The best baby changing unit with a bath

The baby changing unit with bath

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Babies have a way of taking over our hearts and our homes. One minute you are living in a chic, stylish mess-free home and the next: bouncers, brightly coloured toys and baby playmats are taking over every inch of your home. If you didn’t have much room to begin with a baby changing unit with a bath is a fantastic way to save space and make life easier. Plus, if you are hit with a poonami, you simply deal with the dirty nappy and pop your baby into the bath without having to move from room to room.

What are the benefits of a changing unit?

When your baby is a newborn, you will change a lot of dirty nappies. If you do not have a changing unit, this may cause unnecessary stress on your knees and back. Most changing units provide a safe space with raised sides to change your baby and they are more comfortable than the floor for you. For safety, you should still always keep one hand on your infant though.

Many changing units also have storage options which can be very useful for storing extra wipes and nappies and most will include a padded, wipe clean changing mat. With all these factors combined it makes buying a baby changing unit, especially one with a bath, a great purchase to save your back and knees and keep your little one's nursery organised and mess free.

What is a changing unit with a bath?

Essentially it is exactly as its name implies. Most of the changing units lift to uncover a bathing unit. This means that you can use the changing unit to take off the nappy, open it up to put little one in the bath, then close it and use the nappy changing mat to get them dressed. We love these units because they save space, especially in small nurseries, and are a good option for tots who aren’t as keen on the bath. A large bath can be very daunting for young infants, and while some will love their bathtime routine, others will not.

Best baby changing units with a bath at a glance:

Best changing unit with a bath with padded mat: Baby Elegance Bath Unit, £111.77
Best changing unit with a bath for organisation: Babylo Bath & Baby Changing Table, £84.99
Best changing unit with a bath for style: My Babiie Grey Marble Baby Bath and Changing Unit, £124.99
Best foldable changing unit with a bath: COSTWAY 4 in 1 Baby Changing Table, £84.95

So if you are looking for ideas to save space, or just want to ensure you look after yourself without putting undue stress on your back and knees, then have a look at some of these great baby changing units with a bath.

Best baby changing units with a bath 2024

Best changing unit with bath for convenience

Writers pick

We love this changing unit. It has wheels so it can move closer to the bath, which helps when you are filling the baby bathing unit. It also has a useful funnel that allows you to tip the bath water away easily into a bath or sink. It has lots of handy apartments and shelves for storage.

One reviewer, Nicole, said: "This is amazing, so sturdy and looks fab. Both my partner and I are tall and it definitely comes up high enough for us to comfortably stand and change! "


  • Funnel to make emptying water easier
  • It has wheels so it can be easily moved


  • Difficult to assemble

Best baby changing unit with a bath with padded mat

Baby Elegance Bath Changing Unit comes with a comfortable padded changing mat and lots of storage trays underneath. This changing unit makes bath time and nappy changing much easier as you can keep your essentials such as towels, powders and nappies within arms reach.

A reviewer said: "This is absolutely brilliant the quality is better than expected and when you flip down the changer unit the bath is built in under it and is so handy. Very impressed."


  • Padded changing mat
  • Lots of storage


  • Some reviewers said the mat split exposing foam

Best changing unit with a bath for organisation

BABYLO Smart Changer with Bath Unit with Clever and Convenient StorageAmazon

This smart changer has large padded protective sides to help prevent your little one from falling off when having their nappy changed. This unit has handy storage compartments for lotions, shampoos and towels.

Rose, a reviewer, said: "I love this changing table. It's very convenient and at a great height so I'm not injuring my back and it's been brill during my c-section recovery. Baby is nice and secure thanks to the raised edges. Has plenty of storage for everything you could possibly need. Bath tub is really good too. Can't fault this changer, it is so very convenient and one of the best purchases I've made for my baby so far. Definitely recommend this. The pockets in front make nappy changes very easy as they hold all my equipment and it comes with a mesh bag for laundry. It has a towel rack on the side too. Great product. Easy assembly too."


