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Silver Cross Coast

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The Silver Cross Coast pushchair is a baby travel system that combines the classic carrycot style we all know Silver Cross is iconic for, but with a modern and elegant twist that is suitable for everyday use from birth until four years.

The Silver Coast in Shoreline has a lovely grey marl colourway and includes a matching footmuff that is well padded for all seasons and a sleek backpack that parents can fit all the everyday baby essentials to take with you on a stroll.

The Coast is a reasonably light travel system with a much more expensive feel with leather detailing, premium marl fabric and a light chassis that gives it a luxurious edge.

Scroll down to find out how mum-of-one Ria got on when testing the Silver Cross Coast.

Silver Cross Coast overview


  • Easy to assemble
  • Multi-function travel system so no need for other products
  • All-terrain usage and remains a smooth ride
  • Reasonably lightweight to be able to lift solo into car boot
  • Comes with accessories like footmuff, rain covers and a backpack
  • Design and fabric gives a luxurious feel
  • Versatile


  • Not the most compact travel system
  • To be able to fold down to the smallest size the attachments need to be detached from the chassis to put into boot
  • Lighter travel systems are available on the market

Testing the product

"I'm a first-time mum with a newborn who after a travel system that takes my baby from birth and beyond. The Silver Cross Coast's bassinet and pushchair attachment that can be world or parent-facing will definitely provide me with this flexibility as our little one grows.

Putting the Silver Cross Coast together was very easy and switching between functions from bassinet to pushchair modes takes a matter of seconds. There are also multiple height features both on the handle and on the height of the position of the bassinet and seat. Although the Coast didn't come with a car seat in the travel system, it does have the capacity to fit a car seat straight onto the chassis with some adapters.

Living in the suburbs, I wanted a system that was all terrain to be able to do comfortable pavement walks and journeys into the city as well as sturdy enough to deal with being pushed through woody forests and muddy dog walks. The Coast's chassis is lightweight enough to be able to deal with all of these situations without having the flimsy or unstable feeling of other pushchairs, keeping baby comfy even if the dog tugs the pram a little or we hit a dip in the road.

The inclusion of the bassinet means our newborn can stay in the lie-flat position for lengthier periods, more than with a car seat attachment.

A complete bonus that not many bassinets and travel systems have as a feature in this price range is that the bassinet is also suitable for overnight sleeping which is very helpful for the first six months. It means I am not worried when I go for a walk and my newborn falls asleep as when I return home, I don't need to disturb my little one to move out of the bassinet when this happens. The bassinet is also very spacious - larger than the bassinets we had viewed in other travel systems.

Visiting friends and family in the first few months has been really easy, knowing we only need to take one product with us to allow safe sleeping on the go and has reduced how many things we need in the boot of our car."

Final verdict

"I have really enjoyed using this pushchair in the first few months of our baby's life and it has been a real joy to push such a smooth ride around our town, especially with its modern, elegant look. Its manoeuvrability and adaptability are fantastic and I have never felt strained or tired pushing my newborn around, it is really easy for postpartum mums to push and be able to have the independence of fresh air in the early days and weeks.

Overall, the Silver Cross Coast is a very good travel system. It feels very luxurious and I really do think it will last up to four years growing with my baby and hopefully even beyond. It delivers everything advertised and the only changes that could make it even better is that it would have been nice to have easier folding and to not have to take pieces off to be able to fit it in the car boot."

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