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Life is busy, especially with small children, and sometimes it feels like you have to do everything on the go. An Apple Watch will help you keep up with calls, text messages, your calendar, and emails, as well as helping you stay healthy with fitness tracking and health monitoring.

If you have other Apple products such as an iPhone or Apple Mac, then you can sync it with your Apple Watch, as well as with AirPods. There is also a handy feature called Family Setup which means if your (not so) little ones have an Apple Watch and they don't have a phone (yet!) they can still message and call you, and you can track their location to keep an eye on them. It also allows you to restrict who they can contact and set time limits on certain apps, using the Schooltime mode.

To ensure you keep a check on your health, Apple Watch can measure blood oxygen and takes ECG readings, as well as tracking body temperature and it even has an SOS feature so it can tell when a user falls and needs the emergency services.

Finally, you can use ApplePay with your watch if you store your payment card details on it, so you will have even less to carry to the shops. The impressive technology aside, it also looks stylish and is available in a choice of colours and can be customised with various straps. It really is a great smartwatch for everything you need to help simplify busy, modern life.

The best Apple Watch Black Friday deals

Although Black Friday itself may be over, there are still a host of great Apple Watch deals for you to get your hands on, plus deals on other Apple products such as Apple AirTags. So if you fancy treating yourself, or want to buy an Apple Watch as a present for a loved one, then why not take advantage of the deals and grab yourself a bargain?


Apple Watch Black Friday Series 8
Price: £419 (was £499)

A great Apple Watch to keep track of your health. The Series 8 can track your sleep, take an ECG, measure blood oxygen, and with Cycle Tracking it can even track ovulation and your menstrual cycle. Also, it features fall detection and Family Setup so you can pair it with other family members. The battery life is excellent too, with 18 hours of battery life.


Apple Watch Black Friday Ultra 2
Price: £769 (was £769)

Great for sport and adventure! This is Apple Watch Ultra 2 can meet the demands of all athletes, outdoor, indoor and even water sports fans! It has a specialised strap for each sport. It has Heart Rate Zones, custom workouts, and new cycling workout views as well as a Compass app to provide details such as elevation, incline, longitude and latitude and it can cope with descents of up to 40m.


Apple Watch Black Friday Series 9
Price: £409 (was £429)

The Series 9 has an extremely bright display, visible in the strongest sunlight. It features all the usual apps and tools such as health and fitness monitoring, however, an added feature is Double Tap. Double Tap makes it even easier for you to answer a call when your hands are full, simply tap your index finger and thumb together to answer a call, open a notification, play and pause music. Magic!


A stylish but functional Apple Watch, it has all the essentials to help keep you motivated and active, keep connected, track your health and stay safe. It really does do everything, plus it is water resistant and Swim Proof for 50m. You won't want to be without it.

What is Black Friday?

Traditionally following Thanksgiving in America, Black Friday arrives before Christmas and is when many retailers lower the price of their products. You can get many products in these sales, including Black Friday deals on baby items, toys, clothes, household items and tech gadgets such as the Apple Watch. It is a great chance to find a bargain, or start your Christmas shopping and pick up some great gifts at low prices, or even treat yourself.

When will Black Friday end?

The big day on 24 November might be over but the deals will carry on over the weekend and even throughout the month. Many retailers have great offers on items, including Apple products, and so it is more than worthwhile to keep checking online to grab a last minute bargain.

What's the point of an Apple Watch?

It is a great device to combine all elements of your life and ensure you keep on track of everything. It is designed for a healthy life, tracking health and fitness and keeping you connected with work and loved ones, plus an Apple Watch can do what other Apple devices can't because you actually wear it so you can't misplace it like your phone when you are trying to rush out the door on the school run.

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