Best World Cup football kits for kids

Best World Cup football kits for kids

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Whether they're going for a kickabout with their friends, scoring goals in the garden or watching the matches at home, these World Cup football kits for kids are perfect for cheering the Lionesses on and showing their support to their favourite team.

There are so many options to choose from; with home and away kits to thirds and goalkeeper kits, your little one will be able to dress up like their favourite player. We especially love the kids' custom football kits too as they add that extra bit of personalisation and make a wonderful gift to excited mini-fans.

Editor's choice:
Best for a classic: Nike England Home Minikit Infants - Buy now from Sports Direct
Best for babies: FA England Retro Baby Grow - Buy now from Sports Direct
•Best for sustainability: Brazil Home Younger Kids' Dri-FIT Football Kit -Buy now from Nike
•Best for a multipack: Nigeria Home Kids' Dri-FIT 3-Piece Kit - Buy now from Nike

So, if you have the next Millie Bright, Jess Carter or Laura Coombs on your hands, you better get them one of these brilliant football kits they can wear as they're singing along to 'Call Me A Lioness'!

The best World Cup football kits for kids 2023:

Best for a classic

Complete with the iconic team crest and the classic Nike logo, they'll look just like the real deal in this fantastic three-piece kit. It's available in sizes 3-4 up to 7-8.

Best for warm ups

World Cup football kits for kids
Price: £20 (was 39.99)

This pre-match shirt is ideal for warming up or relaxing before a big game. We love the 3 lions detailing on the neck and the sweat-wicking fabric.

Best for babies

World Cup football kits for kids
Price: £11.99 (was 13.99)

Available in sizes 3-6 months to 2-3 years so even the tiniest of fans can cheer on the Lionesses as they glide around the pitch. Don't forget you can choose from 1990 Blue or 1982 White! The shorts are extra soft and each design has poppers, helping you to get the shirt on and off your baby easily.

Best for bedtime

World Cup football kits for kids
Price: £7 (was 13.99)

How cute is this? Even the little ones can get involved with this super snug retro baby grow. Available in red or blue, it starts in newborn sizes and goes all the way up to 18 months.

Best for a set

World Cup football kits for kids
Price: £23 (was 44.99(

If your team Italia you'll love this mini kit. It comes with everything you need for a full on outfit, including shorts, a shirt and some socks - just add some football boots and they'll be ready to turn pro!

Best for sustainability

Made from sustainable materials such as polyester, this kit is good for the planet as well as your child. It is highly breathable and wicks away sweat, helping to keep them cool as they run around.

Best for a multipack

Vibrant and colourful, this home kit is sure to brighten up the football pitch. Perfect to wear to football practice, they will love the standard, soft, relaxed feel.

Best for a budget

World Cup football kits for kids
Price: £29.97 (was 49.95)

How cool is this checkered number from Croatia? The shorts have an elasticated waistband and the socks go to just below their knees to help prevent scratches and scrapes.

When is the Women's World Cup?

The 2023 World Cup begins on the 20th July and finishes a month later on the 20th August. This year there are 32 teams and all 64 games are being played in Australia and New Zealand, but you can watch them on the television with your children if you're not able to travel there or get tickets.

Are children allowed to go to the World Cup?

There's no minimum age requirement for the World Cup, but children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult, both within and around the grounds. It can be a daunting place for children, so we recommend taking them when they're a bit older, so that they understand more of what's going on.

At what age can a child join a football club?

Playing football is brilliant for kids as it not only builds on their physical strength, but promotes good social skills and tactical thinking too. You can sign your little one up to a football club at any age and many towns should have their own from of Little Kickers.

If you don't think your little one is ready to join a club just yet, why not buy them a toddler ball and practice in the garden to build up their skills and coordination?

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