The best Tonies figures

The best Tonies figures

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If you have a young child, you have probably heard about the Toniebox from Tonies – the squishable, musical story box for kids that brings bedtime stories to life without a screen. With no camera, mic, or ads, a Toniebox is easy for little ones to use and enjoy, plus you can get additional Tonies figures to add to their collection, so they can hear the stories of all their favourite fictional characters.

Each Tonies figure will come with their own unique story and music, perfect for engaging your child, and getting them interested in all types of fictional stories. Music toys have many benefits for children, and combined with fun narratives, you're in for an educational and entertaining toy choice.

Editor's Choice

Best Tonie for design: A Bear Called Paddington Audio Tonie, £14.99
Best Popular Tonie: The Gruffalo Tonie, £14.99
Best Tonie for music lovers: Disney Encanto Tonie, £14.99
Best Tonie for under £20: The Snail and the Whale Tonie, £14.99
Best Tonie for bedtime: Bedtime Songs Tonie Audio Character, £12.99
Best Tonie for facts: Blippi Tonie, £14.99

From Disney to Paddington Bear to The Gruffalo, the Tonies figure range is always growing, so all you have to do is pick some of your children's favourite characters and go from there. We'd recommend getting a selection of more exciting ones for the day, and a few calmer Tonies figures for bedtime – the Toniebox Sleep Sheep Night Light looks a winner with the little ones!

If you're wondering if a Toniebox and Tonies figures are right for your little one, keep reading. The Tonies figures combine the joy of music with an array of good books for toddlers out there to encourage our kiddies to dance, sing and listen along.

The best Tonies figures 2024

Best Tonie for creativity

Price: £79.95

All your little one has to do is pick the Tonie figure they want, pop it on top of this durable storybox, and suddenly the room will be filled with music, sounds, stories, and fun. It connects to the Wi-Fi and can be used as a speaker or with headphones for quiet time. We love all the colour options and how safe it is for children to use themselves.

One reviewer said: "I bought this product for my granddaughter's birthday (3). She absolutely loved it from the start and picked up the controls very quickly. I added a Peppa Pig story character and a song character to get her started as I wanted her parents to be able to use the creative figure with her.
She spent the end of her birthday afternoon lying on the floor, eyes closed, listening to the stories and using her imagination. Perfect! It's great for use in the car or getting a child to relax when going to bed/sleep. The battery is supposed to last for seven hours but we have not had it in use long enough to test it out yet. It takes 3 hours to fully charge but I couldn't see how to tell when it is fully charged.
The sound is good but not too loud or bass-y. We wouldn't want it to get too loud both for the child's safety and parents' comfort!"


  • Sewn from sustainable fabric
  • Comes with Tonie ready to go


  • None.
Suitable For:3 years+
Run Time:Around 7 hours
  • Screen free story time
  • Perfect for bedtime
  • Lots of different character and stories

Best Tonie for design

No collection of classic children's stories is complete without Paddington Bear. Coming with the classic A Bear Called Paddington story, read by Stephen Fry, and a booklet so they can follow along, this sweet little, hand painted figure is sure to capture their hearts as soon as they press play.

One reviewer said: "My grandson is a big Paddington fan & loves this story - He has listened to this one several times."

Another reviewer added: "A favourite - Sweet little stories that warm the heart - too cute!"


  • A lovable classic
  • Adorable design


  • It's hard to find any
Suitable For:3 years+
Run Time:155 minutes
  • Read by Stephen Fry
  • The classic story of A Bear Called Paddington

Best Tonie for younger children

Paw Patrol is always a crowd pleaser and with the Chase figure, your little one can come along for the ride as the pups save the day at Adventure Bay again. We love how easy this is to use for your little one, plus the colourful design. For Paw Patrol fans, this adorable Tonie figure is a no-brainer.

One reviewer said: "The kids love this and they listen to it while having the freedom to play with there toys"

This reviewer added: "No dislikes; value for money, easy to use, and sturdy for a child's toys."


