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Aldi's Mamia Fragranced Baby Wipes are made from an extra soft cloth for all baby cleansing and changing occasions. The mild, lightly fragranced, liquid contains natural Aloe Vera and is perfect for gently cleansing baby's delicate skin. The baby wipes are suitable for use from birth and dermatologically accredited by the Skin Health Alliance.

This Aldi Mamia Fragranced Baby Wipes also won Gold for Best Baby Wipe at the 2024 Mother&Baby Award.


  • Great value
  • Dermatologically accredited


  • Some may not like the slight fragrance

Testing the Aldi Mamia Fragranced Baby Wipes

Rhian: I love these wipes! I have been using them for a while now and have had no problems with skin irritations on my son. I have used other brands in the past that have left him with rashes. The wipes come out of the pack quite easily and keep their moisture well due to the resealable plastic cover and plastic lid.

Samantha: Let's be honest Aldi wins at most things and their wipes have always been excellent from the first time I started using them! They are extremely convenient and stay wet right until the very end of the pack. The only thing I struggle with with all wipes is pulling more out than I need each time. If there was some way this could be fixed then it would be perfect. But as far as wipes go Aldi are the best.

Lesley: The packaging is really useful as it can be closed over and keeps the moisture much better than other wipe brands with just the stick-close lid. There is a good number of wipes in the pack and the wipes are also a good size. They are cheap and easy to stock up on. Useful for nappy changes or sticky fingers

Alexandra: I would recommend the Mamia Fragranced Baby Wipes for one main reason – they are such good value for money! They are one-fifth of the price of the premium wipes but are still strong and smell great. At this price, you don’t need to worry about using a few extra wipes to make sure everything and everybody’s clean. With the resealable lid, at this price you can keep spare packs everywhere they might be needed – particularly in the car for ice cream faces after a day out!

Swati: Most mothers go through a lot of wipes! The price point and quality of these wipes are amazing and I thoroughly recommend them. They are significantly cheaper than other wipes whilst being of fantastic quality. The lift-open lid means the wipes don’t dry out and are easy to access with one hand!

Sarah: I would recommend the fragranced baby wipes 64pk- Mamia on the grounds that they are affordable, work very well and are sensitive to skin. My baby's skin has not been affected. I feel i save on going through lots as one or two are enough at one time. The packs come in travel size which is great for your bag and handy for going away for a short break.

Final thoughts

Jamila: Personally I would choose the Mamia wipes without the perfume and I feel like the smell is just too strong for me however, with regards to quality and value for money I would definitely recommend it. The wipe is quite thick compared to some on the market and that makes it more appealing to some parents like myself.

Alexandra: To be honest, I just would not use fragranced wipes on tiny babies but as soon as they are over one year old these are the wipes for me. with a resealable pack, a great fragrance and wipes which are thicker than most would be enough However, when you consider the price then they are unbeatable – well done Aldi! The one thing I would change would be a bulk buy option. My family gets through a lot of wipes in a week so a multi-pack option would be most useful. Maybe a bigger pack would be an idea but the current size does fit easily into the baby bag, car door or anywhere they are needed Basically wouldn’t change a thing!

Samantha: Due to their size and ease and the fact that they don't dry out. I would even recommend the fragranced ones knowing that they are still safe even for the most sensitive of babies. I believe this product should win and I prefer these wipes over any that I have ever used. They could even go to the point of making them slightly smaller again and they would still be just as good. Less waste is always much better.

Lesley: I would change the fragrance! I'm not a fan of fragranced wipes anyway but this smell of these is particularly nauseating which is disappointing given I love the wipes in every other aspect and the sensitive version are my go to wipe of choice. However some people like a fragranced option and I am likely in the minority who don't like the smell of these.

Swati: They are mildly fragranced but I would prefer them not to be. It just means less chemicals for my child. They could also be a little more moist. This would make Them absolutely perfect. Having said that they are fantastic wipes and I will still use them as the quality is excellent. Love them.

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