Best air purifiers for the bedroom and nursery

Best air purifiers for bedroom

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Appliances like air dehumidifiers and air purifiers are designed to clean and improve the air quality in your home. With city pollution, cleaning products and general allergens, it is no surprise that these products are on the rise, as many are concerned about their air quality at home.

Whether your baby or toddler is showing signs of allergies or childhood asthma, when it comes to airborne particles such as dust, pollen and mould spores these are best kept to a minimum. Allergens and pollutants in our air are ever increasing, so using a high-efficiency air purifier in their room will significantly reduce the volume of irritants that they have to encounter and breathe at all hours of the night or when they are sleeping.

Best air purifiers at a glance
Best all-rounder: AEG AX51-304WT Air Purifier, £379.99
Best for small spaces: Blueair Blue 3210 Air Purifier, £229
Best for large rooms: Philips Series 3000i Connected Air Purifier AC3033/30, £270
Best for stylish and functional design: AEG AX91-604GY 600 Connected, £579.99
Best for delivering a nice scent: HoMedics TotalClean 4-in-1 Air Purifier, £76.64

While they'll still be exposed to some allergens during the day, and this is beneficial to their developing immune systems, during sleeping hours it's better that your baby breathes clean air so that their lungs and immune system have time to rest and rejuvenate.

How we tested and chose these air purifiers

Our Mother&Baby awards are renowned in the industry for being one of the most highly respected product awards for baby and parenting products, and every year, we arrange for thousands of independent mum reviewers to test the latest products on the market.

We've tested over 60 of the best models available in the UK, with around 10 reviewers per product to ensure that we get a range of views on the product.

air purifier

Once we’ve recruited our pool of testers we ask them to consider four areas while testing, including usability, design, quality and value for money. They also are asked to provide feedback on their experience with the product and whether they would make any changes to improve it.

Find out more about how we test and what considerations we take into account in our testing process.

Our independent mums review products based on their usability, design, quality, and value for money. Reviewers give us qualitative feedback on their experience with the product, which our team of journalists review to decide our recommended products.

From all this work, the air purifiers are chosen and listed below, along with the review comments that we thought would be most useful to those looking themselves for the best breast pump.

Our editorial team – at Mother&Baby and across other Bauer Media titles – is also constantly updating our best of articles and looking for new breast pumps to test so that we can help you find the best, be that a cheaper product that we want to test for value for money or the latest innovation.

A round-up of the best air purifiers for your home

Best all-rounder

Best small air purifier

If you are looking for a small, compact, and smart-looking air purifier, the AX5 is an excellent pick. You can place it on the floor or mount it to your wall - whatever blends into your home best.
The AX5 provides four-step air purification, claiming to capture 99.9 per cent of particles. The device continuously measures indoor air quality levels and automatically adjusts the air purification rate so that your home will always be a healthy indoor environment.

You can check this using the LED light ring, which provides air quality feedback in real-time and at a glance using a simple colour guide from green to red. It's also controllable via an app.

"It is so easy to use, just plug and go," said one happy reviewer. "I use the smart mode, which means it takes care of itself. You can track air quality on your mobile, which is a great feature. The filters pick up small particles, too. I really noticed a difference in how fresh the air in my room was. This was particularly evident when eliminating a wet dog smell!"

"Great for families who are allergy prone," said another reviewer. "Didn't catch anything for months. It can be wall hung or has feet so can fit in with your decor. It is rather large and deep so not always that inconspicuous if that's what you wanted but seems to work well for its purpose and you can turn it on and off with the app so can turn it off easily if left on and not needed."

With a running noise level of just 24 dB it's one of the quietest featured in our round-up - although not one of the cheapest - and is suitable for rooms up to 59m² in size.


