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Lansinoh Smart Pump double

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On the hunt for the best breast pump to suit you and your baby? The SmartPump 2.0 Double Electric Breast Pump is fully customisable with three pumping styles, eight suction levels, two breast cushion sizes and is said to be the quietest Lansinoh pump yet. This electric breast pump saves your previous pumping session which saves time for mum when she next expresses and is portable using six AA batteries.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

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How did this product make your life easier?

Katie: I love this pump after only having a single pump when I had my daughter it meant that pumping sessions at my stage of breastfeeding with my second child are quicker and therefore give me more time to get back to everything else! In the longer term, it will mean that the time between sessions can be longer and as an exclusively pumping mum I know that will enable me to continue longer.

Laura: This pump is super quiet so didn't wake up my baby when pumping beside him. I loved being able to connect to Bluetooth and keep a track of your expressed milk, feeds, nappy changes and water intake. It's lightweight, portable and has hospital strength suction which I didn't find uncomfortable or that it dug into my skin which my other ones does.

Samantha: This breast pump is great! It was super easy to put together and not too many parts to take apart to clean, the pump itself is quiet and discreet and I managed to express enough for a full feed in less than ten minutes each time which is a massive selling point for a busy mum of three like myself. I exclusively breastfeed but the pump is great to have to hand to express milk for my partner to feed the baby and to ease pressure from any excess milk. The app is a great feature if you wish to track when you last expressed and when you need to express again along with other really handy features.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Victoria: I would recommend this breast pump to other mums, the breast pump is very light and compact therefore discreet to use. It is very quiet which makes a huge difference when pumping! I also found the breast pump to be very comfortable and didn’t hurt me whilst expressing. The pump itself is very user friendly, the memory function is a great feature as it means not having to reset the pump each time you use it. The breast pump parts are very easy to clean and come apart completely to ensure that all components can be thoroughly cleaned between uses. The pump comes with a bag which makes it very easy to transport the pump discreetly.

Rebecca: I found this easy to use, comfortable, easy to clean and easily portable. Pumping is time-consuming and for those mothers who are unable to breastfeed and solely pump they need something that will help them pump as much milk in as little time as possible. I found that this product expressed a satisfactory amount of milk in the time it takes to pump. It is easy to pull apart and easy to put back together after sterilising.

Katie: I would definitely recommend this product it's quiet, easy to use very effective in getting every drop of milk and all whilst being, for me at least, very gentle. I had no personal discomfort when using the pumps even on the highest setting which with my other pump I have had to reduce the power settings at times

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Samantha: I will definitely continue to use this breast pump over other brands that I've used previously I definitely think it's worth the price and you get everything you need in the box along with a handy bag for storage and carrying around when travelling. The pump can be used using the mains plug but you can also use batteries when travelling which is another added great feature. The pump has hospital-grade suction but with a very competitive price for a double pump with accessories.

Katie: I would buy this over other models due to a lot of the features exclusive to this model. I love that it's hospital grade power, that it links to your phone for ease of tracking sessions so you don’t have to keep separate records of this information as well as being able to add in other information that saves your brainpower. It’s also a small enough pump to be able to easily transport and discreetly use! Plus all the extras cooler bags, storage bags breast cushion pads all make it very luxurious.

Victoria: I would definitely choose this product to win, it is so comfortable to use and compared to other brands my milk output increased substantially. I love that the breast pump can be used either by a battery or mains power making it very mum friendly for those days that you need to be on the move. I love the accessories that come with the breast pump like the cool bag to transport expressed milk.

What changes would you make to this product?

Rebecca: To improve this product I’d like to see it come with a bra to hold the lightweight bottles. I would also like to see it come with rechargeable batteries. I would also like to see Lansinoh create a pump that fits in your bra without the wire attached. I have one of these and it means I am free to play with my baby or do the cooking etc.

Samantha: The only thing I would change about this breast pump is possibly the option to have more flange sizes but other than that I couldn't fault anything else. I will definitely continue to use this breast pump in the future I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anybody else. The quality is great, it does everything you require from a breast pump discreetly and comfortably and the price is reasonable for what you get.

Katie: There really isn't anything that I would change about this product in its design or how to use it. I think it's pretty perfect. The only thing is probably price point. It's an exceptional bit of kit but it is expensive and I think if mums are hoping to directly breastfeed the price of this unit for what would hopefully be occasional use is quite high. However, in my case neither of my babies have been able to directly feed yet I have wanted them to have breastmilk its been a great investment and has enabled me to provide them with the milk I have chosen for as long as I have wanted to.

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