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Mollie King, famed singer of The Saturdays and BBC Radio 1 presenter, recently announced that she's expecting her first baby with her fiancé Stuart Broad. Sharing the news on Instagram, she wrote, "Stuart and I are so so happy to share that we’re expecting a baby later this year! We’re absolutely over the moon ❤️"

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Since then, she's been sporting a beautiful maternity wardrobe and some fantastic maternity buys perfect for summer.

On holiday and chilling by the poolside, she put the HOLO Inflatable Maternity Lilo to the test, writing on her IG stories, "Oh my god, I can't tell you how good it'll feel to lie down on my front."

On a later update, she shared, "Surprisingly I did manage to get both on and off in one piece!! However the lilo seems to have found a new fan 🤣 I can't get a look in now!!"

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In this heat, home and abroad, we're not surprised it's an all-around favourite!

Mollie King HOLO lilo
©Mollie King/ Instagram

What is the HOLO Inflatable Maternity Lilo?

Available in a range of cool, summer-ready colours, the HOLO lilo has been designed to accommodate growing bumps. Suitable for use on water and land, it provides full support to your hips, back, pelvis and spine while you lie on your side or on your tummy for short spans of time to rest.

It's perfect for providing you with a little relief and allowing you to lie on your front in the pool, during yoga, or just to relax with a book - something that's usually impossible otherwise!

Shop the HOLO Inflatable Maternity Lilo

Holo Mint
Price: $74.99

Holo Pink

Rrp: $79.99

Price: $74.99

Holo silver
Price: $74.99

It's not just Mollie who's a fan - other mums have praised the HOLO for its support in and out of the pool:

Mum Serena said, "I bought this fairly early on in my pregnancy as I suffer from joint hypermobility syndrome and could feel my hips starting to partially dislocate thanks to those lovely pregnancy hormones. This product helps take a lot of pressure off my hips and back while I'm using it, and helps me get everything back in place and behaving properly for a good few days. I've only used it when placed on the floor on top of a towel, though I do intend to put it in a duvet cover soon for extra comfort. I do like that inflating the top is optional, its a very useful feature!

"I would be wary of using it to sleep on overnight straight away as (from looking at the other reviews on here) the mint green ones from may seem to have a slight manufacturing defect where they deflate or develop holes. My initial purchased one developed a hole while in use, however, I contacted the seller to ask for advice as I didn't want to outright return it when it's been so very helpful already and was contacted back immediately offering a replacement and sincere apologies. They were very kind, and helpful and a true testament to how much they stand by their product. I will be recommending this lilo to anyone who is pregnant, or who has hip/lower back issues as it is some form of magical godsend."

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Another Amazon reviewer said, "Absolute godsend! This lilo is so comfortable and easy to inflate. I’m 24 weeks pregnant and have no issues getting on and off the lilo or positioning my growing bump. I would recommend this to anyone."

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