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This lightweight, quilted backpack changing bag offers hands-free convenience and special packing cubes for baby's essentials. The spacious interior has room to tote everything from snacks to spare outfits and the extra wide opening makes it easy to find essentials in a pinch. The front compartment includes 2 multi-purpose packing cubes and allows for extra storage. Everything stays in reach with elasticized interior pockets and insulated side bottle pockets. The bag includes padded pockets which perform double-duty, acting as a laptop holder when traveling. With the Forma backpack, function meets fashion to take you from birth to toddlerhood and beyond in style.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Henny: Being a rucksack it is easy to carry and leaves your arms free to deal with baby. There are lots of pockets which is great for organising all the bits you need. The two separate little bags that sit in the front pocket are handy for little bits and bobs (calpol, plasters etc…). I also use the phone holder in the front pocket so I know where my phone is and it easily accommodates my large phone. The navy blue and brown colours makes the bag unisex so my husband happily carries it, although the slightly shiny finish to the bag makes it a little more feminine – which might appeal to some mums.

Rachel: Lots of space for all essential baby bits and pieces. Really easy access to main compartment, making it easy to get at things when you need them quickly. Storage cubes are an additional bonus and help keep everything neat and tidy. The pocket at the front is ideal for phone and keys so they don’t get lost amongst the baby stuff! A insulated pocket for bottles/snacks is all it’s missing.

Jessica: This backpack has so much space for everything I need to carry. I especially like the front pocket that fits my purse and keys in perfectly, there is even a pouch for my mobile phone. It may sound like a small thing but my changing bag I had before did not have this and I was always rummaging to the bottom to find my keys. It has two separate pouches, one is insulated for a bottle. I exclusively breastfeed so this was not needed but it can be taken out of the bag too so I used the extra room to hold other items. I liked the fact that it has side pockets on the bag too. I kept my brolly in one side and bottle of water and face mask in the other side. Especially in these times it was so handy to be able to just pull out my mask from the side pocket. It clips super easy to the pram without having to have any additional straps like my current bag so it means I can clip it on to anything ie shopping trolley.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Melanie: This changing bag is fantastic! It is very lightweight. It squashes down so it easily fits in the footwell of the car when we are going out. It comes with a padded changing mat that slips inside the back pocket in the main compartment. The side pockets easily fit my water bottle. The milk for the babies stays cool in the designated pouch. The large zip around the main compartment makes everything easily accessible so you are not digging around for something at the bottom of the bag when you need something quickly!

Laura J: I think the bag looks nice and is surprisingly lightweight. It also states that it is waterproof which is a bonus if you are out and about. It can hang on the handle of the pram using clips on the carry straps which is really handy and means not having to carry it around on your back if you don’t want to. It is also easy to access and has easy to reach pockets so that you aren’t struggling to find what you need. I like the matching changing mat and the matching storage cubes that can be removed if you wanted more space in the front pocket.

Laura M: I would recommend this bag for its practicality. It is big but very lightweight which means it is not as strenuous on the back or shoulders. It also had clips attached to the straps which means it can easily be attached to a buggy. I have found this particularly useful when my back has been aching. It is also a lovely design and has a wipe clean material!

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Clare: I think I would choose this over others on the market. The bag is really good quality and stylish. Plus it's really versatile - I have actually used it to take to work, neatly packed in my gym kit, laptop and away I went. All of the pockets make the bag really easy to organise and locate items when your panicking your way through an explosive nappy change.

Michelle: Yes I absolutely would. It makes life so much easier on so many levels. It’s big, it has many useful features and it looks trendy and fashionable. I really like the blue and rose gold colouring. The pockets stretch so you can put lots in them but the bag is big anyway and will hold a lot. The zips are durable and won’t easily break. The stroller straps are a real plus for me, I can securely attach the bag to my pram without having to worry.

Henny: I think the quality of the bag is superior to others on the market which would make me choose it over another bag. However, that is something you would only appreciate in person, which may not be picked up on if I was shopping online. I like the navy blue colour, however I would more likely choose it if it were grey as it would match our pram system better.

What changes would you make to this product?

Rachel: An insulated pocket for a bottle or snacks would be really useful, especially for longer trips from home. It would be nice if it were available in different colours or patterns, although the navy is very nice and classic. It is a little expensive compared to some other similar products but I don’t think that would stop me from buying as it is such good quality.

Jessica: The changing mat is smaller than my current bag which I wasn't too keen on. I would prefer the mat to be slightly bigger and wider. A bigger mat also makes it easier for those occasions where you have to change the nappy in the car, it covers more of the seat. This small one was a nightmare for that! Also, my little girl had a poo explosion which got on the mat and it has stained, I cleaned with anti-bac wipes but it still is visible. Not easy to clean it off.

Melanie: There is really not much that I would change about this bag. It is brilliant! If I had to choose one thing, I think that the pram clips could be made thicker and sturdier. If the pram clips were adjustable then we could choose how the bag hangs off the pram. I think I would personally choose to have the bag a bit higher up.

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