  • Has 4 tracks
  • Robust figure


  • Might be too exciting for bedtime
Suitable For:3 years+
Run Time:54 minutes
  • Colourful Design
  • Popular Paw Patrol character

Best Popular Tonie

The Gruffalo Tonie
Price: £14.99

The Gruffalo is incredibly popular, and with this Tonie figure, your little one can enjoy the story, read by Imelda Staunton, but also a fun song too. All Tonie figures are hand painted, and you can see that with the beautiful attention to detail on this figure. How can you not love The Gruffalo?

One reviewer said: "My son adores the Gruffalo and enjoyed listening to the stories following with his books."

A customer wrote: "Brilliant for the Toniebox! My 5 year old loves all the Julia Donaldson books and I am delighted that this can tell her The Gruffalo when I'm not there to read it to her."


  • Thoughtful design
  • Easy to use


  • Shorter run time than others
Suitable For:4 years+
Run Time:17 minutes
  • Story read by Imelda Staunton
  • Great attention to detail on handprinted character

Best Julia Donaldson Tonie

In this Tonie, you'll follow the adventures of a tiny snail who hitches a ride on the tail of an enormous whale, and meet George, the scruffiest giant in town, who smartens up his act only to find his new clothes are needed elsewhere!

Review: "We bought this for a gift and he loved it. Really easy to use and the character figure is great!"


  • Cute design
  • Popular characters


  • Not the longest Tonie
Suitable for:3 years+
Run time: around 54 minutes
  • Two stories

Best Tonie figure for Disney lovers

Add some Disney magic to story-time with this Tonies Disney Minnie Mouse Audio Character. We love that this includes some fun and sweet stories, plus the inclusion of classic nursery rhymes like ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’. Minnie also sings her own original song, how exciting!

One reviewer said: "Really lovely - Bought this as part of my nieces Christmas present . She absolutely loved it and listens to it at bedtime . Really pleased I bought it . Great concept."

Another reviewer said: "Bought as an alternative to an Easter Egg. Recipient very happy and listens almost every day. Easy to use with good songs."


  • 2 year warranty
  • Multiple songs included


  • More song focused
Suitable For:5 years+
Run Time:20 minutes
  • Stories and nursery rhymes
  • Minnie Mouse sings her own original song

Best Tonie figure for bedtime

Not only does this lovely Bedtime Songs Tonie Audio Character have a super sweet design, it also includes bedtime songs and lullabies to help your little one to drift off at night. This will be a calming presence in your child's bedroom, helping them (and you) with their bedtime routine.

One reviewer wrote: "Lovely calming bedtime tunes - Great purchase for a 3year old. She loves the bedtime songs."

Another reviewer added: "Bought as a gift. Attractive and easy to use. Appropriate songs for bedtime/quiet time."


  • Calming bedtime music
  • Great value


  • Only one colour available
Suitable For:3 years+
Run Time:50 minutes
  • Bedtime songs and lullabies
  • Calming for the bedtime routine

Best Tonie for car journeys

When combined with the Toniebox, this cute little figure with take your child on an adventure with Peppa Pig and all her friends. We really like that you get a lot of content here, plus the fact it includes multiple Peppa Pig characters. If you're going on a long journey with your family, this will be lots of fun to bring with you.

One reviewer said: "Our little one (3) absolutely loves this. Each story starts with the Peppa Pig theme tune, which she also adores. She falls asleep very easily to this playing."

This customer wrote: "Normally on a Tonie you have one story, a song and a game, but this Tonie has lots of stories, I don’t know how many, but at least 5. It lasts for ages and the voices are the genuine Peppa Pig voices. Happy with this and so are my kids."


  • Multiple stories included
  • Cute and lovable design


  • No original stories included
Suitable For:3 years+
Run Time:62 minutes
  • Includes multiple Peppa Pig characters
  • Each story starts with the Peppa Pig theme tune

Best tonie for music lovers

Disney Encanto Tonie
Price: £14.99

With some loved songs and stories from the popular, award-winning Disney movie, including an additional Spanish version of Encanto Storyette, this Disney Encanto Tonie provides nearly an hour of fun to your children. Of course, the songs are super catchy, but the stories will keep them just as engaged.

One reviewer said: "Wasn’t too sure if my granddaughter would like it. I was wrong she loved it she wouldn’t stop playing it."

A second reviewer also said: "Played this for the for the first time today. My little one loved it! Definitely worth it if you're an Encanto fan!"


