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best double buggies

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If you're expecting twins or have baby number two on the way, entering the world of double buggies can seem daunting. Whether you're worried about fitting the pram or pushchair through the doors of the bus, how heavy it's going to be to push, or how bulky it's going to look, we've got it covered with this handy guide to the best double buggies.

Like always, you've got plenty of options on offer. Most double pushchairs will have independently reclining seats. These are crucial if you're pushing a baby who needs to lie flat and a toddler who wants to watch the world go by. There's also the seat positioning – do you want your little ones sitting side by side or facing different directions? Whatever your preference and budget, we're sure one of our top picks will work for you.

What types of double buggies are there?

There are two types of double buggies or prams: in-line or side-by-side. Some of them will be parent-facing strollers, and others will be outward facing, so it's important to think about what you prefer.

In-Line Buggies

Firstly, we have the In-line prams, which stack your little ones one on top of the other. This means you can get through the doors much easier. Handy!

Pros: Great for growing families

Cons: The bottom child can be quite low to the ground

Side by Side Buggies

Next, there are side-by-side buggies. These can be wide, as the little ones are... side-by-side. But at least you'll have less fighting over who will have the bottom seat. Make sure you consider a double buggy that folds down well.

Pros: Your little ones will be able to sit next to one another and interact

Cons: Wide

Luckily, we've included both in-line and side-by-side options in our list below.

The best double buggies UK 2023

The best double buggy for comfortability

The Out' n' About Nipper Double was awarded Gold for Best Multiple, Twin or Tandem Pushchair at the Mother&Baby Awards 2023 and 2024.

The Nipper Double is an excellent solution for parents who require a multipurpose pushchair for two. With an extensive range of features, it is the ideal choice for use with twins or children of different weights and ages. A smooth ride is assured for both parents and children thanks to the independent rear wheel suspension, 12" pneumatic wheels and swivel front wheel. At a slimline width of 72cm, the Nipper Double will glide through all standard doorways. Weighing just 12.8kg, the Nipper Double makes for easy handling, and it is the ultimate solution for family life.

Our mum tester said: "This pushchair is lovely and lightweight, making it easy to manoeuvre on different surfaces with my baby and 3-year-old in it. It was very easy to assemble, only taking 5 minutes and comes with clear instructions. The Nipper Double has been very intelligently built. It is very spacious but doesn't look cumbersome. It easily fits through the doorways I've used so far. My 3-year-old daughter comfortably fits in this pushchair with room to spare."

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  • Capable of comfortably seating two children of different ages or sizes. 
  • Lockable 360 swivel front wheel
  • Lightweight
  • Fits through standard doorways
  • Large wheels


  • Quite expensive

The best double buggy for newborns to toddlers

The Out' n' About GT Double was awarded Silver for Best Multiple, Twin or Tandem Pushchair at the Mother&Baby Awards 2023 and 2024.

The Out' n' About GT Double brings a new dynamic to side-by-side strolling. This lightweight, compact double pushchair weighs only 12.5kg and will glide through a standard doorway at only 71cm wide! With independent reclining spacious seats, the GT Double will accommodate 2 children of different ages and sizes and is suitable from newborns up to 4 years old! With travel system options such as attaching 1 car seat or either 1 or 2 carrycots, the GT Double is the ultimate choice when looking for a side-by-side pushchair for your little ones.

Our mum tester said: "My tall 2 year old was comfortable but I'm not sure how long she would be as her knees were quite high when she put her feet on the footrest. I think this buggy would be ideal for twins from around 5/6 months to about 2 years old (although you can purchase carry cots for infants too)The seats are pretty close together and my older daughters legs were definitely encroaching into my baby's space, I could foresee some arguing if you had two toddlers in there. I like how the handle is quite narrow and has lots of height options, the wheels are great and it pushes really easily."

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  • Quick & easy to put up and down
  • Suitable from birth up to 22 kg for each seat
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable handle


  • Can be a bit difficult to manoeuvre
  • Small storage area

The Cosatto Wow XL was awarded Bronze for Best Multiple, Twin or Tandem Pushchair at the Mother&Baby Awards 2024.

Meet Wow XL. Cosatto have created the ultimate family unit. It has the capability to be used as a single child travel system or as a double for an older sibling too. By purchasing an extra carrycot, seat unit and car seat, it becomes the perfect mode of transport for twins. This spacious, sophisticated piece also gives you multiple riding options. With a built-in step ‘n’ ride board too, it makes the school runs and little trips more fun. Flexible and adaptable, you’re prepared for every eventuality with Wow XL. This multiple pushchair combines style, comfort and ease with longevity.

Our mum tester said: "This product is simply amazing. Its high retail value and it shows in the quality of the pram and the usability. It's easy to manoeuvre and with having two babies you need it to be as easy as possible! I really got on well with this pram and I also thought it was quite stylish as a lot of tandem prams are not the most attractive to look at."

