MAM Manual Breast Pump review

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MAM Manual Breast Pump

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Finding the best breast pump for you can feel overwhelming, with so many to choose from on the market, but our trusted reviews should make the process easier.

MAM has developed this manual breast pump with real attention to detail and it can be adapted to your individual needs. MAM say there are three reasons why expressing milk with the manual breast pump is very pleasant and simple: the suction controller, the adjustable funnel with soft breast pads and the general ease of use. The manual breast pump consists of just four parts making it quick and easy to assemble and clean.


  • one size fits all soft funnel
  • quiet pumping
  • milk is expressed directly into the bottle 


  • Pricey for a manual pump
  • Only 4 parts - easy to assemble and clean
  • Individually adjustable funnel and suction intensity - for comfortable expression
  • Incl. 1 innovative MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic bottle
  • Suitable from birth

Testing the MAM manual pump

How did this product make your life easier?

Eleanor: This product is so simple to assemble and sterilise, being a MAM product the bottles can self sterilise in the microwave and the remaining parts are lovely and complacent so can be put in a small Tupperware to sterilise with Milton. The pump itself is very quick to assemble without lots of fiddly parts which is exactly what you need when you are a sleep-deprived mum.

Danella: This product made my life so much easier when I had my newborn. I found it so easy to set up and use the manual pump. I could express and save the milk for feeds to share with my husband as I wanted my baby to have only breast milk. So using this manual pump was brilliant as he could feed our daughter abs I could express my excess milk.

Abigail: This product is really compact and is super easy to travel with. I recently had a hospital stay without my small exclusively breastfed baby and I was able to fit this nicely in my bag and it was also easy to fit into a small microwave sterilising bag so I could get the nurses to sterilise regularly for me.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Carla: I would recommend this product as it is comfortable on the breast. The MAM pump has a lovely design. The funnel is very soft and doesn't cause any marks on the skin. It is quite small so can fit in your bag if needed to pump on the go/at work. The parts can be taken apart so can be sterilised easily.

Eleanor: I would recommend this to a friend mainly due to cost, it’s a really well priced manual pump, and the ability to upgrade it to an electric pump using the additional kit is a brilliant idea as manual pumping isn’t for everyone and saves having to buy a fully new pump. The MAM pump connects straight to the MAM bottles which again, makes for very easy milk storage.

Danella: I would definitely recommend this product and I found it brilliant value for money. It worked effectively and efficiently. It was kind to my skin and did not hurt at all whilst pumping. It was brilliant at collecting the milk as it went straight into the bottle to give my baby and there was no messing around with the milk. I could express and give it straight away.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Hannah: I would choose this product above others as it is a respected and popular brand. Easily accessible. Can buy extra bottles etc for the pump. Easy to clean. One size fits all funnel which is useful as it is unclear to know which funnel would suit your ever-changing breast. BPA/BPS-free. Attractive to look at. Easy to assemble.

Abigail: Yes I would choose this over others on the market because the price is really competitive, and it is very effective. I am able to get good amounts of milk in a relatively short space of time, without getting sore hands which is fairly common with manual pumps. It is very easy to clean and compact to store and to travel with.

Eleanor: I would choose this mostly due to cost and brand. I have used MAM products for years due to the quality and practicality of their products. They’re really well thought out for busy, tired mums on the move. The pump is very user friendly and effective which not all manual pumps are. It’s small enough to hide in your baby bag and quick and easy to wash.

What changes would you make to this product?

Carla: If I could change one thing about the MAM product, it would have to be the strength of the suction. I think to improve the suction, there needs to be a stronger seal around the breast from the comfort part of the funnel. It also might be the movable pump section the needs looking at too to improve the suction there.

Danella: The one thing I would recommend to improve about this product is the way you had to clean it. I found it tricky taking it apart and figuring out how to put it back together again. Once I did this a couple of times I was confident in using it and cleaning it with no problem. Maybe it could come with a cleaning essentials kit.

Abigail: The colour is not my favourite I would definitely be happier if I were able to choose the colour eg pink instead of green. I would also really like it if there was a way to make the whole thing 'self-sterilising' like the bottles, also it fits well into a microwave sterilising bag it would be nice if it either came with one of these or didn't require one.

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