Adorable baby shower invitations

baby shower invites

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So it might be another celebration we've pinched from across the pond, but baby showers are becoming the norm for expectant mums in the UK.

Whether it's your own shower, or you're planning a baby shower for your bestie, there's one important thing all parties of any kind should have other than the cake and games and that's invitations.

Whatever the baby shower theme or inspiration, first impressions count, so you'll want to put some thought into how you want your invites to look.

The good news is that there are plenty of invites you can shop online with all sorts of designs, perfect for every theme and season.


The best baby shower invitations

Floral-baby-shower-invite1 of 11

Floral baby shower invite

This stunning floral design invite would look perfect for any baby shower, but we do love the slightly autumnal feel of the colours. Every aspect of the design can be personalised and you get a digital download direct to your inbox when you purchase. You also have the option of downloading the matching games too!

safari-baby-shower-invite2 of 11

Safari baby shower invite

We're a sucker for a safari theme here at M&B and we think these invites are perfect if the mum-to-be has planned a safari nursery. It's a very neutral design, so it ideal if you don't know the gender or want to keep everything pretty minimalist. They come in A6 with envelopes includes and you can order anywhere from five to 50.

organge-print-baby-shower-invite3 of 11

Orange baby shower invites

These are transporting us right to the Amalfi Coast and they're perfect for any summer baby shower. Again, you have the option of purchasing these in a bundle of games as well as invites and they come in the form of a digital download.

blue pattern baby shower invite4 of 11

Blue patterned baby shower invites

How pretty are these invites with the intricate blue detailing? Ideal for a super classy affair, these also come as a digital download measuring at 5x7 so you can personalise the text as you please.

cloud baby shower invites5 of 11

Cloud baby shower invites

Go with something a little more simple with these starry invites. Simply add in the details by hand for a super easy invite option. They come in a pack of ten in size A6, but note, these don't come with envelopes.

colourful baby shower invites6 of 11

Colourful baby shower invites

You can't go wrong with some pretty pastel shades, and these also feature a traditional stork design. These can be sent to you or directly to the recipient which we love! You also have the option of choosing from A6, A5 or A4 in size.

simple rainbow baby shower invite7 of 11

Simple rainbow baby shower invite

Add a pop of colour to the occasion with these rainbow themed invites. They might appear simple but we think they look rather elegant, and they come in a pack of 20 up to 100.

neutral-baby-shower-invite8 of 11

Neutral baby shower invite

We love how ascetically pleasing these invites are, and they're perfect for year round baby shower celebrations. Measuring at 5x7, these invites are available via digital download and you have the option to edit all styles and fonts.

star baby shower invite9 of 11

Twinkle twinkle baby shower invites

Inspired by the nursery rhyme, these lovely invites are ideal for a wintery themed baby shower under the stars - perhaps you're hosting the shower in the evening? These can either be personalised and ordered in size A6 or as digital download.

green plant baby shower invite10 of 11

Sage baby shower invite

Sage inspired designs are here to stay, and we must say these invites are perfect for any baby shower. You can pick from as many as 10 to 40 invites

floral circle baby shower invite11 of 11

Wildflower baby shower invite

Wildflower designs are everywhere this season, and they make for a rather pretty invitation. These invites are all handmade and measure 5x7in. Each invite also comes with its own recycled envelope and it can be fully personalised.

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