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Aveeno Baby Daily Care Range at a glance:

AVEENO Baby Daily Care - Gentle everyday care for baby skin. Specially formulated for babies' sensitive skin with oats. The AVEENO Baby Daily Care range including the soft baby wipes gently nourish and protect babies skin. All products are free from parabens, dyes and alcohol.


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We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Carly: I loved using this range. The simple bottle designs are great, the squirty top lids are perfect when your bathing baby and only have one hand to dispense the product. I wish they all had the press down function but the main ones for washing do. The pack of baby wipes are brilliant as so large and dispense out the pack with ease.

Angela: It makes life easier because I trust Aveeno! It has no nasties in, and I know they care for babies sensitive skin. I don't even have to worry about which products to buy, as they're all brilliant, and all work for Arlo. They're also good value, as they're often on promotion. Plus us adults can use it too! I often use the shampoo and conditioner, as it's so gentle and makes my hair really full. And the barrier cream has been a godsend for my dad, as an operation scar is itching a lot, so I gave him some barrier cream, and it's stopped itching. My husband also used it on a rash he got, and it soothed it straight away.

Henny: This product is good at what it does. There is a wide range of varying products in the range that do specific jobs eg body wash, moisturiser etc… I particularly like the nappy barrier cream with a tiny bit going a long way, which means the tube would last a long time and is therefore very good value for money. I am less likely to use the wipes, as they cost more than alternative products and I try to use biodegradable wipes where I can, and these are not.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Louise: The Aveeno range is brilliant, I would highly recommend these products. The creams and shampoo/conditioner seem very gentle on my 4 month old’s skin, there were no tears at bathtime and my child’s little hair was cleaned of the oil used before hair washing to help with cradle cap. I was very impressed. The nappy cream worked really well clearing up a small rash very quickly. I also like that these products are not overly fragranced and have none of the nasty sulphates in them.

Mia: I would recommend the Aveeno Baby Daily Care range to a fellow mum as I feel they are good quality products that use natural ingredients, which I prefer as my baby has sensitive skin. The body wash and shampoo/conditioner both gave a good lather which meant you didn’t have to use much and the moisturiser left baby's skin feeling soft.

Jo: The design was very classy and simple. The shampoo and conditioner leaves my daughters’ hair feel soft and silky without having to worry about tears when washing their hair. Both my daughters have sensitive skin prone to eczema and they both had no reactions to this body wash either. The nappy cream cleared up any nappy rash quickly. On the baby wipes the flap keeps the wipes just as wet as when first opened, they are very soft and gentle on my daughter's bottom. And the baby lotion left my daughter's skin feeling well moisturised, it was easy to apply.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Claire: The aveeno baby range should win as it is a great product for baby skin. It is gentle on the skin, soothing and moisturising. I like that it is suitable for excema and has been tested by a dermatologist. It is great that I could use it on my newborn as his skin was very bad at birth. I also love using these products for me too.

Angela: Because I trust it! The very rare occasion I have used something else, it's caused a reaction, and I firmly believe this is because it has alcohol and perfume in. Aveeno doesn't and it nourishes and moisturises my son's skin. The moisturising lotion isn't greasy, and rubs well into his skin, and the bath wash is really good value. He doesn't have any hair, so I use the shampoo and conditioner and it's so good! Makes my hair really thick and glossy! So when we do use it on him, I know it'll be good for him too.

Carly: I think these products should win. With five boys I've used a lot of baby products. The reason why is because they are designed to be used with ease. My baby loves bathtime and I’ve enjoyed using these on him. No dry skin in sight, I will continue to use these in the future now. Also I’ll tell other mums!

What changes would you make to this product?

Angela: I wouldn't change anything! I absolutely love Aveeno! Any parent is safe in the knowledge this is brilliant for their babies skin, and doesn't dry it out, or irritate. In fact it nourishes their skin, and adult skin too. The only very minor thing for me is the packaging. It doesn't necessarily stand out and is slightly old fashioned but to be honest it's nothing major.

Henny: I definitely think the wipes should be biodegradable or even compostable and all the packaging should be made from recycled material and be fully recyclable. Refills for the products may be an option to consider. I think mums are becoming increasingly conscious about the environmental considerations with all the baby stuff they buy now. Being a bit more environmentally conscious with the packaging would go along with the natural style of branding that the products already have. Travel sizes would also be good to keep in the changing bag.

Louise: The range is fantastic, I even used the moisturiser on myself! I don't believe the actual products could be improved, the only factor which could be changed would be the price point. £10.00 is quite expensive when parents are trying to manage on maternity leave salaries, but a slight reduction would make this product obtainable for the mass market.

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