Baby shower ideas: how to plan a baby shower

Baby shower ideas

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If you've reached the third trimester of pregnancy, it will almost feel surreal that you will be meeting your little one soon, and with that you might be looking to plan a baby shower before their arrival.

A baby shower is an American tradition that's now popular in the UK. It's where the expectant mum is 'showered' with gifts for her unborn baby, and she gets to spend some quality time with those she loves before baby's arrival.

But planning the perfect baby shower can be a little daunting, right? Fun games that everyone will want to play, decorations that don't cost the earth, a fun baby shower theme, the right food options and even who to invite - the list can seem endless.

Whether you're expecting and you've taken on the organisation yourself or you're a close friend of the mum-to-be and you need some guidance on how to organise a baby shower, we are here to help.

From tips on what games to play, a gift lift inspiration and how to plan the special day - we have it all.

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When should I throw a baby shower?

It's important to choose the right time for your baby shower. If you have already had a gender reveal party, you want to make sure that you don't plan you baby shower to close to the reveal.

Many mums to be have their baby shower at around 36 weeks pregnant. By then, you are normally on maternity leave and have finished work, making it the perfect time to have one.

You might choose to have your baby shower earlier, so that you can relax and enjoy the last month of your pregnancy.

Where should I have a baby shower?

There are a few places you could choose to have your baby shower.

At home: by staying at home, the baby shower will feel a lot more intimate and you don't have to worry about leaving the house to set up a venue with decorations.

At a family members or friends: similar to staying at home, you can save costs on hiring a venue and it can be a nice surprise walking into a loved ones and seeing it transformed.

At a venue: whether it's somewhere that hosts afternoon tea, or an event room, by hiring a venue for the baby shower it can save you some planning. A lot of places offer their own catering, so you won't have to worry about cooking!

How many hours should a baby shower be?

A baby shower should usually last up to two hours. That gives your guests and family plenty of time to eat or snack, have a chat with the mom-to-be, play games and have a laugh.

Do you open gifts at baby shower?

This is a personal choice. Some people enjoy the idea while it makes others anxious and uncomfortable. In the end, it’s your baby shower, so do what’s best for you.

Do I need invites for a baby shower?

While you could always send a message to those you want to invite, buying or making baby shower invitations can be a lot more personal.

Not only will it be easier for people to remember the date and time of the baby shower, but you will also have a nice a little keepsake of your baby shower date too.

How to choose a baby shower theme

A lot of people like to choose a baby shower theme as it helps with what decorations to buy and potential cake ideas. Some people baby shower themes over the years have been:

• Safari themed
• Woodland themed
• Colour themed (specifically pink or blue)
• Winnie the Pooh
• Star themed

You don't have to choose a specific baby shower theme though, you can just choose decorations that you like.

If you don't know your baby's gender, it's a great way to celebrate not knowing! If you found out the baby's gender in your latest scan, you could always turn it in a gender reveal cake at your baby shower too.

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Should I do baby shower games?

While not completely necessary, baby shower games are a great way for your guests to get to know each other and have a laugh with those you love.

There are plenty of fun games to play, just pick one or two that you would enjoy! Some ideas are:

Baby predications: One of the easier games to organise as you can just use your baby book, a board or predication cards. Get your guests to guess baby's gender, due date or weight! You could even get them to guess a name.

Guess the baby food: Get a few sample pots of baby food and empty them into separate bowls or cover up the labels on the jar. You can then play a game of what flavour the food is. Whoever guesses the most right, wins!

Baby guessing game: This can be played with just baby pictures of the parents where the guests have to guess which parent is which, or with all your guests.

What should I wear to a baby shower?

Dressing your bump whilst feeling comfortable isn't always easy, and choosing an outfit for your baby shower can sometimes feel impossible. You want something comfortable, that shows off your bump, while also matching your theme, baby gender and even the whether.

What to look for in a baby shower outfit

Material: if it's summer, you want something thin or made from cotton, as it will be more breathable. For winter, opt for knits for warmth.

Sleeve length: whatever the weather, choose a sleeve style that you know you will be comfortable with. Don't opt for a strappy sleeve if you aren't comfortable wearing one!

Bump room: maternity dresses will obviously cater for your bump, but if you see a dress you love that's not a maternity dress, you can always size up to fit your bump.

Fitted or floaty: both fitted outfits and floaty ones can compliment your bump. You might want to choose a floaty fit for warmer months, as it will feel more breathable.

Should I write a gift list for my baby shower?

Before you (or your trusted baby shower organiser) send out the invites, it could be a good idea to create a baby shower gift, wish list. It will give your guests a great idea of what to look for, and can prevent the same gifts being bought, as well as items being bought that you already have.

Do I need to have a baby shower?

Whether you have a baby shower or not is completely up to personal opinion. Some people like to spend time with those they love before the baby's arrival. Others might prefer to have a sip and see party, where they choose a date after the due date where everyone can meet baby at the same time.

Can I have a baby shower even if it's not my first baby?

Of course! Baby showers are for spending time with your loved ones before your baby's arrival, whether it's your first, second or third!

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