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We love being parents, but we must all admit parenting brings a lot of stress! If you have ever lost sight of your little one in a crowd, even for just a minute, you will know that heart stopping panic you experience in that moment. Now, with technology, you can have some reassurance during busy days out by getting an Apple AirTag for your child. Of course, we need to give our children freedom, but AirTags are so small and light they won't inconvenience your little one at all and it will give you that much needed piece of mind.

AirTags have lots of uses, as well as keeping tabs on wandering toddlers, they are popular for attaching to pet collars and also on keys, or luggage. We have all wasted time rushing round the house looking for our keys when we need to get to school, or football practice, or that important work meeting. With an AirTag you can simply use your phone to tell you where your keys, bag, toddler, cat or dog is. Plus, you can also locate missing items (or children and pets!) using your Apple Watch with the Find Items app.

The best Black Friday Apple AirTag deals 2023:

Although Black Friday was on 24 November, there are still so many deals out there right now including on an Apple AirTags. So if you want the reassurance an AirTag can provide, or just want to take the stress out of hectic mornings by easily locating your keys, why not take advantage of the deals and grab yourself a bargain? You can still save £6 on an Apple AirTag in John Lewis and there are plenty more offers across different retailers.

Shop Apple AirTag Black Friday deals: John Lewis | Amazon | Argos

Save 17%: Apple AirTag

Save £24: Apple AirTag - pack of 4

With so many great offers on Apple Products this Black Friday, now is the time to shop for an Apple AirTag. We have selected some of the best offers currently available to make choosing simpler.


To keep all your precious things safe, the Apple AirTag is a great purchase. It has a simple one tap set up to instantly connect with your iPhone or iPad. Plus, it has a built-in speaker to make it easier to find lost items, or you can even ask Siri for help. With Ultra Wideband technology, it leads you straight to your nearby lost item, or you can find items further away with the help of millions of Apple devices in the 'Find My' network. If you put an AirTag in Lost Mode, you will automatically be notified when it's found.


With Apple AirTags being so useful, you will probably want more than one so you can keep all your precious things safe. Luckily, you can buy multipacks of two, three or four. They are perfect for a family!

Save 17% on Pack of 3 Apple AirTags
Save 17% on Pack of 4 Apple AirTags

What is Black Friday?

Traditionally following Thanksgiving in America, Black Friday arrives before Christmas and is when many retailers lower the price of their products. You can get many products in these sales, including Black Friday deals on baby items, toys, clothes, household items and tech gadgets such as the Apple AirTags. It is a great chance to find a bargain, or start your Christmas shopping and pick up some great gifts at low prices, or even treat yourself.

When will Black Friday end?

The big day on 24 November might be over but the deals will carry on over the weekend and even throughout the month. Many retailers have great offers on items, including Apple products, and so it is more than worthwhile to keep checking online to grab a last minute bargain.

How far can you track an Apple AirTag?

Unbelievably, you can locate an AirTag even if it's thousands of miles away, or in another country, as long as it is within Bluetooth range of an iPhone.

How long does the battery last on an Apple AirTag?

On average the battery on your Apple AirTag should last around one year. However, this does depend how frequently they are used and how well they are looked after. Don't worry though, you can replace the battery using a CR2032 lithium 3V coin battery.

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