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Sure, it might not happen as often as you'd like, but how do you like to spend your time in the bath? Sure, you might just like to soak and rest your eyes but if you're anything like us, we like to make the most of the precious free time with a glass of something delicious, a candle or two and a good book.

If you want to elevate your time in the tub, a bath tray is a useful way to keep everything you need at your fingertips. Meaning that glass of wine or bowl of crisps is within easy reach while you bathe. After all, you want to make this rare time to yourself as indulgent as possible right?

Practical and stylish, grab a face mask, run the bath and load up one of these bath trays with all your goodies...

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Relux Premium 100% Natural Bamboo Bath Caddy1 of 8

Relux Premium 100% Natural Bamboo Bath Caddy

What more could you want from a bath tray? With an extendable design, so it'll work with most bath sizes and widths, this 100 per cent natural bamboo bath tray features a wine glass holder, book or tablet rest and phone holder so you don't miss any messages.

Size: 70cm x 22cm 

Review: "My husband bought me this shelf a few months ago, and I love it. All the features are great, and it makes reading with a cup of tea or glass of wine in the bath a much more civilised experience."

bathbü Premium 100% Bamboo Bath Tray2 of 8

bathbü Premium 100% Bamboo Bath Tray

Made entirely of bamboo, this bath tray has a slant-adjustable book or tablet rest so you can get lost in a good book or catch up on the latest shows. There's also an anti-slip wine glass holder and phone stand to keep your phone safe.

Size: 63cm x 23cm

Review: "I love this. I bought it so I could study in the bath, and it’s just perfect. It’s also sturdy enough to cope with a cat with zero concept of privacy or personal space to jump onto and sprawl over whilst it’s in use."

YEAKOO Adjustable Bathtub Tray3 of 8

YEAKOO Adjustable Bathtub Tray

With a retractable design to fit your bath tub, this tray has plenty of room for your lotions and potions and anything you fancy. It has silicone handles coated in soft rubber to prevent scratching.

Size: ‎57.5cm x 18.5cm

Review: "This looks great in bathtub. It’s sturdy and most importantly to me my products stand up in it. This is sleek and the grey looks smart. It is easy to move around and adjust and has plenty of space for all products. Soap area either side has grips so soap doesn’t slip off tray. A well received product."

ADOV Bathtub Caddy Tray4 of 8

ADOV Bathtub Caddy Tray

The extending sides of this caddy provide full adjustability to any bathtub size. It has lots of spots to securely hold all your stuff including candles, phone and tablet holder with three slots to adjust the viewing angle.

Dimensions: 104.5cm x 23cm

Review: "Definitely one of my favourite things in my house. Makes a bath sooo relaxing, love how many different shaped holders it has on it for different things eg. Mug, wine glass, candles, snacks, tablet, phone... pretty much anything. Also extends at the sides for extra room. Well worth the money."

Personalised Bamboo Bath Tray5 of 8

Personalised Bamboo Bath Tray

For a special gift for a loved one (or even yourself, we won't judge!), this bamboo bath tray can be engraved with a message of your choice.

Size: 50cm x 70cm

The White Company Wooden Bath Tidy6 of 8

The White Company Wooden Bath Tidy

If you love the Scandi vibe, this simple but stylish bath tray will make a great fit in your bathroom. Hand-crafted from natural white oak, you should oil regularly to ensure its longevity.

Size: 19cm x 75cm

Review: "Really pleased with my bath tidy. Gorgeous warm oak & looks lovely on my new bath."

Unibos Bamboo Wood Bath tray7 of 8

Unibos Bamboo Wood Bath tray

This budget-friendly bath tray is a great option if you don't want to spend much money.

Size: 70cm

Review: "A really good product, it's sturdy and of good quality. I was a bit worried as it was a Christmas present. Our daughter loved it."

iPEGTOP Extendable Bathtub Caddy 8 of 8

iPEGTOP Extendable Bathtub Caddy

Why take one glass of wine into the bath when you can take two? This bath tray has two wine glass holders along with an adjustable book/iPad stand. The arms are coated in a rubber material to prevent your caddy from sliding around

Size: 40.5cm x 17.2cm

Review: "Excellent over my roll top bath, no knocking shampoo bottles etc off the side anymore."

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