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Best Peppa Pig Toys

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Is your toddler in their Peppa Pig stage? If you're thinking about the theme tune right now, then the answer is yes, which means you've probably spent many early mornings watching Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, Peppa and her little brother George Pig on many adventures.

Instead of jumping in muddy puddles when your kids aren't in front of the telly, get mini fans of the show recreating their favourite episodes with the best Peppa Pig toys.

Why do children love Peppa Pig?

Your child will go through different stages as they grow and also change what they're interested in quite a lot. One minute they might love dinosaurs or Disney, the next, you have Peppa Pig on repeat.

Most children like Peppa Pig because it's easy to watch, and the voice actor of Peppa herself is also a child, so they can relate to the character more.

Whether you're looking for a birthday gift that is fun and educational or a toy that will keep tots obsessed with Peppa Pig entertained on rainy afternoons, there are lots of Peppa Pig merchandise out there.

Bring Peppa Pig World home with bath toys, playhouses, soft toys and more.

Best Peppa Pig play house
Peppa’s Adventures Peppa's Playtime to Bedtime House
Price: $99.99

The three-storey house comes with three figures and 13 accessories and even has speech, sound and lights. Perfect for toddlers who love Peppa Pig.

Review: "Brilliantly packaged and arrived before said date. Absolutely great little house. My 3-year-old loves changing it from day to night and seeing the lights come on."

Best Peppa Pig learning toy

Teach your little one about shapes, colours and simple vocabulary with this laptop. Your little one will love playing with fun sounds and music on this easy-to-use device.

Review: "One-year-old grandson has never lost interest in this, so much so that his parents have to limit the time he spends on it. He is a big Peppa Pig fan. Very useful on car journeys when he hates being confined to his car seat."

Best Peppa Pig book

Bring the adventures of Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, Peppa Pig and friends to life at bedtime with this personalised book.

Review: "I bought the very beautiful, hardback, personalised Peppa and George adventure book and absolutely loved it. The book came well and securely packaged (minus gift wrap, so gift wrap probably would've been even nicer). I love how it's been personalised and incorporated into Peppa so well, and the personalisation was brilliant. Would be nice to have a little more story with your personalised character at the end, but maybe this can be a part two."

Best Peppa Pig bath toy

All aboard Grampa Pig's boat! Kids will love to sail the seven seas during bathtime with this adorable Peppa Pig-themed boat. Featuring a cute bell styling, flag and Peppa and Grandpa figures - this product is brilliant for little hands aged three and over.

Review: "My son loves this. It's very hardy. Been dropped several times and hasn't broken. It comes with Grandpa Pig, and either Peppa or I've seen versions with one George. There is a tiny bell that can attach to it that we've left off as it's really small, but apart from that, it's very well played with. We haven't tried it in the bath yet."

Best Peppa Pig watch

Encourage your threenager to learn the time with this fun preschool learning tool. As well as helping them with the time, it introduces shapes, counting and basic addition.

Review: "Great watch, brought for my three-year-old niece. I think the bad comments are because they haven't taken it off demo mode. You need to take the battery out for 5mins and then put it back in!"

Best Peppa Pig play house

Do your children love muddle puddles as much as Peppa and George? Bring the outdoors in with this exciting Peppa Pig Peppa's House Garden Playset. Complete with a seesaw and other cool accessories, your kids are bound to enjoy this set!

Review: "My granddaughter loves this. I am now officially the 'best Grandad in the whole world'. Melts your heart when your grandkids say that to you, doesn't it?"

Best Peppa Pig beanie

Add this Peppa Pig Beanie to your toddlers' teddy collection. Approximately 8 x 15 cm, this will sit perfectly on children's bedside tables or neatly away in storage. Best of all, your little piglet will love it. Oink, oink!

Review: "My wife and young child took delivery whilst I was at work, I got a phone call all I could hear was: 'Daddy, Peppa!!! Peppa!!! Peppa!!!' Goes along great with the George one too, happy little one, good quality little beanie."

Best Peppa Pig soft toy

What's better than a Peppa Pig teddy? A giant talking Peppa. At a massive 22 inches, we'd recommend this for children 18 months and over.

Review: "Bought this as a gift. Let's say there is one very happy girl. Impressed with the quality and size."

Best Peppa Pig boat
Peppa Pig Wooden Boat
Price: $27.17

Mini pirates can search for buried treasure with George on this Peppa Pig Wooden Boat. There's space for three wooden Peppa Pig figures should your kids need to bring anyone else on board.

Review: "What's not to love about Peppa Pig and George! Well made, great quality, perfect for little hands."

Best Peppa Pig classroom set

Get your little ones excited about their first day at school with this Peppa Pig classroom set. Not only will this get them used to the idea of being away from you, but it'll get them excited about learning and making new friends.

Review: "For the price, this is a good set of toys for my daughter to play with. The chalkboard has the alphabet on it, which is also good for helping my daughter to learn while playing. If your child has any Peppa Pig figures already, then you know what to expect in terms of quality. I think this set stands out for its value for money."

Best Peppa Pig role play set

Does your child love making up stories? This incredible figure pack featuring Peppa, George, and their friends, will give playtime a new narrative as it includes doctors' and nurses' outfits. It's time to go save some lives!

Review: "Bought as a birthday present for my Peppa-obsessed daughter. She will love them."

Peppa Pig toy FAQs

What age is Peppa Pig suitable for?

A lot of babies like Peppa Pig due to the bright colours and childlike voice of the character. Peppa Pig is mainly aimed at children aged three and up.

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