  • Check the air quality and control the device using the AEG Wellbeing app
  • Colour-change LED light indicates air quality
  • Sleek, attractive design that can be wall mounted or set on the floor
  • Automatic smart mode function
  • Quiet at only 24dB


  • The width of the unit is thicker than some would want, particularly if wall hung
Noise level 24dB
App controlincluded
Size: H57.9 x W48 x D21.3 cm | 20 watt
GuaranteeManufacturer's 2 year guarantee

Best for small spaces

Best air purifier for dust removal

Suitable for rooms up to 17m² and perfect for smaller spaces, the Blueair Blue 3210 is equipped with HEPAsilent technology that removes at least 99.97 per cent of particles. At only 42cm tall and with five smart colour options, you can personalise the style of your air purifier so it will look discrete in your child's bedroom - its elegant, compact design is one of the features reviewers love most.

Smart sensors monitor the air quality and the auto setting automatically changes purification speed to ensure air is kept clean and healthy. A three-colour indicator light quickly alerts the user to the quality of the air and an easy-to-change filter make this a neat, simple little option.

"Easy to use and night mode very quiet," said one reviewer. "Particularly like the air quality indicator light which goes from red to blue as air quality improves." However, another reviewer said the indication LED light remaining on through the night was an annoyance. This can be overcome by having the machine on night mode, but the speed won't automatically adapt to changes in air quality.


  • Air quality sensors automatically control a colour-coded indicator and the speed of air purification
  • Small and sleek design
  • Comes in five colours
  • The excess cord is hidden inside the unit, making it neat and less of a trip hazard


  • The air quality indicator LED light remains on for all settings except night mode, which is a low speed setting.
  • It automatically increases fan speed at a higher particle rate than some other purifiers on the market
Noise level 48dB
Speed settings 4 speed settings, auto mode
HEPA filteryes
SizeH42.5 x W20 x D20cm
GuaranteeManufacturer's 2 year guarantee
Wattage10 watts

Best for stylish and functional design

Best air purifier for smart cleaning

This is a stylish and powerful air purifier with a five-stage filtration system that can collect up to 99.5 per cent of pollutants and eliminate 99 per cent of bacteria in the room. Designed to adapt and respond to your home environment, it automatically adjusts and continuously measures the quality of the indoor air levels with its PureSense technology.

"I live in a really built-up area in London and, over the last few months, the pollution has affected my allergies, so it was really taking a negative toll on my quality of life," says one review. "I had a smaller purifier I bought a few years ago, but it was hardly making a difference, so I decided to invest in a better purifier. I am so glad I did - after a week of use, I felt far less congested, I am sleeping better, and the air feels so much fresher."

There is a light ring on the front machine so you see your air quality quickly, and at 49dB when on maximum it's quiet, too. An AirSurround system circulates the air into the machine with a powerful spiral movement, making it more efficient and prolonging the filter life - this is important as filters for this machine are fairly expensive. It works best in rooms up to 37m².

Like with some other air purification models, you can stay connected to the device using the AEG Wellbeing App on your Smartphone and control your purifier, schedule events and get a live status on your filters and air quality.

One mum reviewer of a child who suffers allergies said: "I would highly recommend this product. 
It is very easy to set up , the app is excellent and easy to use. It makes a big difference to the air quality - the air feels much fresher as it removes dust and allergens from the air. The item is a bit larger than I thought it would be but it does an excellent job as the air enters the unit from all sides and then the clean air is pushed out of the top. Negatives are: not a HEPA device and the replacement filters are very expensive."


  • Powerful
  • App controls use and shows air quality
  • Colour-change LED light indicates air quality
  • Very stylish and well built
  • Automatic mode
  • Relatively quiet even on fast settings


  • New filters are expensive
  • The air purifier is not one of the cheapest on the market. It's an investment.
Noise level 17dB
HEPA filter?Yes
SizeH72.5 x W31.5 x D31.5 cm | 41 watt
GuaranteeManufacturer's 2 year guarantee

Best on a budget

Instant is all about making life at home easier, and we're on board with that! Whether you're looking for an air purifier for a small or large room, this brand has you covered with air purifiers suited to various room sizes.

