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SnüzPod Studio

by Clare Mullooly |
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When it comes to the world of next-to-me cots and bedside cribs, Snüz is a brand that parents everywhere are familiar with, most notably for its best-selling SnüzPod. Now the brand is back with a new "one-piece lifestyle bedside crib created for the modern parent", the stylish SnüzPod Studio.

Designed to seamlessly fit into the hustle and bustle of daily life, SnüzPod Studio keeps your baby close for easy feeding and bedtime dreaming. With its lightweight design and castors for easy movement around the room, this bedside crib offers ultimate portability.

Featuring 6 height settings to accommodate various bed configurations, along with essential features like comfort incline and a 3D breathable mattress, SnüzPod Studio prioritises comfort just like its predecessor.

Scroll down to find out how mum-to-be Clare got on with the brand new SnüzPod Studio...

SnüzPod StudioSnuz
Price: £149


  • 6 height positions
  • Easy to put together
  • Comes in different colours


  • No extra features like storage shelf or being a rocker
Suitable from:birth to approximately 6 months
Dimensions:L99 x W59 x H79 (maximum height
Materials:Wooden Frame: Beech faced plywood and solid beech
  • SnüzPod Studio complies with BS EN 1130:2019
  • Included: Bed attachment system straps (fits divan, ottoman and framed beds), Breathable mattress and the perfect fit for SnüzPod Studio (44 x 80 x 3cm).
  • Mattress complies with BS EN 16890:2017 + A1:2021

Testing the SnüzPod Studio

"I’m currently expecting my first baby in Spring, and a bedside crib sounded like an ideal sleeping arrangement for me and baby – being able to feed and check on them without getting out of bed in the night, and baby feeling comforted that I’m right next to her.

I opted for the SnüzPod Studio Bedside Crib for its lightweight design and the freedom to either attach the crib to our bed frame, or for it stand independently near our bed. I was excited to get started and see how the simple yet stylish crib came together.


The SnüzPod arrived flatpack and my partner and I got to work. Instructions were easy to follow and it was a bonus that no extra tools were required, apart from a tape measure to get the height dimensions of our bed and mattress. However, we soon found that some of the parts looked similar and my partner commented it was the first flatpack he had done which didn’t have stickers on the parts with corresponding numbers to the instructions. We felt it would have made the whole process easier as we spent a lot of time studying the pictures to comprehend if we were using the correct part.

SnuzPod studio
©Clare Mullooly

However, once we were confident we were using the correct parts, it was easy to put together and a crib soon appeared right before our eyes!

Design and build

The SnüzPod Studio is available in seven ‘urban inspired’ colours. We opted for Brooklyn Graphite as it was a similar colour to our bedside tables. The solid beech wood and plywood frame felt sturdy and secure, and I liked the fact that the material of the crib seemed high quality, and that it would last.

The crib fitted snuggly next to the side of my bed, and didn’t seem to take up a lot of room, allowing space for us to walk around it comfortably. It's worth noting that the style of the SnüzPod Studio is quite modern and simplistic and as such, doesn’t have any extra features like a shelf for storage or a rocking feature, like some other cribs - including the original SnüzPod itself.

Snüzpod Studio
©Clare Mullooly

The key features

There are six different height positions for the Snüzpod, which gave us confidence that it would safely fit along the height of our mattress. We used a tape measure to get the height dimensions of our bed and mattress to find out the correct setting. However, a downside was that if we needed to adjust the height again for any reason, we wouldn’t be able to do so without first manually taking the bolts out, and therefore essentially taking the crib apart.

Snuzpod Studio
©Clare Mullooly

We liked the zip-down mesh wall, which would allow us to see our baby at all times and reassuring to know it will keep our little one cool throughout the night. The crib can easily switch between bedside and standalone crib, but we plan to keep it as a bedside crib.

The crib has the useful feature of setting it to a comfort incline – but only when in a stand-alone position – which we imagine we will use if our baby suffers from reflux.

SnuzPod Studio
©Clare Mullooly


The casters on the legs make it easy to manoeuvre, but it is not practical to transport downstairs or in the car. For that reason, we are planning to keep the crib upstairs and have a Moses basket downstairs.

The SnüzPod Studio Bedside Crib feels like a sturdy, stylish and practical no-frills crib for parents. We are looking forward to putting it to good use once baby arrives!"


SnüzPod Studio FAQ

Will the SnüzPod Studio fit my bed?

According to Snüz, the SnüzPod Studio is designed to fit divan, ottoman and framed bed bases. It's suitable for beds where the top surface of the adult mattress is level with the top of the zip-down wall of the SnüzPod Studio, up to a maximum height of 70.5cm from the floor.

What colours is the SnüzPod Studio available in?

SnüzPod Studio is available in a collection of 7 urban-inspired colours to complement any interior from Paris White, to Stockholm Natural, Rome Burgundy to Brooklyn Graphite.

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