Little Litecup

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Little Litecup

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What they say:

“Little Litecup, the new innovation from Litecup, is the only baby and toddler cup that lights up. The patented non spill valve minimises life's frustrations - clean up time from tipping and spilling and the integrated light sensitive night light means no more wake up calls! Scalloped sides for easy-grip make Little Litecup perfect for small hands.

“The 360 cup edge allows you to drink from anywhere round the rim, with no teat or spout (so no comfort sucking) - supporting bottle/beaker to cup transition and children's oral health. Children master free flow natural drinking started by a small suck.

“The comforting night-light means your child will never lose their cup at night and it's light sensitive - so you don't need to worry about turning it on or off. The night-light can also be manually switched off, with a new coin twist base. Little Litecup holds 220 ml of any non fizzy, cold drink. Little Litecup is easy to clean - simply pop out the Litebase and place the rest of the cup in the dishwasher.

“Little Litecup is great for in the car or on holiday - no need to take a night light and beaker. Litecup gives your children independence and reassurance. Whether in a cot or bed they can locate their drink in the dark and sip easily from the clever 360 degree rim without risk of spillages. Sleep happy with Little Litecup.

“Little Litecup was invented by a father of 4, who wanted a better cup for his children and a good night's sleep. He created Little Litecup with waisted sides for those smaller hands. Suitable from 6 months + in a choice of 10 colours. The 360 rim allows your little one to drink from anywhere around the cup, supporting bottle/beaker to cup transition.

“The patented easy flow valve supports independent mess free drinking and oral health. Your little one can find their drink in the dark with the light sensitive nightlight.”

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