Here’s all you need to know about the new ‘Bluey Minisodes’

Bluey Bingo and Chilli Heeler in a Bluey Minisode announcement

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We've only just got over the end of Bluey series three with the 'Surprise' episode, so hearing that there are new episodes of Bluey, or 'Bluey Minisodes' set to be released, you can imagine the sigh a relief from parents.

While there's no confirmation of a Bluey season 4 on the horizon, this week BBC Studios revealed that 20 new Bluey Minisodes will be coming to our screens, and they'll be available to watch sooner than you think! So grab your favourite Bluey toys and get ready to indulge in a Bluey filled summer with your little one!

What are the Bluey Minisodes about?

The collection of 20 Bluey Minisodes will range from one to three minutes in length, and will feature Bluey and Bingo in some sweet and funny moments.

With some new characters making their debut appearance in the new Bluey Minisodes, creators have also reassured that fan favourites, such as Unicorse and Nana, will be starring in them as well.

Managing Director of BBC Studios Kids & Family, Cecilia Persson said: "The Minisodes were created to dive deeper into the wonderful world and characters of Bluey."

The Minisodes also aim to continue highlighting games and cultural references that fans have loved to see throughout the last three seasons.

When will the new Bluey episodes come out?

While the first batch of the Bluey Minisodes will air in June for people in Australia, UK audiences will have to wait a little bit longer. The new Bluey episodes will be available to watch this July on Disney Jr. and Disney+.

Bluey and Bingo in the Minisode 'Lollipop' ©Official Bluey / Ludo Studios

What is Bluey about?

If you've never heard of the show before, Bluey began in 2018 and follows the life of a six-year-old Heeler pup called Bluey. The Australian children's cartoon follows Bluey, her family and friends through every day life in a way that children and parents both equally adore.

The show has managed to win the hearts of millions of parents and their little ones from around the world. It captures the energy and innocence of children, while also shedding light on a lot of subjects that resonate with parents, such as not feeling good enough as a parent, parental burnout and so much more.

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