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If your little one is a fan of Disney toys then you may be partial to a Disney changing bag to pop all their essentials in too. This one has plenty of room, two front pockets for extra storage and features the Disney characters Bambi, Thumper and Marie. It was awarded Silver in our 2023 Mother&Baby Awards for Best Baby Changing Bag, find out what our parent testers thought when they tried it out.

Disney Baby Changing Backpack overview


• D-rings to attach to your stroller

• Plenty of compartment space, including two front pockets and elasticated side pockets for water bottles

• Child-friendly print

• Padded back and shoulder straps for comfort when carrying


• Expensive

• No changing mat

Testing the Disney Baby Changing Backpack

Many of our parent testers had a pleasant experience using this baby changing bag. They found it comfortable to carry around, with plenty of storage space for their baby essentials. "The design of the bag is lovely, very eye catching and my kids were so happy with it too," said mum tester Evelyn. "The quality is also outstanding. I have three kids and, surprisingly, the bag is spacious enough to fit all I needed for them on our walks and outings. The bag is being used on a daily basis as it is really handy with all the extra pockets."

Mum tester Chloe was also very happy using it: "Absolutely love this changing bag," she said. "It's spacious and can fit all the baby things in we need. The fact that it is a backpack makes it so much easier as I can just put it on my back when I need to carry my daughter and son. Love the design on the outside of the bag with all Disney characters too. We've had many complements on this bag. I've struggled to find a bag with space in the past, but this bag has tons of space and different compartments making it so much more spacious."

Baby changing bag Disney

For some of our parent testers, however, there just weren't enough compartment pockets, while others were slightly disappointed that there was no changing mat or a bottle warmer pocket. Despite this, all of our parent testers were in agreement that the bag was of great quality. "The fabric of this bag feels durable and of good quality," said Chloe. "It feels very well made and is comfortable to wear. The print on the bag is beautiful, I can see why they have chosen this for a gender neutral feel." Mum tester Kate was also in agreement saying "the build quality is excellent".

The price point also came up in discussion with our mum testers, especially as some felt the backpack didn't offer enough baby changing features and was more like a regular backpack.

Final thoughts

If you (or your little one) loves Disney and you're in need of a baby changing backpack, then this one could be a possible contender. As well as its attractive print, it's spacious in size, has a elasticated pocket on the side for a water bottle, two zip compartment pockets and a compartment inside the bag. Many of our mum testers thought it was big enough for up to three kids different essentials. However, it's important to consider this backpack doesn't have as many features as other baby changing bags on the market. If you're looking for a baby changing bag that keeps things super organised with multiple compartments, a bottle warmer pocket and a changing mat, then this backpack probably isn't for you. However, if these aren't deal breakers

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