The best kids’ iPad and tablet cases that are really child-proof

The best kids’ iPad covers that are really child-proof

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You might think of them as something just for grown-ups, but iPads are fantastic gadgets for children. While we all know we need to be aware of our child's screen time, there are also fantastic benefits to tablets and iPads when they're used in the right way. Not only are these child-friendly tablets intuitive and super simple to use, but the huge range of apps available means they're educational, fun, and help harness a child’s creativity while getting them comfortable with technology from a young age.

But if your child is using an iPad, it's essential that you pick up a kids' iPad case. There are two reasons for this. The first is that you want to protect your investment - iPads are reasonably tough and can take a knock or two, but they aren’t quite up to taking what a child can put them through. The second is that iPads are very thin, smooth and light – making them difficult for little hands to hold.

With so many kids' iPad cases on the market, what should you look for? Consider the age of your child; younger children will need a more heavy duty case that's going to offer maximum protection to all sides and the screen. Older children and teens might be able to get away with a more lightweight iPad case or just an iPad cover. You may benefit from a child's tablet holder with a built in screen to protect the glass from scratches (and sticky fingers!) or a kickstand that will allow them to stand the iPad up when watching their favourite shows.

It's also worth paying close attention to the sizes, as different iPad launches will have different sized screens and need different sized cases. In our reviews below we've noted the iPads that these cases will fit according to the manufacturer, but we'd always recommend measuring your iPad or tablet to double check. Equally, the case will have holes for the charger port, camera and headphone socket and these can be in different places on various models so you'll want these to line up with your iPad.

The best kids iPad cases, at a glance

Best iPad cover for teens: Apple Smart Cover - Buy now on Amazon UK

Best bumper kids' iPad case: ProCase Kids Case for iPad - Buy on Amazon UK

Best heavy-duty kids iPad case: SEYMAC iPad Case - Buy on Amazon UK

Best kids iPad case with a screen protector: SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case - Buy on Amazon UK

Whether it's an iPad you're protecting or one of the many other tablets for kids on the market, you'll want to get the right tablet or iPad case for it. With the right case, you can protect your expensive gadget and add some bulk to the device, making it easier for a child to use.

The best kids' iPad cases 2024

Best iPad cover for teens

Apple Smart Cover
Price: $49.00
Alternative retailers
B&H Photo Video$49.00View offer
Best Buy$49.00View offer

Are you sharing your iPad with older children or teenagers? You might want to opt for the Apple Smart Cover. While it won't provide the heavy duty protection needed with younger children and toddlers, it's a less obvious and perhaps 'cooler' cover for teens as well as being "very slim and easy to carry" as one reviewer noted, and easier to slot into backpacks for school. It's compatible with the 10.2" iPad and 10.5” iPad Air design, providing protection to the screen when it's not in use. In addition, reviewers liked the dual purpose of the case, noting that it "easily turns into a support stand for iPad." It has the added benefit of turning off the iPad when it closes and turning it on when it's opened, and as it's magnetic, it snaps on and off effortlessly.

As it's an Apple product, it does come with a higher price tag and won't provide full protection to the back and sides, so it is better suited to older teens.


  • This is an official Apple accessory designed to fit perfectly
  • This case has an integrated stand functionality, providing multiple viewing angles
  • It allows for an effortless installation and removal with its magnetic attachment


  • The case has limited protection, whilst it protects the screen when not in use, it leaves the back and sides exposed

Best bumper kids' iPad case

ProCase Kids Case for iPad Amazon

Rrp: $19.99

Price: $14.99

Compatible with 7th, 8th 9th Generation (2021, 2020, 2019), iPad Pro 10.5/ iPad Air 3, this case is a fun, colourful way of protecting a child's iPad. It's available in a range of bright colours to appeal to children, while the built-in handle doubles as a stand so your little one can prop it up to watch their favourite shows and carry it around when they want to. As one parent said, it's "great for carrying from A to B & very durable."

Reviewers felt it was strong and protected their children's iPads, commenting that "its been thrown around by the kids or dropped a few times and no damage to iPad". Unlike some of the other iPad cases, it doesn't come with a screen protector and one parent suggested "you should also buy a separate glass screen protector as this item does not protect your screen." The holes line up well so "you can access all ports and cameras still whilst not needing to worry about drops."