  • Raised edges for safety
  • Pockets in the front for convenience


  • Assembly instructions hard to follow

Best changing unit with bath for style

My Babiie Grey Marble Baby Bath and Changing UnitBoots

The grey changer has a chic and stylish design with marble effect padding. It has a concealed bath underneath the changing mat and added storage. The top can be locked so that the bath cannot be accessed when it is not needed.

One customer said: "I bought this unit for my newborn and have to say I am very happy with the product! The design is fantastic, and its nice and study, does what it needs to and all the compartments are perfect for all your bathing needs. The only thing I would say about it, is the instructions are really not very clear, and it can be a bit tricky to assemble, we had to take it down twice to work out what we had done wrong!"


  • Detachable changing mat
  • Locakable castors


  • Some people said the screws didn't fit easily

Best changing unit with a bath and drainage

A handy changing unit that looks stylish too. It has a concealed bath with drainage pipes, storage pods and it is on castor wheel with brakes for convenience. Plus it has a soft and easy wipe changing top for comfort and efficiency.

Gemma, a reviewer said: "I highly recommend this, after having a baby my back was broken this unit stopped me bending down to change and bath him as well as great storage."


  • Easy wipe changing mat
  • Concealed bath with drainage


  • Only one design available

Best changing unit with a bath with wheels

A lightweight and easy-to-manoeuvre changer with a concealed bath, giving you pure organisation and great routine for baby. This is perfect if you want everything within while bathing and changing your little one. 

A reviewer, Caitlyn, said: "I loved this changing station. Easy to put together and easy to clean. So easy and accessible bath works perfectly and drains well plenty of space to put everything you will need for bath time and changing time easy to move around as is on wheels and easy to lock into place as all wheels have locks on them. Definitely a good item to have."


  • Easy to assemble
  • Lots of space for everything you need while changing or bathing baby


  • Shape of bath is awkward

Best foldable changing unit with a bath

This changing unit has a 4-in-1 multifunctional design, it is portable and great for bathing baby, nappy changes, and even baby massage. It also features a large storage tray.

One reviewer, Alana, said: "This is an amazing changing table and bath without breaking your back. Having a c-section, it came in handy so I didn't twist my back and was really helpful with my recovery when changing and bathing little one."


  • Foldable
  • Sturdy


  • Shelf is a bit low

Best baby changing unit with a bath with raised sides

baby changing uni with bath geometricVery

This pretty changing unit with bath will make changes easier for both you and baby. It is easy to assemble and will look great in your little one's nursery. The concealed bath and drainage tube are extremely convenient, plus the changing unit has lots of storage space underneath for all your nursery essentials.

Roisin, a reviewer, said: "Loved this unit when I bought it as it was a 3 in 1, changing table, bath and storage. The height of the bath was so helpful with a newborn instead of bending over a bath tub! "


  • Padded mat with raised sides
  • Lockable wheels


  • Difficult to buy a replacement changing mat

When can I transition my baby to a bath?

You can bath your baby in a bath from birth but it can be quite awkward holding them and leaning over a full-size bath tub, especially when still recovering from giving birth. However, there are bath seats you can use in a bath to make it easier. When your little one is tiny though, you might prefer using a baby bath and then transitioning them when they are bigger. Typically you can transition your baby to a bath at around 6 - 8 months when they are a little more stable, but they will still need support and no child should be left unattended in the bath.

Where should I change my baby at home?

It is completely up to you and depends on where you find it most convenient. Setting up a changing station in your baby's nursery is a good idea because you can keep everything you need in one place and it can double up as nursery storage. However, if you prefer to have it set up downstairs to save having to keep going upstairs during the day that will work too, but less convenient for nighttime changes. If you have a changing unit with a bath then you will probably want to be near the bathroom so upstairs in the nursery, or your bedroom might be best.

Where can I change my baby at night?

Night time nappy changes happen, even with the best night time nappies, and you want to minimise the disruption to everyone's sleep. If your little one needs a nappy change during the night it is advisable to keep the room quiet and the lights low. Some parents choose to keep a changing mat handy in their bedroom and do the nappy change on the bed, but if you have a changing unit set up in little one's nursery that can also be convenient.

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