Here’s all you need to know about the Dad Baby Bluey episode that everyone’s talking about

Dad Baby Bluey Episode

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Just when you think you've seen every episode of Bluey, not only do they surprise us with 20 new Bluey Minisodes, but the Official Bluey YouTube channel also adds Dad Baby, the unseen episode of Season 2 to their channel (if you live outside of Australia that is.)

That's right, the supposedly controversial episode that we've only seen snippets of through TikTok or Instagram is now available for people from all over the world to stream from the online platform. And we thought it couldn't get any better than the 'Surprise' episode.

But what is the Dad Baby Bluey episode that everyone is talking about, and why was the episode banned? Warning! There are spoilers ahead!

What is Dad Baby about?

When the younger Heeler sister, Bingo, finds her old baby carrier, her dad puts it on to explain how it works. But when Bingo climbs into the carrier, Bluey and Bingo create a new game - Dad Baby.

While Bandit shows off about how easy being pregnant is, he isn't prepared for how heavy baby Bingo is. And then she starts to kick!

Just as dad is ready to stop the game, Bluey insists that the game can't be stopped until he's given birth. Dad pretends to go into labour in an inflatable paddling pool, but Bingo isn't ready to end the game.

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Bluey then calls on Lucky's Dad to help deliver the baby. When baby Bingo is finally 'born', she shares a sweet moment in her Dad's arms.

Why is the Dad Baby Bluey episode banned?

There has been no official reason to why some countries have censored the episode. But nevertheless, the 2020 episode has been spoken about in abundance over the years.

Where can I watch the Dad Baby episode?

While you cannot watch the episode on Disney Jr. or Disney+, the full seven minute video of Dad Baby has been uploaded to the official YouTube page here. Just as a pre-warning, there are some hilarious truths, but it might spark a few conversations about where baby's come from.

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