The Instant Air Purifier AP300 is a larger model that has a three-in-one filter system that claims to remove 99.9 per cent of bacteria, viruses and mould in rooms up to 36m². It has an auto mode that senses the air quality and adjusts the fan speed accordingly. The best thing about this air purifier? It's designed to operate quietly, and it really works according to our Deputy Commercial Content Editor, Lily Anderson, who tried and tested it in her own home.

"My partner has recently discovered he has asthma, and we were looking for something for our home that would reduce dust, dander and pollen," Lily said. "We opted for the larger option as we have a combined living room and dining room; this device works well in our high traffic rooms. We love how you can monitor the air quality via the screen and that this air purifier is equipped with sensors that can monitor the air quality 24/7. The night mode and eco mode are a big plus for us as well."

Other reviewers have been similarly impressed by the function of this air purifier, but unimpressed by the availability of replacement filters which, they say, are very difficult to get hold of. The size of the unit is also larger than others, but it's one of the more affordable options in our round-up.


  • App controls use and shows air quality
  • It's more affordable than some other alternatives
  • There's a low energy eco-mode
  • Auto mode adjusts fan speed according to need


  • Replacement filters are difficult to get hold of
  • It's larger than some other alternatives
Filter3-in-1 filter removes 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and mould
Coverage up to 36 metres square
SizeD27cm x H53cm | 4.10kg

Best for a nice scent

This compact and affordable air purifier is small in size and appropriate for rooms of up to 40m². The TotalClean 4-in-1 Tower Air Purifier alters the air once per hour at high speed so your room feels fresh and purified. The appliance is quiet, so it can be in operation without disruption. Plus, the built-in aromatherapy feature means you can even add essential oils that fill the air with your favourite scent as it cleans.

The HoMedics TotalClean 4-in-1 Air Purifier was tried and tested by Commercial Content Writer Ellen Kinsey: "If you are looking for an air purifier under £100 that purifies a small room such as an office or bedroom, then this is a great choice. Living in an urban area means a lot of pollutants get trapped in the air in my flat so having this air purifier is really handy in ensuring the environment is fresh and clean. I especially love the aromatherapy feature, which allows me to have a beautifully scented room while it clears the air."

It has a night mode as well as filter replacement indicator and is remote controlled. There are fancier, more high-tech options on the market but for a great price this piece of equipment gets great reviews.


  • aromatherapy feature gives off a scent of choice
  • An affordable option compared with others
  • Night mode


  • Not as quiet as other options
  • No app - it's remote controlled
FilterAromatherapy filter, HEPA filter
Size14.9 x 9.5 x 9.5 inches
GuaranteeManufacturer's 1 year guarantee

Best for large rooms

Delivering a super-fast air purification with 20m² covered in less than eight minutes, the Philips Series 3000i is truly a first-class machine. The device filters 99.97 per cent of airborne allergens, pollen, fine dust, particles and bacteria and is extremely easy to use with either the display or managed with the Philips Clean Home+ app.

"I bought this as I was getting a dry throat and was wondering about air quality," said one happy reviewer. "Amazing how responsive it is, and the app works really well."
The main complaint with this air purifier is that it consistently has problems connecting with its app. However, there is a touch pad on top for direct control. It's larger than some other purifiers but it's also for a larger room - up to 104m² - and has a 360-degree airflow.

You can place the device in sleep mode at night, the display lights will be dimmed and the purifier will operate in near silence - as low as 34db. At faster speeds reviewers report it can be a little noisier.