  • 7 titles included
  • Vibrant and colourful


  • Won't be to everyone's taste
Suitable For:3 years+
Run Time:58 minutes
  • Additional Spanish version of Encanto Storyette
  • Includes stories and songs

Best Tonie figure for toddlers

If you're a toddler parent, you know there's no escaping Cocomelon, so why not embrace it without the screen-time? JJ and friends will help your little one learn, while keeping them entertained. The songs are actually pretty catchy, so you can even join in and get in on the fun with your child.

One reviewer said: "Lots of different songs. Think it lasts for about an hour in total. Our son loves Cocomelon, so this was a great purchase."

Another reviewer wrote: "Lots of songs and a great character. One of the favourite Tonies in their collection."


  • Teaches them about words, colours, numbers etc
  • Recognisable character


  • Not the best for 5 years+
Suitable For:3 years+
Run Time:40 minutes
  • Educational songs
  • Good variety of songs

Best Tonie for siblings

We're Going on a Bear Hunt Tonie
Price: £14.99

We're Going on a Bear Hunt has now been enjoyed by several generations of children, making it a special option for you to listen to with them, or one for them to listen to with the whole family. This Tonie is based on the film, so they'll be able to immerse themselves in the story with added sounds and fab vocal performances.

One reviewer wrote: "I was expecting it to be just someone reading the book, instead it's a story with different voices/characters. It has extra parts which aren't in the book. My son (3) loves it."


  • Immersive sounds
  • Easy to follow


  • No songs included
Suitable For:4 years+
Run Time:23 minutes
  • Added sounds and vocal performances
  • Great to listen to as a family

Best calming Tonie figure

Sleepy Sheep Night Light Tonie
Price: £34.99

This Tonie figure is a little different as it it doubles-up as an ambient night light. The warm glow is paired with bedtime melodies that will help your little one winddown, getting ready for dreamland. We love that you can even use it to record your own personalised goodnight messages to play back, which may be comforting if you're not with them.

One reviewer said: "This has been fantastic. After the initial charge, it has lasted through the night for about 4 nights now without needing charged and being left on all night. The melodies are lovely and it’s fantastic that you can choose a level of light."


  • Different light levels
  • Adorable sleepy sheep design


  • No stories included
Suitable For:3 years+
Run Time:90 minutes
  • Doubles up as a night light
  • Can record your own personalised goodnight message

Best Tonie for facts

Blippi tonietonies
Price: £14.99

Blippi and his friend Meekah love collecting fascinating facts, and this Tonie is full of them. Your little one will love listening to Blippi visit lots of fun places including farms, a pirate ship and even the outback. With music and facts this will be great entertainment for any Blippi fan.


  • Includes music and facts
  • Over an hour of playtime


  • No stories
Playtime: 65 minutes
Suitable for: 3 years +
  • Suitable for 3 years +
  • Includes songs and facts
  • Hand painted
  • Great for Blippi fans

If your child ends up loving their Toniebox and Tonie figures, which is highly likely, new figures will become a great gift option. You may accumulate a small collection that you'll want to keep together and safe (we don't want to even think about the stress of losing their favourite one). Here a few great Tonie figures storage picks to solve that problem.

Best storage for roadtrips

tonies® Car Organiser with Yeti Pouch
Price: £39.99

Designed for easy transport and portability, the tonies® Car Organiser with Yeti Pouch can hold your child's favourite Tonies, plus their Toniebox as you travel. It will make everything completely accessible to your child, so they can stay entertained, but will also keep everything super safe and secure.


  • Has space for the Toniebox, Tonies, headphones, water bottle etc
  • Easy-to-clean material


  • Not as practical for other situations
Dimensions:23.5cm x 40cm
Capacity:8 Tonies
  • Great for storing up to 8 Tonies on car trips
  • Easily accessible

Best storage for design

tonies® Shelves - Mountain
Price: £47.99

With a magical design, these mountain shelves are perfect for housing their Toniebox and Tonie figures. They're made from solid beech wood, so you know that they're built to last. We love that these storage shelves make it easier for your little one to proudly, and neatly display all of their Tonies.


