Peppa Pig London bus tour Review

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Peppa Pig London Bus Tour
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by Hannah James |

If you are visiting the city's capital with children, we cannot think of a better way to travel than the Peppa Pig London bus tour. Much like a traditional London bus tour, your family will be able to learn about the landmarks of London with the added touch of one of England's most iconic fictional characters - Peppa Pig. If your child, like most, is crazy about Peppa and has already visited Peppa Pig World, then this is a fantastic day out. I took the Peppa Pig London bus tour with my three-year-old and five-year-old and it was truly magical.

1. Peppa Pig Afternoon Tea Bus Tour for Two Adults and Two Children

Peppa Pig London bus tour
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  • Delicious food
  • Affordable bus tour
  • Tour caters to some allergies - if notified before travel
  • Engaging


  • No toilets for adults
Peppa Pig London bus tour

As someone who doesn't live in London, travelling to the largest city in the UK is always exciting. However, I have always been a little apprehensive about taking my children. The city's hustle and bustle is both what draws me to visiting and also what scares me about taking children. I knew that all the best tips and hacks for travelling with children could not stop me from being stressed on tubes. So, when I heard about the London Bus tour I thought it was a perfect way to see the city, without having to drag - possibly quite literally - two little ones around.

The Brigit Bakery bus, which is Peppa Pig themed, offers not only an insightful child-friendly tour but also a delicious afternoon tea experience whilst on board. There is a delicious selection of cakes, macaroons and even Peppa-shaped biscuits. The tour is suitable for children aged two to 11 and adults. So all you need to do is pack your little one's favourite Peppa Pig toy and head onto the bus for approximately one and a half hours of fun.

What is the Peppa Pig London bus tour?

Brigits Bakery has designed a genius take on the traditional London bus tour. Bus tours can be very informative and long, often isolating young children. This child-friendly bus uses a smart screen to show clips of Peppa Pig, whilst tour guides offer easily digestible information in an age-appropriate way.

Our favourite part of the Peppa Pig London bus tour is the scrumptious food served. Upon arrival, there is a selection of cakes, sandwiches and little pizzas. Parents and children can then enjoy re-fillable drinks, that are served in the cutest adult and child-sized reusable Peppa Pig London-themed coffee cups with lids. We were delighted when told we could take these home after the tour. Partway through the tour, the tables are cleared. Then fresh scones with jam and cream are served. It is a truly tasty take on a traditional bus tour.

The tour guide helps children to engage by playing colour i-spy, singing songs and asking Peppa-themed questions. If you aren't a fan of Peppa, then this tour probably is not for you. From the music to the food, the beloved children's TV character's presence is felt - making this the perfect London day out for Peppa - crazy tots.

Where does the tour bus go?

The bus departs from Somerset House. Taking in the best views of central London, the tour takes you past some of the most famous landmarks in the capital, including Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Piccadilly Circus and more.

How long is the Peppa Pig bus tour?

The bus tour is approximately one and a half hours, depending on traffic. Although this seems long, it goes by relatively quickly. Children and adults must stay in their seats for the duration of the journey - with the expectation of toilet breaks. I was nervous as my three-year-old recently finished potty training, so I was happy to learn there is a toilet on board - however, it is just for children. There are no changing facilities on board.

Tips for having the best day

  • If you can, we suggest sitting on the top of the bus. This enables children to see the sights better on a busy day. Unlike some tour buses, this bus is enclosed -perfect for the unpredictable UK weather.

  • It is a good idea to strategically plan your child's nap time. Tours start at 12.15 and at 14.45 and occasionally, at 17.30.

  • A toilet trip before departure is essential. The bus does not stop. There is a toilet for children to use but walking on the moving bus is difficult. There are no changing facilities onboard.

  • Arrive on time or early. The bus will depart promptly.

  • Wear suitable footwear - the bus can become slippery when wet.


Central London is expensive. So, travelling on a bus tour of course is much more expensive than getting a standard bus or the tube. However, in comparison to other London bus tours, this is, in our opinion an absolute bargain. When you consider that the food and drink are included this is a great-priced day out. We also loved that food could be taken away, you keep the coffee cup and children receive a Peppa Pig London activity book.


My family and I had a fantastic day. The food was breathtaking. I was happy that the operators encouraged guests to take home what they didn't eat and offered lunch boxes. As with all tours, you are reliant on both the weather and the traffic. We opted for the 14.45 tour, which meant London was very busy. One upside of this was I was able to take lots of pictures in the slow-moving traffic. However, the boys became a little bored by the end.

The tour is very loud and high-energy - this was something that my three-year-old struggled with at times. Some children onboard loved this aspect of the tour and it was great to see the operator engaging with so many of the children.

When we visited, a few weeks before the Coronation of King Charles III, the tour bus was still very heavily focused on the late Queen Elizabeth. This meant that some of the information on the videos was out of date.


Does the bus tour go past Buckingham Palace?

Although the bus goes near Buckingham Palace it does not go past. Unfortunately no buses or coaches are permitted to go past the palace gates.

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