10 Bluey toys your child will love now they’ve watched the ‘Surprise’ last episode

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If your little one is as obsessed with Bluey as we are, then they will love these Bluey toys. The little Heeler pup has sprung into our lives and children have become obsessed, and it's even better that there are so many Bluey children's toys so that they can continue the magic of play with their favourite TV character.

Children learn a lot through play and sometimes will be more encouraged to develop new skills if they're playing with something that interests them, so investing in toys of their favourite TV character can be helpful!

Best Bluey toys at a glance 2024:

Best Heeler home Bluey toys: Bluey Heeler Family Home Play Set - buy here on Amazon.
Best Bluey toys plush: Best Mate Bluey Extra Large - buy here on Amazon.
Best wooden Bluey toys: Bluey Gnome Village - buy here on Very.

From cuddly plush dolls to playsets inspired by the toys in the show, there are Bluey toys for all different age groups and they make great birthday or Christmas gifts for your toddler!

How we chose and tested the best Bluey toys for children

We chose the best Bluey toys based on what our own children love to play with at home, as well as real mum reviews. You can find out more about how we test products for Mother&Baby.

Best Heeler home Bluey toys


Bluey Heeler Family Home Play SetAmazon
Price: $86.50
Alternative retailers
Walmart$78.89View offer

The Bluey Heeler Family Home Play Set features four popular rooms from the series, including the kitchen, bathroom, kids room and lounge. It comes with different accessories for each room too, and while it comes with a little Bluey figure, the rest of the family are sold separately.

Some parents mentioned that the play set "folds away and the furniture all fits inside the house" which has made it easier for them to keep everything together. Some customers have mentioned that it's been a "huge hit" with their littles one, and they "play with it for a long time."


  • Folds away with furniture inside
  • Has a carry handle on the roof
  • Furniture accessories are included


  • Only one character figure included
  • The decorations are stickers and could be peeled off
Dimensions:44.45 x 12.55 x 28.75cm
Suitable for ages:36 months to 6 years
  • 1 x Bluey figure
  • 1 x play house
  • 2 x beds
  • 2 x stools
  • 1 x dining room counter
  • 1 x fridge
  • 2 x sofas
  • 1 x bathtub
  • 1 x toilet

Best plush Bluey toys

Best Bluey toys Best Mate Bluey Extra LargeAmazon

Rrp: $31.97

Price: $24.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$29.08View offer

The Bluey Best Mate Extra Large will truly be your tots best mate. It's a lovely, large plush that's made from soft, deluxe fabrics, with one grandparent saying that "it's well made and very true to likeness." It's suitable for children from the age of three years old and is easy for them to carry. You can also get the Bingo version of the Best Mate cuddly.


  • It's true to likeness of the character
  • Soft and cuddly for children


  • Not suitable for children under the age of three years
Suitable for ages:3+ years
  • Large
  • Soft and cuddly

Best Bingo Bluey soft toy

Bluey Friends Plush Bingo Soft ToyThe Entertainer

An ideal size for children, the Bluey Friends Plush Bingo Soft Toy is "easy to carry around" according to one parent, and is also "loved" by their daughter. While most parents have said that they think the size is great, some have wished that it was a little bit bigger.

It's made from durable materials, so it can withstand toddler-play. We love that you can collect the whole Bluey gang as well.


  • Soft to touch
  • A good size for your children to hold


  • It's not suitable for children under three
Dimensions:22.9 x 10.08 x 11.4cm
Suitable for ages:3+ years
  • Soft fabrics
  • Detailed stitching

Best wooden Bluey toys

Best Bluey toys Bluey Gnome VillageVery

This fun Bluey Gnome Village comes with trees, stacking hills, clock tower and log homes. It's inspired by the gnome village in the Bluey series, which some parents couldn't "believe it's real" as their children can now play with it themselves. It's a great toy for children to use their imaginations as they design their very own village.

It's also made from wood, meaning the parents found that the pieces are "solid and of good quality," so that they will last a lot longer than some plastic alternatives. If you are looking for toys that can be found in the TV series, the Keepy Uppy game is also a good purchase for children.


  • Inspired by the gnome village in the show
  • Endless ways to play


  • Doesn't come with storage
Dimensions:11 x 31 x 44.5cm
Suitable for ages:3+ years
  • Floor pieces
  • Trees
  • Vehicles
  • Village figures

Best Bluey laptop toy

Parents have found the Bluey Game Time Laptop a "great learning toy" for their children, and also a great way to keep them entertained for hours. It has 10 interactive games that not only encourage an interest in learning, but also encourage problem solving too.

The games are inspired from episodes from the TV series, and has five different modes.


