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SweetDreamers Ewan The Dream Sheep

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If you haven’t heard of SweetDreamers Ewan The Dream Sheep, you’ve been missing out as it works like a light projector and a soother too! Stand-out features of this baby sleep aid include the light and the Velcro tail, that allows you to attach Ewan to the cot or car seat when on the go.

Our panel of parent testers swear by Ewan, all of them saying he helped their tot sleep better at night thanks to the white noise machine function. The only downside is that Ewan is not machine washable, but that's a small price to pay for this wonder-sheep!

What they say:

“Ewan the dream sheep® emits soothing sounds at a low base frequency and a calming pink warm glow, which when combined, help settle babies and toddlers into a peaceful sleep.”

Tested by mum Samantha Walker for the Mother & Baby Awards 2018:

Would you recommend this to other mums?

I would recommend the SweetDreamers Ewan The Dream Sheep to another mum, just down to how well it helps relax and sooth my four-month-old. He sleeps through the night with Ewan, and settles more in his pram and cot whilst he is playing music with the light on.

How did the product make your life easier?

My little boy adores the sounds of SweetDreamers Ewan The Dream Sheep. He's four-months old, and the womb sound is his favourite by far. He sits smiling and giggling when Ewan comes out with us in the pram, which this helps me get on with tasks whilst keeping him entertained, and watching the light is a bonus, as it helps him focus for a lot longer than he used to. Ewan also helps him sleep (he actually sleeps through now, which never happened before) so it definitely does help settle and sooth him, which would make any mother’s life easier.

Would you choose this product to win?

I would choose this product over similar products on the market, mainly due to how calm and relaxed my four-month-old has been since using it. We have used similar products before this one but since using Ewan, he has slept through more often, and seems a lot more settled. The Velcro tail, to me, is a fantastic feature, as you can securely strap him anywhere, so you know baby is safe.

What changes would you make to the product?

Two things I would change would be adding a wider variety of sounds, and also a colour changing night light. I believe this would help create more choice for both parent and child, and keep older babies for focused and settled for longer.

Tested by mum Courtney Young-Hart for the Mother & Baby Awards 2018:

Would you recommend this to other mums?

I would definitely recommend SweetDreamers Ewan The Dream Sheep to other parents, as it is so easy to move around. You just have to simply undo the Velcro and reattach it to wherever you want it, whether that is on the pram, the car seat, the cot, etc. I think it is a really easy product to use – just put the batteries in and then press the foot to get the desired sound. I know some parents whose child/children like to listen to music or white noise whilst asleep, and this is the perfect product for them, as it’s much easier than having the hoover on!

How did this product make your life easier?

It makes my life easier as a mum as I don't need to stop everything I'm doing when my daughter starts to get tired. I just put Ewan either on her pram or cot and play the sound with the heartbeat, and she looks at the light, grabs hold of the foot and slowly falls asleep. It also means that if she wants to listen to the nursery rhymes I don't have to give up my phone and put it near her when she sleeps, as the songs and tunes are already loaded onto her dream sheep.

Would you choose this product to win?

I would personally choose this product over others on the market, as I feel that this is the easiest one to use and understand. I haven't seen any other products like this that play both the womb sounds and the music. I love that there is a light on the belly of the dream sheep, as it doubles as a nightlight and is a comfort to my daughter.

What changes would you make to this product?

If I could change one thing about this product I would change the length of the Velcro that you use to attach the dream sheep to the desired item, as I have found that sometimes my daughter can't reach the dream sheep once it is attached to her car seat.

Tested by mum Fiona Watson for the Mother & Baby Awards 2018:

Would you recommend this to other mums?

It's very cute and really soft, and the tail doubles as a Velcro strap, meaning you can hang it from the top of the cot in the early days when you can't leave it lying around inside. It has different settings, so you can keep a familiar item in the cot but play different melodies to mix things up and make sure there is variety.

How did this product make your life easier?

Ewan has been a lifesaver for our little girl. Having had one since birth, it really helped settle her down in the early days, and gave her security when in her cot. She loved the lullaby setting the most. Having had it with her since birth - it came with us to hospital when we were readmitted at day five, and has gone with her on all the overnight stays with the grandparents. She slept through the night at seven weeks and I honestly think Ewan played a big part in that, as wherever she was, she always had something familiar. At fourteen-months-old, she still has it in her cot, and cuddles up to it every night.

Would you choose this product to win?

The main thing that stands out for me is how good it looks – as there’s no plastic in sight and it fits in with my nursery theme really well. It’s also really good that it has different volumes, as I found some alternative products could be a little loud and distracting! It doubles up as a soft toy as well, so when baby is older it can still be used. It’s a really versatile product and has been a lifesaver for us, and helped to avoid many sleepless nights!

What changes would you make to this product?

We have actually had two of the dream sheep, as the first one (probably from how much we used it) slowly started not to work – with the buttons on the feet becoming less and less responsive. Other than that we’ve not had any issues at all, and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a cute comforter that can stay with the baby as they grow.

Tested by mum Sophie Budd for the Mother & Baby Awards 2018:

Would you recommend this to other mums?

I would recommend this product to other mums as it is a nice soft design to have near your baby, which can also be hung around the cot. I like the sheep design, and the grey is nice and neutral and feels like a calming colour for bedtime. It is easy to transport around, as it doesn't have to be fully attached to the cot, and is also very easy to use, with the added feature of being able to change the volume and having the light on or off depending on what you want.

How did this product make your life easier?

This product makes my life easier as it helps to soothe my baby to sleep at night and for his naps during the day. He is starting to recognise the sounds coming from Ewan, and it is settling him to sleep rather than me sitting with him or rocking him to sleep. He likes the small internal nightlight as well, as it is not as pitch black as others we’ve tried, and I can sleep with that light on too, as he still shares a room with me.

Would you choose this product to win?

I have used a different product with my other boy for the past three years and I think I still prefer it in some ways. The other product has stars that project onto the ceiling, which helps him go to sleep as he watches them. I do, however, prefer the range of sounds on Ewan the sheep compared to the other products on the market, as they are more calming and less electronic sounding. I do think the peacefulness of the sounds and the visual aspect Ewan offers are better than all the other products I have seen on the market. However, with the other product I have used being half the price, I‘m not sure which one I would buy, as both have their pros and cons. Overall it is a fantastic product.

What changes would you make to this product?

I would have a projector in its back to project stars on the ceiling, as that is the feature I like better on my other music nighttime system. If it has that then this product would be the perfect product for bedtime, and helping me to get my baby to sleep at night and for the naps during the day.

Tested by Laura Wright, from Oxfordshire, and six-month-old Charlie.

Charlie has been a light sleeper since birth, he seems to love waking up in the middle of the night just for a chat and to say hello to me and his Dad. Which is lovely, but it would be really good for us all if he could sleep for longer than two hours at a time.

We started using Ewan a month ago and it made a real difference pretty much straight away. This little purple sheep is such a comfor to Charlie, it’s like his best friend now, and comforts Charlie all day and night. I’m not going to say this sheep has worked miracles and that Charlie is now sleeping all night through, but he is much more settled and happier at bedtime.

Hopefully Ewan will help Charlie feel comfortable in a sturdy routine that can see the whole family get more sleep.

This sheep is really high quality and I would recommend it to all my mummy friends.

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SweetDreamers Ewan The Dream Sheep

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