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Hotel Chocolat velvetiser Black Friday deals hot chocolate

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As the winter nights get colder, there is nothing more comforting than a warm cup of hot chocolate, and Hotel Chocolat Black Friday deals will help you make the perfect cup. The Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser brings luxury and indulgence right into your home and if you have a young family then you probably need a bit of that. It is really simple to use too, operated at just the touch of button and it only takes 2 and half minutes to make barista-grade hot chocolate. It is the perfect addition beside your coffee machine, and you can use it to make smooth milk for lattes too.

Our kitchens get crowded with various appliances but the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser is one you will want to stand out. It has a stylish, aesthetically pleasing design and is available in a range of colours. With some great Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Black Friday deals available right now, this is a great item to add some warmth on chilly evenings. Not only will it please grown ups, but hot chocolate is a drink you can give to kids (as a treat!) and they will love the creamy, tasty hot chocolate too. There are lots of flavours to try including: Nutmilk, Vanilla White Chocolate and Cafe Latte and many more.

The best Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Black Friday deals 2023:

Although Black Friday is now over, there are some great deals available, including on the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser. So if you fancy professional tasting chocolate in the comfort of your own home, or even want to try some different flavour hot chocolate sachets, then why not take advantage of the deals and grab yourself a bargain before they're over? You can save up to £20 with the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Black Friday deals. To make it easier for you, we have rounded up some of the best Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Black Friday deals 2023.

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Save £19.97: Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Hot Chocolate Machine Complete Starter Kit

Save 15%: Hotel Chocolat 50% milky hot chocolate

Save £16.50: Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser hot chocolate machine

Save £20: Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser - white with 10 hot chocolates

With so many great Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Black Friday deals it will be hard to decide want to choose. Don't worry, we have selected some of the best offers currently available to make choosing simpler.


This starter kit includes everything you need to make the perfect cup of hot chocolate in just 2.5 minutes. The velvetiser is easy to clean so it really is stress free. The kit includes: Velvetiser hot chocolate machine, 10 single serve hot chocolates (milky, salted caramel, 70% classic, hazelnut and 85% dark) and 2 exclusive ceramic cups.


This is a great selection box of twenty single serves sachets of 50% Milky Hot Chocolate to be used with the Velvetiser. The sachets contain real, grated chocolate, so no powders or syrups, and they can be mixed with dairy or plant milk to create a smooth, luxury cup of hot chocolate.


Hotel chocolat Black Friday deals charcoal
Price: £93.50 (was £110)

In a stylish charcoal colour, the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser hot chocolate machine will great in your kitchen and also makes indulgent hot chocolate. It's been designed to serve hot chocolates at 68 - 70°C, which is the melting point for cacao butter. This set also includes two ceramic cups and 10 Hotel Chocolat Hot Chocolate sachets.


Hotel chocolat velvetiser Black Friday deals white
Price: £89.99 (was £109.99)

A great addition to your kitchen, this white Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser is extremely popular. It will make a luxury cup of hot chocolate in minutes and it's easy to clean. This set includes a white Velvetiser plus two ceramic cups worth £15, and ten single-serve delicious hot chocolate sachets.

What is Black Friday?

Traditionally following Thanksgiving in America, Black Friday arrives before Christmas and is when many retailers lower the price of their products. You can get many products in these sales, including Black Friday deals on baby items, toys, clothes, and household items such as the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser. It is a great chance to find a bargain, or start your Christmas shopping and pick up some great gifts at low prices, or even treat yourself.

Is the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser worth buying?

If you love professional tasting hot chocolate then we think it is. The Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser delivers tasty hot chocolate in just 2.5 minutes. It is more than just a milk frother, which is designed to froth rather than whisk and because of this the velvetiser will create super smooth hot chocolate. Of course there are other ways to make hot chocolate but the Velvetiser was created by chocolatiers and will make a truly indulgent, barista style cup. Plus, it can also be used to make delicious coffee as well. Simply add a shot or two of espresso to 220ml of velvetised milk. Plus with so many great Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Black Friday deals up for grabs at the moment, it definitely makes it worth it.

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