  • 3 colour options
  • Space-saving


  • Not the cheapest
Dimensions:480 x 272 x 16mm
Capacity:20 Tonies
  • Fun mountain design
  • Made from solid beech wood

Best storage for portability

With lots of space and handles, this bag will make storing their Tonie collection and carrying it from room to room as easy as possible. We love that it's lightweight, making it easier for your little one to carry themselves. If you're big into organisation, this will be an incredibly satisfying buy.


  • Durable and foldable
  • 4 colours available


  • For that price, we can't find any
Dimensions:‎27.8 x 15.9 x 5.2 cm
Capacity:30-40 Tonies
  • Lightweight
  • Handles to make carrying it easier

Festive Tonies to celebrate Christmas

Tonies are getting into the festive spirit and have released some lovely new characters just in time to add to your Christmas list. With a selection of seasonal stories and songs and even an appearance from the cheeky Elf on the Shelf, these are a must for any Tonies fan.

Best Tonie character for a festive chapter story

Give your child an advent calendar with a difference with this adorable little reindeer Tonie, Noel. This makes the perfect countdown to Christmas because your little one can pop him on top of their Tonie box to hear a new chapter of Noel's festive tale, The Little Reindeer's Christmas Wish, every day from the 1 to 24 December.


  • A great alternative to traditional advent calendars
  • Your child can look forward to a new chapter each night


  • Only one story option available
Running time194 minutes
Age3 years +
Contents1 reindeer Tonie
  • A new chapter every day
  • Magnetic, handpainted character
  • Can listen to missed chapters by squeezing the reindeer's ear for three seconds

Best Tonie for Christmas music

This lovely little penguin will take your little one on a musical trip through a winter wonderland. They will be able to enjoy lots of festive favourites and traditional carols such as, Deck the Halls, 12 Days of Christmas The First Noel and Jingle Bells along with many more.


  • Lots of festive favourites to enjoy
  • Cute penguin character


  • Just songs, not stories
Running time 59 minutes
Age3 years +
Contents1 Tonie
  • Magnetic, hand painted character
  • A great selection of Christmas music
  • Long running time

Best cheeky Tonie for Christmas fun

Tonies Elf on the shelf
Price: £14.99

If your little one misses the naughty Elf on the Shelf when they go back to Santa's workshop, this is a perfect Tonie for them. Scout Elf Zippy will be able to take your little ones on a cracking Christmas adventure with stories, songs, games and jokes. Your little elves will love this for many Christmases to come.


  • A combination of songs and stories
  • Great for before or during Christmas


  • Running time of less than 1 hour
Running time54 minutes
Age3 years +
Contents1 x Tonie
  • Magnetic, handprinted character
  • Combination of songs and stories

Best reusable advent calendar for Tonies

Tonies advent calendar
Price: £24.99

This traditional advent calendar by Tonies can be filled with all sorts of festive treats and surprises. It will make the run up to Christmas full of excitement for your little one. You could even add in a few Tonies for an extra special surprise.

Review: "I love this advent calendar. Huge pockets. Super cute design and the motif goes with everything. It's really well made and it hangs nicely. It pressed easily and looks great on the wall.
I know this is made to accommodate a specific type of toy but it works for so may items.
I love how big the pockets are and that we are going to be able to use this year after year."


  • Can fill it with your own treats and surprises
  • Reusable each year


  • Could be pricey depending what you fill it with
Material 100 per cent cotton
Dimensions100 x 50cm
Age 3+
  • Easy to set up
  • Can fill with your own surprises
  • Reusable

Tonies Figures FAQs

What should you consider when picking a Tonies figure?

Character: Picking out a character that they love, be that a favourite TV, book or Disney character, will be your priority. It will be key to getting your little one excited about using their Toniebox and keeping them engaged.

Stories: Whether they prefer immersive adventures, magical classic tales, or short but sweet bedtime stories, you'll want your choice of Tonies figure to captivate your child (or calm them before bedtime).

Additions: Many Tonies figures come with additional songs or nursery rhymes and some even feature other languages - so just go with what you think will make your kids happy, you know them best after all.

What age is appropriate for Tonieboxes and Tonies?

Because the figures are quite small, we'd recommend only letting your little ones using a Toniebox with the figures alone when they're three years old and up. If it's out of reach, they may still be suitable for younger toddlers, but it may not be as immersive and engaging for them.

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