The best wooden toys for children

The best wooden toys for children

by Samantha Ball |
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Wooden toys are becoming popular once more, with their traditional look and ability to withstand toddler temperaments. Why not take a look at our selection of wooden toys that your little ones will love?

They're also eco-friendly, preventing that pile of plastic toys growing ever higher.

Shopping for toys can be difficult, especially when you don't know what will break within 10 minutes of play and what will cope with the tumbles and throws of a little one. From wooden cars to interactive play sets, we've found a selection of toys that are perfect for children, and will help to encourage their imagination and motor-skills.

Take a look at our wooden toy best-buys for children:

1. Click Clack Racing Track with 6 Cars



This high quality wooden track will provide years of fun for your little one. Watch them race the


The Muro Mini Pack includes a plywood board that can be used as a stand-alone toy in any room, or


Fulfill your child's role-play dreams of being a doctor (and testing your heart rate with their

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