  • Includes Bluey and Bingo voices
  • Encourages learning and problem solving skills
  • Easy to use


  • Young children might need a grown-ups help
Dimensions:29 x 33.8 x 3cm
Suitable for ages:3+ years
Batteries required:2 x AA
  • 10 x games
  • 5 x modes
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • LCD screen
  • Click-tick track pad
  • 1 to 10 numbers

Best Bluey bath toy

A fun bath toy for toddlers, the Tomy Swimming Bluey Bath Toy encourages children to enjoy bath time, with one parent finding that it creates "hours" of fun for their child. It's easy to use with a "super cute" seahorse pull-string, which a few mums commented on being easy to use.

The Bluey bath toy can swim on its front and back, and parents were "surprised" with how big it was for a bath toy, which was a welcome surprise. However, it is important to make sure the toy is dried out properly and cleaned regularly to prevent mould build up.


  • Can be used on its front or back
  • Easy to use pull-string mechanism
  • Encourages fun at bath time


  • Will need drying thoroughly to avoid mould build up
Dimensions:16 x 20 x 17cm
Suitable for ages:18+ months
  • Pull-string mechanism
  • Front crawls and backstrokes

Best Bluey campervan toys


Best Bluey toys Bluey's Caravan Adventures PlaysetAmazon
Price: $48.17
Alternative retailers
Walmart$47.30View offer

The Bluey's Caravan Adventures Playset is loaded with features such as the fold down beds and opening doors. There’s plenty of room for the whole Bluey family, and even character Jean-Luc.

Parents loved that the camper easily hooks up to the family's car set too, so it is "worth" buying the Heeler Family Car too. A few parents and grandparents that the sticker sheet is a "great idea" as they reflect elements from the show, and children can place them where they want.


  • Comes with Jean-Luc
  • Sticker sheet to decorate


  • Caravan can be tricky for smaller children to open
Dimensions:30 x 11 x 16cm
Suitable for ages:36 months to 6 years
  • 1 x Jean-Luc figure
  • 2 x seats
  • 1 x table
  • 1 x campfire
  • 1 x sticker sheet

Best Bluey toys game


The Keepy Uppy Game is inspired by the game that characters Bluey and Bingo play in the TV series. The idea is to keep the balloon from touching the flooring, and one parent said because the game is quick, "it keeps her attention and is super fun."

It's suitable for two to three players, with easy rules to follow, which is ideal for younger children. If your balloon hits a hedge, you lose a 'pop' token. Parents have found it to be a great game for their children.


  • Easy to follow rules
  • Can be played with two to three players


  • Children under four years old might struggle with the game
Dimensions:Boxed: 26.7 x 26.7 x 7.7cm
Suitable for ages:4+ years
Batteries required:2 x AA
  • 2 or more players
  • 1 x motorised Keepy Uppy Balloon
  • 3 x character paddles
  • 9 x pop tokens

Best Bluey toys figures

Bring the fun and imaginative play with Bluey's Family and Friends Figure 8-Pack. It includes Bluey's family members, including Socks. Some parents were disappointed that it didn't include cousin Muffin, however it does include Bluey's friends Honey, Socks, Chloe and Indy.

One parent said that the figures were "well made" and "accurately designed", which makes them more recognisable to tots. The play figures are also compatible with the play sets too.


  • 4 x friends included
  • The characters can be sat down
  • Can be used with playsets


  • Doesn't include cousin Muffin, just Socks
Dimensions:8.3 x 5.3 x 5.2cm
Suitable for ages:3+ years
  • 4 x family members
  • 4 x friends
  • Adjustable legs

Best Bluey toys car

Bluey Heeler Family Vehicle with Bandit FigureThe Entertainer
Alternative retailers
Macy's$29.99View offer

The Bluey Heeler Family Vehicle with Bandit Figure comes with two surfboards that attach to the roof of the car, and it also has a hook so you can connect the Camper Van playset too.

Parents found it to be "great value for money" and "durable" too. They were pleased that it could also fit all the family members inside the vehicle too, however these need to be bought separately.


  • Looks like Bobo from the TV show
  • Can attach the camper van set
  • Figures can be sat inside


  • It doesn't come with the whole Heeler family
Suitable for ages:3+ years
  • 1 x Bandit figure
  • 1 x car
  • 1 x surfboard rack
  • 2 x surfboards

What is Bluey?

If you haven't heard about Bluey you really are missing out. The show Bluey, which is also a huge hit with parents, follows a loveable seven-year-old Blue Heeler pup, Bluey, who lives with her mum Chilli, dad Bandit, and her four-year-old sister, Bingo.

Through everyday life, Bluey has fun adventures with her family in unpredictable and hilarious ways, celebrating everyday moments such as going to a restaurant or catching a bus. Quickly, these ordinary experiences turn into extraordinary imagination-packed adventures!

Who are the main characters of Bluey?





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