  • Single and toddler bed sizes available
  • Perfect for fans of The Little Mermaid


  • A cotton and polyester mix so not ideal if you prefer 100% cotton
Material:55% cotton 45% recycled polyester
Machine washable:Yes
Fastening: Button closure
Thread count:144
  • Button fastening
  • Cot bed and single set sizing

Best mermaid duvet cover with Ombre reverse

This reversible mermaid bedding set is a charming combination of playful mermaids and sea creatures on a calming blue background, with a lovely pink, purple and blue ombre scale pattern on the reverse. While the mermaid design is perfect for younger children, the ombre side feels much more grown up, so this mermaid bedding set will hopefully be loved by your child for longer.

It's available in a single or double set, with pillowcases included, and has a button fastening to make it more secure than poppers. Reviewers thought it was a good price and great quality, with one summing up the general feedback when they said: "Washed well. Looks lovely. Value for money." Another agreed, saying: "Lovely quality and lovely design. Washes well and really cosy."


  • Beautiful designs on both sides
  • The ombre effect is good for older kids so children should get use out of it for longer
  • Available in single or double duvet set


  • Some might prefer a more sparkly look
Materials:52% polyester 48% cotton
Machine washable:Yes
Fastening:Button closure
Thread count:138
  • Single or double duvet set
  • Reversible design

What to think about before buying a duvet

When it comes to choosing a duvet, there are many things to think about, from the tog and size to the type of cover you want, and it can be hard to know exactly which type to choose for your tot. While the design is personal choice, there are a couple of important safety aspects that shouldn't be ignored.
• According to the NHS, duvets aren't recommended for infants under the age of one year (12 months) as this could result in suffocation. 
• Toddlers are advised to use a duvet of 4.0 togs or less. Younger children can't regulate their body temperature, so you don't want to give them a duvet that's too heavy.
• Older kids can have any duvet up to 9.0 togs (for the winter months).

Another thing to consider is that your child should be in a toddler bed before they start using a duvet.

Are mermaid duvet covers a good gift?

We can understand how a regular duvet cover may not seem like an exciting gift for a child but with a magical touch like a mermaid design, it can transform a practical gift into a fun one. You could even pair it with a mermaid toy to take the theme further. Many of the duvets we've suggested here having matching items such as pillows and curtains, so you can treat your grandchild or child to a whole mermaid bedroom makeover.

If your little one loves The Little Mermaid, whether it's the animated or live-action Disney film, why not add some The Little Mermaid toys or The Little Mermaid dolls too.

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