DreamBaby Extra Tall Gate

from Dreambaby
RRP  £40.99
DreamBaby Extra Tall Gate

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If you’ve got a particularly adventurous toddler, or a lively pet that you want to keep away from babies or young children, the DreamBaby Extra Tall Gate makes it much harder to climb over than standard ones. As a bonus the opening mechanism is higher too, so you don't have to bend down so far which is better for your back. Its pressure fitted with extra extension sections available separately for wider spaces.

One review said: "We have four kids and have had a lot of safety gates. The DreamBaby Extra Tall Gate is the best gate we have had by a long shot, Not only can it keep are 4 year old twins from getting in the kitchen it even stops are 6 year old, Yes the price is a little higher but its worth every penny. If I could go back in time I would buy this gate for all the areas needed, It looks real nice and is very strong I would give this product 20/10 and value for money 9/10 "It even stops are little dog from jumping over into the front room" They gate even has self close for that extra security and peace of mind. I have told all my friends and family where to get one and they have even got them now."

Another added: "I purchased this gate to use on my front verandah at the top of the stairs. Although it is intended for indoor use it has held up really well outside in extreme heat. Perfect height, exactly the same height as my verandah railing so it looks like it was meant to be there. I feel a lot safer having my 2 year old out on our verandah now. I would buy it again."

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