Best toddler football kits for your little champion

Best toddler football kits

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Is your little one barely out of the womb and already interested in football and scoring goals? We hate to break it to you, but it looks like you're in for a lifetime of Sunday kick-offs and screaming at the TV. So, you'll need to get them kitted out with the best toddler football kits.

Jokes aside, getting your little one involved in sports and activities from a young age is a great way to improve their motor skills and promote self-esteem. If your aspiring athlete is too young to play the game just yet, we're sure that they'll still enjoy cheering on the family's favourite team and singing along to the national anthem.

Editor's Choice:
Best England kit: Nike England Home Minikit - Buy now from Sports Direct
Best away kit: England 2022/23 Away Younger Kids' Football Kit - Buy now from Nike
Best for Man U fans: Adidas Manchester United Home Mini Kit 2022 2023 - Buy now from Sports Direct
Best for The Blue Army: Nike Chelsea Home Mini Kit 2022 2023 - Buy now from Sports Direct

So, whether they're already kicking a ball around or simply admiring from afar, your tot will feel the part and take pride in their new hobby with a football kit. No matter what team they support, we've made a list of the best toddler football kits that'll make your little one's day.

If your little one is still small, you may want to purchase them one of the best baby football kits for mini sports fans and then a toddler kit for when they get a bit older.

Best toddler football kits 2023

Best England kit

toddler football kits
Price: £28 (was 54.99)

Now who doesn't want to support England come the World Cup? This kit includes a jersey, shorts, and socks made of soft, breathable fabric.

Best away kit

Or, dress your mini fan in this England Away Kit so they can match their favourite players as they kick off in Qatar. The set includes a top, shorts, and socks, and clearly features the Three Lions logo.

Best for Man U fans

toddler football kits
Price: £37 (was 44.99)

Help your little one feel all the glory of being a Man United fan with the full 2022/23 home kit. Available from ages 18 months onwards, the kit is made from lightweight fabric and is finished with the iconic Manchester United logo.

Help your little one feel all the glory of being a Man United fan with the full 2022/23 home kit. Available from ages 18 months onwards, the kit is made from lightweight fabric and is finished with the iconic Manchester United logo.

Sizes: 18-24 months, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5, 5-6 years

Best for The Blue Army

toddler football kits
Price: £20 (was 50)

Is your little one mad for The Blues? We love Chelsea's 2022/2023 home kit, created with Dri-Fit technology and breathable material. It's available from three, all the way to eight years and includes a cute pair of socks.

Best for Villa fans

toddler football kits
Price: £37.50 (was £50)

Kit little Villa fans out in this replica of the home shirt, shorts, and socks. We also love that you can customise it too with their favourite player or their very own name.

Best for Manchester City club

toddler football kits
Price: £20 (was 50)

me kit. A replica for the full on-pitch look, it'll keep them comfy, whether they're watching the game on the TV or running about in the garden.

Best for mini fans

Get your little gunners fan the Arsenal 2022/2023 infant kit which is an exact replica of what the team wears on the pitch. It ensures all-day comfort thanks to the sweat-wicking material, so you don't have to worry if your tot never wants to take it off.

Best for Scottish team

Start them young we say! Level up their support for the Hoops with the Celtic home kit that rocks the legendary green and white colours.

Best for Kopites

toddler football kits
Price: £28 (was 54.99)

Got a little Liverpool fan on your hands? The deep red home kit is cute as can be, and is available from ages three years up to eight.

Best for Spurs

toddler football kits
Price: £28 (was 54.99)

Your little one will enjoy running around in this and cheering on the Spurs from afar. The kit is available from three to eight years so your tot can support their favourite football team through their early years.

Best for super fans

Lightweight, breathable, and adorned with the Rangers crest across the full kit. Your kiddo can model their support whilst playing out and about with friends.

Things to consider when buying a toddler football kit

Size - When purchasing a football kit for toddlers, it's important to consider the size. Seeing as toddlers grow out of clothes quickly, you may want to size up on their football merch, that way you can be sure it will last them for a couple of seasons at least.

Team - Pick a kit that represents their favourite team, whether it's a home or away kit. They may want one that matches with you or their siblings or friends, or perhaps they'd prefer to match with their favourite player.

Style - If they're not supporting a particular team yet and just want a kit purely based on the colours and design, let them choose one themselves. Why not pair it with a pair oftoddler football boots for ultimate cuteness?

Material - If they're going to be running around the kit and wearing it all day it has to be breathable and comfy!

Budget - If you're working with a set budget, there are plenty of last season kits that are often cheaper than ones for the current season (if your little doesn't mind).

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