The best garden games for kids that the whole family will enjoy

Best garden games for kids

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When the sun's out, we all want to be in the garden having fun. Once you have children, that no longer means lounging with a glass of Pimm's, but instead a more interactive, active, and adventurous pastime - the best garden games for kids.

There are loads ofgarden games for kids and the family that you can all enjoy, whatever your age, and however old your little one is, that will transform your garden into an adventure playground. From when they're babies to toddlers and beyond, there are loads of outdoor games you can play - and they don't have to cost you the earth.

And whatever the weather, whatever the season, you can enjoy garden games with your children through summer, spring, autumn and winter - you just need to make sure you're wearing the right clothes - there's no such thing as bad weather, after all, just inappropriate clothing. If it's sunny and warm, make sure you stay out of the sun at the hottest part of the day - find shade and always use sun cream and sun hats (for yourself as well as your babies!). If it's chilly, wrap up warm with coats and scarves. But always embrace the weather, and teach your children to love all of the seasons.

Here are some of our favourite ideas for garden games you must play with your children:

Play Chef with a mud kitchen

Finding role-play games for your children is always a winner, and if you can incorporate those games with nature and the outdoors, the more’s the better. Invest in a mud kitchen and you’ll be guaranted hours of muddy fun in the garden. Play ‘Chef’ or ‘Dinner Party’ with your children; get them to pretend to be chef and waiter, and serve you mud pies decorated with pinecones, and mud cupcakes with flowers on top.

Water balloon dodgeball

We know from our own childhood how much fun dodgeball is, but it might not be quite suitable for younger children just yet – so instead, make it more fun and messy by turning it into a water balloon dodgeball session. Buy a load of water balloons and fill them up for an afternoon of soaking wet fun for all the family. Mum and Dad might get a bit too competitive, be warned, but the kids will adore it.

Natural art

Go on a journey around the garden and pick loads of twigs, sticks, leaves, flowers, pinecones and anything else your little one can find, then stick them on to paper or card for some natural artwork. Invest in some decent glue though – Pritt Stick just won’t work for this one. You can then turn the artwork into birthday cards for friends and family.

Scavenger hunt

Another fab game for little ones in the garden is a scavenger hunt. Write a list of things to find in the garden, like a leaf, a snail shell, a pink flower – you can even get them to draw pictures alongside the list – then arm them with a basket or little cloth bag, and let them roam around the garden finding all the goodies.

Treasure hunt

Hide your little one’s toys, or little treats, around the garden and send them off on a treasure hunt. Make it as easy or hard as you want; it’s great for one child or loads of them.

Frisbee or catch

A quick and easy idea for a garden game that can last for ages, fun for everyone and you can do it with anything – a frisbee, a ball, a toy… Great for physical development as they learn to throw, catch, and run around.

Bubble catching

It’s a universal fact that all babies and toddlers love bubbles (and adults too, we admit). So get yourself a bubble machine, or a big bubble wand, and play Chase The Bubble. Let your little ones chase those bubbles around and see if they can catch them.

Make a secret hideout

Grab a blanket, or even put up a tent and create a den in your garden.

The best gear for garden games

We’ve shortlisted our favourite essential gear to step up your garden games with your children:


This is the ultimate mud kitchen, with all sorts of features included. There’s a hob, a plastic

2. 132-Pack Water Balloons


If you want a game of water balloons, you’ll need some, you guessed it - water balloons. This pack

A4 Sketch Book
Price: £7.99


Are you planning some nature artwork with the kids? You’ll need a good scrapbook to fill with


For a truly personalised treasure hunt, upload a photo of your choice and receive a jigsaw of your

Gofindit Outdoor Nature Treasure Hunt Card Game

Rrp: £9.00

Price: £9.00


If you need a hand thinking of what to scavenge for outside, this card game is ideal. There are 33

Foam Ball Animal Designs
Price: £12.99


Little ones will love to play catch with these animal-design foam balls. At six inches, they’re a

Bubble Machine With 2 Bottles of Bubble Liquid
Price: £15.99
Alternative retailers
Wowcher£6.99View offer


Save yourself from blowing bubbles all day with an automatic bubble machine – this one comes with


Although not technically a game, the playtime opportunites with this are endless - think tag,


Your children will have lots of fun creating hundreds of bubbles with their bubble lawn mower. Not


Get the whole family involved with this fun ladder toss game! Go head-to-head agaisnt the kids as


For ages two to six, this baby gym balance kit is a great way to encourage your child to learn

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