Hauck Trigger Lock Pressure Fix Safety Gate

from Hauck
RRP  £34.99
Hauck Trigger Lock Pressure Fix Safety Gate

by Jane McGuire |
Published on

This gate is quick and easy to install, with no drilling required. It clamps into place simply by fixing mounts between your walls or door frames. You can open the gate in either direction, even with one hand, and lock it in both directions, too, so it’s very flexible.

The lock mechanism is secured in a childproof enclosure, so your little one can’t access it. Extensions are available, so you can adapt this gate to fit a range of spaces.

Vicky Daly, 34, from Cheshire, is mum to Finn, 16 months. She says:  ‘The trigger lock is easy to use and because this gate doesn’t swing shut automatically, I was able to control how quietly it closed.’

Sarah Lovett, 33, from West Sussex, is mum to Philip, one. She says: ‘The silver colour looked really out of place with our boring cream walls, but the opening mechanism is simple to
use and it performed well.’

Laura Crumbley, 25, from Wigan, is mum to Finton, 18 months. She says:  ‘The sturdiest of the gates we tested. The double-lock feature feels really secure. It didn't budge even with two babies swinging on it!’

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