  • Comes in a variety of bright colours
  • This case provides excellent shock absorption with its thick foam
  • The handle allows a more secure grip for children
  • The handle also doubles up as a stand so it can be stood upright


  • Doesn't have a screen protector so you might want to buy one separately

Best heavy-duty kids iPad case

This iPad case is compatible with the iPad 10th Generation 10.9 inch (2022 model: A2696 / A2757 / A2777). It has a hardened protective shell which is bordered by shock-resistant silicone to provide a really good defence against knocks and drops. Parent reviewers felt it performed well and protected their kids tablets, saying "Fantastic, strong, sturdy and colourful. Great case for my 4.5 year old." It has been used successfully tested in a nursery setting, with a reviewer noting she ordered them "for nursery iPads as they need to be well protected. Easy to put together and seem to be doing the job". Another reviewer tested it on a construction site - "brought this case in order to protect my iPad whilst I was working on construction sites. It is strong and I know that despite working in an environment where I know that my iPad will get bashed, bumped and even dropped, the case will provide protection."

There's a built-in screen protector, though you can also use your own if you want added protection. On the rear is a robust kickstand that rotates 360 degrees and an adjustable neoprene hand strap to allow you to hold it comfortably. There are two points to attach a shoulder strap, which is a great and versatile feature that can help reduce drops and can be adjusted to suit both adults and children.


  • This case includes a shoulder and adjustable hand strap so can be carried in different ways
  • The shoulder strap is adjustable to suit both children and adults
  • Rotating kickstand means it can sit at any angle
  • Built in screen protector to provide 360 degree protection
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Has a hardened protective shell and a shock-resistant silicone border


  • Some reviewers found it a little fiddly to put the case together

Best kids' iPad case with screen protector

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case Designed
Price: $28.95
Alternative retailers
Walmart$24.29View offer

Unlike some of the iPad cases on our list which lost points for lack of screen protector, the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle has a built in screen protector which parent reviewers favoured, saying "I have replaced my children’s cases after bad falls that resulted in cracks in the screen protectors- the iPad by rights should have been wrecked but there was not a mark on either iPad!"

The brightly coloured and robust case offers all-round protection with extra tough corner bumpers and is super tough thanks to the non-toxic, two-layer shell design, with one layer being made up of tough plastic, and the outer offering a shock-absorbing silicone. Reviewers were impressed with its protection, with one saying "strong sturdy case, we have purchased one of these before, and were pleased with it. Hence, that is why I purchased this one. As described, and recommended!"

On the rear there's a foldable kickstand for propping the iPad up though reviews were mixed on this with some noting it was "a little flimsy."

It's compatible with iPad 5th/6th Generation (2017/2018 release) but other versions are available, including for the iPad Air 4, iPad Pro 11 Inch, and the iPad 10th Generation 10.9 inch.


  • The built-in kickstand allows for hands-free landscape viewing
  • The built-in screen protector helps keep the screen safe
  • The port protectors help keep out dust or other unwanted things from the ports
  • This case offers full-body protection and extra tough corner bumpers


  • Due to the screen protector and full body protection, it can be difficult to install and remove from the iPad

Best kids' iPad with knock protection

This shockproof protective iPad case is compatible with the iPad Air 2 (models A1566 and A1567) but is not suitable for the original iPad Air, iPad Air 3 (2019), or any other tablet models. The raised lip design ensures that both the screen and camera are protected from drops, which parents found made the case "easy to grip and protects the edges of iPad from drops and knocks, also edges are proud of screen so also protect that from scratching too easily."

The three-layer construction absorbs shocks and shields the iPad from accidental damage, dust, and drops, while the advanced polycarbonate hard shell is combined with a soft silicone skin to add grip and texture for little hands. The four-corner cushioning improves the protection, making it an ideal choice for kids and ensuring overall safety. The built-in foldable kickstand on the back of the case is perfect for propping it up on the table if kids are watching shows or playing games.

The precise cutouts make it easy to access all ports, buttons, cameras, speakers, and microphones, while the smart and low-key design makes it a good option for slightly older children who still need to protect their tablet but don't want the more chunky, colourful designs of other models.

Reviewers did mention the lack of a screen protector, stating that "although the iPad is well protected I’m still going to need to purchase the screen protector stopping fingerprints and dust getting onto the screen."


  • This case offers shockproof protection, with three layers combining hard PC and soft TPU materials to combine protection with a tactile exterior
  • Allows for hands-free viewing with its built-in kickstand that can be used both landscape and portrait orientations
  • Anti-slip is used within this case to enhance grip and reduce damage


  • There are limited colour options available
  • No screen protector, so you might want to buy one separately

Best budget kids' iPad case

Compatible with 2nd Generation iPad 2, 3rd Generation iPad 3, and 4th Generation iPad 4, this iPad case is ideal for older models of iPads that still need to be protected from knocks and bumps. This is a great case for younger children and is available in loads of bright colours, including blue, green, pink and red.