  • Very quiet at low speeds
  • Caters to a large area or room
  • Super fast air purification
  • Auto mode automatically adjusts speed according to need
  • Attractive, modern design


  • Some units have problems connecting with the app
  • At higher speeds it's noisier than some would like
Noise level 34dB
FilterHEPA filter
SizeH64.5 x W29 x D29cm
Energy55 watt
GuaranteeManufacturer's 2 year guarantee

Best for energy efficiency

Shark is a leading name in the vacuum cleaning business so if it’s one thing the brand can manufacture well, it's products with outstanding filtration systems. The Shark Air Purifier 6 eliminates allergens, mould, bacteria and other particles from your air with its six-strong fans, and then settles into energy efficient mode once air quality reaches 100 per cent.

The device provides intelligent air quality monitoring for clean air day and night and adjusts the cleaning power and reports results in real-time. It captures 99.9 per cent of pollutants and has an easy-to-read display screen as well as a remote control. This purifier does not come with an app.

The machine is also quite large but filters the air and pushes it back out via the side, meaning you won't have to deal with a cold draft. It is suitable for room sizes up to 64m².

Reviews are overwhelmingly positive. "Amazing, would highly recommend," said one. "I have asthma and lung disease, so this has really helped my breathing. My husband's allergies have almost disappeared, and I now couldn't do without it. I have been telling everyone how good it is! I could do with them in every room in my house. Simply the best thing I have bought. It has also helped reduce odours and dust levels."


  • Caters to a reasonably large room size
  • Energy efficient
  • Auto mode automatically controls speed according to need
  • Very little draft


  • A relatively large unit compared with others
  • It has remote control but no app for control and monitoring
Noise level 64dB
Size<br>H81.3 x W43.2 x D22.6cm
filterHEPA filter
GuaranteeManufacturer's 2 year guarantee

Best for voice control

If you are looking for good value for money and great reviews, LEVOIT makes excellent air purifiers at a mid-range price. The Core 400S has many of the useful features that its competitors have on offer such as an auto mode that detects air quality in real-time and a display to check the air quality of your home. It claims to have a reach of 83m² twice per hour - a huge space - thanks to its Vortexair technology. The device eliminates 99.9 per cent of particles, and can be operated via an app or via voice control with Alexa.

"I wouldn't be without it now," said one happy reviewer. "It makes the air like being on top of a mountain. It is so quiet it blends into the background and reacts to the slightest change in air quality. (Like when you open the oven door while cooking) so I would buy these again in a heartbeat. I also have the smaller version, which we have in the bedroom and use all night. No more tired eyes or sore throats and greatly assists my wife's breathing disorder."

Complaints include the high expense of replacement filters and dissatisfaction over the removal of unpleasant smells such as cigarette smoke and cooking fumes.


  • Manages a large area
  • Manual, app and voice control (via Alexa)
  • Auto mode that automatically adjusts speed according to need


  • Large compared with some competitors
  • Some say it doesn't deal with unpleasant smells effectively
Noise level 25db
FilterHEPA filter
SizeH‎31.8 x W31.8 x D60 cm

What to consider when buying an air purifier

There are a few aspects to consider when looking to invest in an air purifier, such as speed, noise, built-in sensors and the type of filters.

Speed: Most air purifiers have multiple speed settings, so consider picking one that you can adjust. For example, if you’re in a meeting, you can turn it down, or you can turn it up when the pollen levels are high.

Noise: Where you are keeping your air purifier will depend on the noise level to look for when choosing this appliance. Consider one that works quietly if it is for your bedroom or perhaps one that has a sleep mode so that the light and noise from the device will be kept at a minimum.

A built-in sensor: A built-in air sensor will sense when the air quality is poor and automatically switch itself on - making your life easier. This is a great function for those who suffer seasonal allergies.

HEPA filter: There are various filters when it comes to air purifiers, but HEPA is the best. HEPA, which stands for high-efficiency particulate air, catches more pollutants than other filtration systems. Nearly all of the appliances on this list feature a HEPA filter.

Stephanie Spencer is the Hub Editor at Mother&Baby and auntie to four aged 8 to 6 months old. With a particular interest in health, she loves discovering products that make parent’s lives easier.

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