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The MAM Easy Start bottle and microwave steriliser set includes four 160ml Easy Start bottles and the components to make four 260ml bottles. As your baby grows, a newborn soother, handle and spout provide you with versatility, and make it easy to turn your bottles into a cup later on.

The bottles are the perfect companion for the changing dynamics of every day baby life; featuring a MAM SkinSoft™ silicone teat, which feels just like mum, a ventilated base, designed to reduce colic and a unique self-sterilising feature, ideal for parents on the go! It's that popular amongst parents that it even won Silver in the 2023 Mother&Baby Awards in the Best Steriliser/ Sterilising Product category and it also won Bronze in the 2024 Mother&Baby Awards.


  • Helps babies with colic
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Self sterilising


  • Comes in a number of parts
  • Not much variation in design

Testing the MAM Easy Start bottle and microwave steriliser set

Our parents and their little ones loved how comfortable these bottles were when feeding, both to hold and to suck. Not only this, but parents noticed it reduced the amount of time to took to wind baby - a real bonus in our eyes.

"The MAM Easy Start Bottle & Microwave Steriliser set is absolutely brilliant. We had trouble finding the right bottles for our son and as we were breast feeding we were worried about him adjusting to both ways of feeding. He really took to the MAM bottles and with breast feeding, expressing and bottle feeding the steriliser was a god send as it really took the stress and time out of making sure his bottles were ready for the next feed. I couldn't recommend the MAM bottles more as it helped him with his wind (the bottles are designed with valves on the bottom to help with air flow.) We really noticed a difference in how long it took to wind him with these bottles."

Some mums found the size of the steriliser quite difficult to put together and get in smaller microwaves, so a smaller version may work better for some.

"The only thing I would change would be the width and height of this product and make it slightly smaller (maybe to fit one less bottle in) as it was a very tight fit for my microwave - it only just fit in to turn with the plate however I would have liked there to be slightly more room around for ease of putting it in and taking it out of the microwave. The product is great though!"

The self sterilising feature was a real highlight for our parent testers, and they loved how much easier they made feeds, especially when they weren't at home.

"I love the self sterilising feature of this product. When visiting family/friends for the day I only need to take one bottle as I am able to sterilise the bottle using their microwave. With my older children I used a different brand of bottle and needed to take several sterilised bottles with me when I went out for the day. This feature alone makes this product far superior to any others I have used."

Final thoughts

Parents loved how easy this set was to use and an extra bonus was how comfortable the bottles were to hold and how they improved feeding. They were particularly life changing for parents with babies who suffer from colic.

Although it came in more parts than parents anticipated and was a tight squeeze to get in some microwaves, many parents will continue using this set and haven't looked back since.

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