Constructed from non-toxic and shockproof EVA foam and plastic, this case from Surom offers all-round protection for the iPad, including a screen cover. The handle at the top has a nice grip, and parents liked that this "makes it easy to carry for a kid". There is a kickstand on the rear which makes it easy to prop the iPad up for viewing programmes and films.

It's wipe clean, which one mum pointed out is useful with kids, saying, "so far indestructible and cleans up like new with a wet wipe - vital when you have a 2-year-old that won't leave it alone."


  • Full body protection, including a built-in screen protector
  • It has a handle at the top for the case, providing a secure grip
  • The case allows for hands-free landscape viewing with its built-in kickstands either side
  • The case is designed with non-toxic and shockproof EVA foam and plastic


  • Some reviewers suggested it doesn't fit their 2nd generation iPad very well

Best themed iPad case

Nitupai Case for iPad 9th Generation/iPad 8th 7th Generation Amazon
Price: $19.99

If you've bought the recommended iPad 9th Generation from our list of the best tablets for kids, you're going to want to protect it. And how about protecting it like a superhero? This Spiderman-themed iPad cover comes in a range of colours, so there's bound to be one for your little superhero. The design and theme made this a firm favourite with children, and many of the reviews were similar to one mum who said, "My son LOVES it!!"

It's compatible with iPad 9th/7th/8th Generation (2021/2020/2019 releases) and boasts a kickstand on the back so children can stand it up to watch their favourite films rather than holding it. This kickstand can be used in two ways to offer different viewing angle options.

Parent reviewers thought it seemed durable, with one noting that they'd "lost track of how long my son has had this case - more than 2 years now and going strong." It's worth noting that some reviewers thought it came with a screen protector but found it didn't, so bear this in mind if you'd like to protect the screen.

When it came to the all-important protection for the iPad, reviewers felt it did the job, with one saying, "It’s heavy and durable. My toddler's teeth were no match, and my older kids' sticky fingers on the screen were easy to clean. Stand works well too."


  • Available in a range of colours for your mini Superhero
  • The bright colours and theme are appealing and attractive to children
  • Has a dual kickstand to allow it to sit at different angles


  • Doesn't come with a screen protector
  • More expensive than some other models

How do you childproof a tablet?

If you've handed down your old iPad to your kids you'll want to protect it and your child. Childproofing a tablet can mean simply adding a case as we've listed above but it can also mean adding parental controls. iPads don't have the same child-friendly formats as a tablet designed specially for kids, like the Amazon Fire HD 10 Pro tablet, which means you'll need to explore the parental controls that stop your little ones stumbling across anything you don't want them to see or making unwanted purchases. You can also tailor their viewing to make their screen time appropriate for their age.

Are all tablet cases compatible with iPads?

No, not all tablet cases are compatible with iPads. Different brands regularly release different models and tablet sizes. Before investing in an iPad or tablet cover for your child, we would recommend measuring or finding out the size of their iPad, or making a note of the model number.

How do I find out what size my child's iPad is?

If you're unsure of the size of your iPad, you can quickly search for this information online by putting in the model and year of the iPad. Alternately, get a measuring tape and record the size from corner to corner.

What types of iPad covers are available?

When it comes to doing your research about the best kids' iPad covers, you need to fully understand what type of options are available. Here are some of the most popular options:

Children's shockproof iPad case - Good for younger children, shockproof cases have been designed so that your device is still safe when dropped.

Bumper iPad case - It's commonly referred to as a rubber case: a bumper case is good because they are durable, waterproof and more affordable than a shockproof option.

Hard iPad case - Usually made from materials like leather, hard cases often aren't as suitable for children as other options. However, they can often be found at a better price point.

iPad skins - This stylish iPad accessory is ideal for style-conscious teenagers and adults.

iPad case sleeves - Similarly to a laptop sleeve, these tablet sleeves just store your device. It can be a good option if your kids want to take their iPad with them everywhere.

iPad cases with screen protectors - Not every kids iPad case will have a screen protector so it's worth checking this before you buy. If it's not included, you might want to consider buying one to protect the screen from cracks and scratches.

A quick note: Make sure you check each listing carefully for a comprehensive list of compatible models.

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