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The Heeler family are back with a surprise new episode of Bluey, which was released a week after the emotional 28 minute episode 'The Sign', that was thought to be the season finale.

Calling the new episode 'Surprise', we got a sneak preview into the future of the TV characters, whilst it also put to rest some rumours about the show ending.

But it's not just children who have been happy to have the blue heeler back on their screens. Parents have also taken to social media to express their excitement and how they felt about the show and the emotional rollercoaster they've been taken on over the last three seasons.

What is Bluey about and why do parents love it?

While children love the blue Heeler pup and her sister Bingo for their loveable characteristics, parents have found themselves relating to episode topics and the parents, Bandit and Chilli.

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If you haven't watched Bluey yet, then you really need to! It feels a lot more than a toddler friendly kids show, with parental humour, relatable moments and even times where it makes you cry.

The series follows the two heeler pup sisters and their parents, along with their family and friends, with simple episodes such as the excitement of trying to keep a balloon in the air or covering the rules of pass the parcel.

We've seen the family play musical statues when they're all feeling out of sync, to help them refocus and even the frustrations of one of the parents trying to get children out the front door on time.

Bluey really is a comfort to parents and the voice that they need to hear to remind them that they're not alone when it comes to parenting.

What is the 'Surprise' episode about?

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After deciding that they weren't going to sell their family home, Bluey asks her mum what it's like to have children and she struggles to explain. The dad, Bandit can be seen trying to sneak into the kitchen without being spotted, so he can get back to watching a show on the TV, but he's caught by younger sister Bingo who asks him to play a game.

Bluey then asks her dad to play a game with her as well, and Bandit finds himself playing two different games with the children. While he's babysitting Bingo's children, Bluey chases him with a tennis ball machine, and eventually he trips and falls, while Bluey continues to fire the tennis balls at her dad. Chilli then exclaims: "THAT'S what having kids is like."

The show did a brilliant job at explaining just what being a parent is: fun, but also exhausting and chaotic.

But the Bluey 'Surprise' ending has sparked a lot more questions about the show, with fans wondering if the little pup we see at the end is Bluey's and if so, who is the father?

Fans have taken to social media to discuss whether Bluey and black and white Border Collie Mackenzie have a baby, with some even speculating that it's Jean Luc's, who we first met in Season one's episode 'Camping'.

Is Bluey ending?

While season three of Bluey has come to an end, there have been speculations from fans of the show wondering if this is the end of Bluey altogether. The creators confirmed that while they're taking a break from the show, it's definitely not ending anytime soon - which we're not afraid to say is a huge relief - what would we do without Bluey?! For now, we'll have to settle for our tots enjoying playing with some of the best Bluey toys.

What are Bluey long dogs?

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In some of the episodes, the creators have hidden little long dogs, also known as dachshunds, in scenes. They're usually amongst toys or blended into furniture and are quite small, but it's a fun game to try and spot the long dog in the episode.

Where to watch Bluey

Bluey is available to watch in the UK on Disney+, CBeebies and BBC iPlayer.

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