Callowesse Freedom Hands Free Magnetic Auto Close and Locking Stair Gate – 76-83cm review

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Gallowesse stair gate

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Callowesse Freedom Hands Free Magnetic Auto Close and Locking Stair Gate - 76-83cm at a glance

The Callowesse Freedom Stair Gate is the ONLY Gate to feature a magnetic locking system. As soon as the magnet in the handle comes into contact with the magnet in the frame, it will automatically lock into place, giving you extra peace of mind when you need it most. Additionally, a 2 lock system is integrated to ensure extra protection. For added simplicity and ease of use, this Gate features a one-handed opening system and a clever auto-close mechanism. This Baby Gate fits into most standard doorways of 76 - 83cm and can be extended if required.

Callowesse Auto Close and Locking Stair Gate
Price: £44.99

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Jane: I love this product so much how did I not know it existed? I cannot begin to count how many times a day I had to remind my husband to shut our old stair gate behind him before this one was installed, now I won’t have to say it ever again! Thank you Callowesse you’ve saved my sanity and possibly marriage.

Carina: It was pretty easy to put together and fit. I find it works a treat to keep little people out of the kitchen when I’m trying to cook. As a mother of a needy boy it’s so nice to be able to put him somewhere safe and know he isn’t going to break into the kitchen where there is dangerous things everywhere. It’s easy to open and close but not so easy that my 11 month old can’t work it out.

Jasmine: It makes my life easier by being able to keep my little boy out of places where he shouldn’t be, it’s versatile and easy to move around. So I will initially have it in the living room to keep pets away from him, then I will probably move it to the stairs, so I know this will keep him safe. Knowing he is out of harms way does make my life less stressful!

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Emma: I would recommend it to anyone. It does everything a stair gates needs to do. Easy to use good quality made robust frame. Easy to installation.In a rush when you leave your baby behind you, no need to close the gate. Very easy for fitting too. I found the release handle is not easy for toddlers if they try to open it. Very safety stair gate.

Naomi: I would recommend it as it is secure and it does not need drilling or attaching to the wall however it would not be my first choice as it does not fit all doorways and needed a lot of strength to push into place and was a bit fiddly to put together. I think it would be better if it was a little narrower to fit more doorways.

Carina: I would recommend the Callowesse Freedom Hands Free Magnetic Auto Close and Locking Stair Gate to a fellow mum because it’s fantastic for keeping your little ones out of places you don’t want them to be. It’s pretty fairly priced and it’s easy to use therefore perfect for a busy mummy needing to keep little people out of harms way

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Jane: Had I of known about this gate I would have purchased them from the start they really are fantastic, I love the self close feature, and how wide the opening is, I’ve already ordered another one, I think it’s the best stair gate I’ve ever seen I’ve already sent a video to all of my mama friends who will be purchasing!

Mohammed: I would chose this product over others due to many factors. It is easy to install, taking me less than 10 minutes. Once installed it is sturdy and easy to use. The handle operates smoothly with one hand so I can open the gate while carrying baby. The gate shuts with ease so I can push it closed when my hands are full so baby is still safe.

Jasmine: I don’t think I would personally choose this product if I was buying a stair gate because of the price, although the design is good it still only does what my other stair gate does, and for half the price. When it comes to wanting a few of them in the house, I would want the same ones throughout and it would cost quite a bit.

What changes would you make to this product?

Emma: I didn’t found anything would only think if it could be lighter. And the bottom bar on the stair needs to be aware when you are quick. I bumped my finger a few time. Usability is easy when you just completely sort how it is opening and closing. This stair gate is very good choose for babies and pets top.

Naomi: The range of width and the attachments being fiddly. If this was changed I think it would be an excellent stairgate as it is very secure and has a good latch which is better than most I have seen or used. Overall I think it’s a good stairgate and would be good for a standard doorway but not a narrow one.

Carina: The one thing I’d change about the Callowesse Freedom Hands Free Magnetic Auto Close and Locking Stair Gate is the ends of the gate that attaches to the wall are just loosely placed in there and slide out pretty easy and mine rolled off under the sofa when I unpacked the gate. The instructions could of had clear pictures as well.

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