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The best double buggy for sunshade

Designed with the growing family in mind, this pushchair can be adjusted to push one, two or even three children. The basic price includes a carrycot and seat unit, whilst the second toddler seat is an additional £219.99. Although being slightly on the heavy side, the Uppababy Vista handles with ease over all terrain and looks and feels expensive. With plenty of handy features to make it worth its price tag, our mums loved the freestanding fold, making it easy to get this rather large double buggy into a small car boot and the carrycot, which is built for overnight sleeping.

Tested by mum Katie Gresty for the Mother & Baby awards, she said: "Yes, I would recommend the Uppababy Vista. I loved the ease of switching between pram and pushchair and thought the pushchair was beautiful to look at and very sturdy. It is super easy to wipe clean and the ventilation in the hood is very useful. I also loved that all the extra rain covers were included in one set."

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  • Easy to push, quick to fold, no issues with assembling and looks very smart. 
  • The carrycot is deep and has a good quality mattress and the hood has an extendable sun shade .


  • No sunshade that pulls down further, so may need to buy a sunshade separately.

The best double buggy for easy assemble

Out 'n' About Little Nipper Double from littleness
Price: £399 (was 649)

Half the price tag of some of the other pushchairs on this list, the Little Nipper Double is a lightweight, side-by-side buggy that can have either one or two carrycots attached. Weighing just 11kg, it is one of the lightest double buggies on the market, and our panel of mum testers agreed it was definitely easy to push around. That said, despite being a lot narrower than other side-by-side prams, the buggy is still pretty bulky when folded, so it's worth checking the dimensions to ensure it will fit in your car boot.

Tested by mum Kim Hardill for the Mother and Baby Awards, she said: "Yes, I would definitely recommend this Little Nipper Double pram. For me it folded really easily, without too much effort, I really liked the design, I liked that the hood comes far forward keeping the sun from children's eyes. The children looked really comfortable in this pram. The basket underneath was a good usable size. However, it would not fit in my car with the seats all up."

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  • Perfect choice for parents who require a lightweight, compact side-by-side buggy.
  • Suitable to take 2 children of different ages


  • Forward-facing only, heavy, noisy hoods, too wide for some doorways, not travel system compatible, no storage basket.

The best double buggy for handy storage pockets

Out 'n' About Nipper Double V4 Pushchair
Price: £625

The slightly more advanced version of the Little Nipper Double, the V4 version is still remarkably light, only weighing 12.8kg. At 72cm wide, you'll still be able to fit this side-by-side pushchair through most doorways. Available in a number of different colours, with independently reclining seats, this buggy has the option to attach either one or two carrycots. With handy storage pockets, a shopping pouch and rear wheel suspension, our mum testers agreed this pushchair was definitely easy to get around with.

Tested by mum Clare Moore for the Mother and Baby awards, she said: "I would absolutely recommend this to anyone wanting a side-by-side double. It seems really well made and the green looks lovely in the countryside. It is also really surprisingly light to push and feels really durable. That said, it did take me more than one go to get the hang of folding it down, especially in my sleep-deprived panic, however, the instructions are really easy to follow with good pictures!"

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  • Comes complete with a bumper bar, seat liner, rain cover and basket.
  • One piece fold for easy boot storage and convenient flight travel.


  • Not recommended to jog with a baby under 6 months old

The best double buggy for adjustable handles

Silver Cross Coast 2-In-1 Baby Pram and Pushchair
Price: £581.27

The Silver Cross Coast promotes comfort and style while being incredibly practical and efficient. The Coast is suitable for little ones from birth and has an optional tandem seat or car seat. You can also choose whether you want your baby to face you or the world.

Tested by mum Laurie for the Mother and Baby awards 2020, she said: "This pram is super sleek. The attachment of the seat to the body chassis is really easy to release and attach. The pram folding system is really swift to drop and erect and folds up and down within seconds. The pram features a fabulous adjustable handle which ensures real comfort for both myself and my husband who is much taller than me."

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  • A complete Pram system that includes everything you need from birth to toddler.
  • Includes a lie-flat Carrycot for your new born that is suitable for overnight sleeping.


  • Can be quite hard to steer.

The best double buggy for getting around

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double
Price: £741.71

The Baby Jogger® City Mini® GT2 Double has an all-new design with Forever Air rubber tyres and all-wheel suspension providing uncompromised agility on any terrain with two. The signature quick fold, adjustable handlebar, and hand-operated parking brake provide you with the ultimate convenience while the adjustable calf supports and the near-flat seat reclines allow you to find the most comfortable position for your children. Create a travel system with the City Mini® 2 Double carrycot and car seat adapters, or customise your ride with a variety of accessories!

Tested by mum Lyndsay for the Mother and Baby awards 2021, she said: "With two under two this is the best tandem pushchair I have used, it's so easy to push, feels really lightweight and not at all bulky and cumbersome, so it really makes getting around with the two little ones so much easier. It bumps up and down kerbs effortlessly and the suspension makes it smooth for the little ones on bumpy ground."

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  • Stroll from Birth: Now suitable from birth up to 22 kg for each seat.
  • Soft-grip place for your child to hold while strolling or to hang toys.


  • Seats cannot be made upright enough.
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