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Whether you’re eagerly expecting a new arrival or just a parent in need of some relatable advice with a giggle along the way, we've rounded up all of our favourite parenting podcasts that get us through those long nights and days where it all feels a bit much.

From ways to help your child through anxiety to learning how to love your pregnancy body, and for those times when you want a bit of 'me-time' (having spent your day sleep-deprived, Weetabix-stained and arguing with a two-year-old who wants to eat birthday cake for breakfast, there's a podcast out there for you.

So, here are our favourite podcasts from some familiar faces that you might already recognise and some new friends too...


The best parenting podcasts <br>

Sophie McCartney Tired and Tested 1 of 23

Sophie McCartney Tired and Tested

Tired and Tested is the brand-new podcast, hosted by comedian, and award-winning content creator, Sophie McCartney. Sophie will be joined by her buddy and Momager, Lucy Couldwell aka lucy with the Fringe, where they will both talk about the highs and lows of parenting in your late 30’s.

scummy mummies2 of 23

Scummy Mummies

This listen is for the less-than-perfect parent who’s eager to discuss the ups, downs and all the wacky things inbetween. Hosted by comedians Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn, recent episodes include discussions on keeping your kids safe online and how to manage screen time.

happy mum happy baby13 of 23

Happy Mum, Happy Baby

Happy Mum, Happy Baby is the official podcast of Giovanna Fletcher. Throughout her episodes she continues to talk about motherhood, a theme which started in her book, also titled Happy Mum, Happy Baby.
Within each episode Giovanna talks to a range of high-profile parents about all aspects of parenting, through all the highs and lows that each day can bring.

Parenthood podcast4 of 23

The Parent Hood

A world away from internet searches, this podcast by Marina Fogle and Dr Chiara Hunt gives answers to everything parents want to know about, from child reflux, nits or worries about going back to work.

birth stories colour5 of 23

Birth Stories in Color

This podcast aims to create a community for people of color to share and learn from birth stories of all types including adoption. Hosts Laurel Gourrier and Danielle Jackson adopt a slightly different approach to parenting by emphasising the role of storytelling as a way to equip future parents.

parenting-hell-podcast6 of 23

Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombe's Parenting Hell

Not the most likely pair you'd expect to host a very successful parenting podcast, but together, Josh and Rob have drawn in a huge variety of listeners, from mums and dads to those who aren't even planning a family - it's that funny! Expect hour-long episodes of banter, hilarious anecdotes and laughs until you pee a little.

Is it normal7 of 23

Is it normal?

The 'Is it normal?' podcast is hosted by the brilliant podcast pro and superstar singer Jessie Ware and each week, she speaks to a huge range of different experts from the world of pregnancy and parenting to answer all those burning questions you might have about your body and baby.

sh88ged married annoyed8 of 23

Sh**ged Married Annoyed

The only wayRosie and Chris Ramsey can have a conversation without being interrupted by a toddler or ending up staring at their phones is by doing a podcast. They’ll be chatting all about life, relationships, arguments, annoyances, parenting, growing up and everything in between. Each week they will answer questions from the public and a secret celebrity.

rosie and rosie parental guidance parenting podcast9 of 23

Rose and Rosie: Parental Guidance

Follow comedy duo and married couple Rose and Rosie’s most intimate adventure yet: starting a family. By speaking to friends and peers who have conquered parenthood head-on, they hope to learn how to rear their roost righteously.

motherkind10 of 23


Hosted by Zoe Blaskey, this podcast is all about helping you find your place of calm in all the chaos that comes with motherhood, with help from a wide range of wellness experts and teachers.

happy place11 of 23

Happy Place

Hosted by Fearne Cotton, happy place is a podcast based on finding mindfulness in order to be happy. Whilst this podcast isn’t strictly parenting based it does give a good message to both mums and dads everywhere. Within each episode she talks with high profile guests about what makes them happy in life. This podcast will help parents take the time they need to find the positives in daily life.

luanna podcast12 of 23


Hosted by Anna Williamson and Luisa Zissman, the podcast contains 'words, strong opinions and rants' and is a favourite with mummas everywhere, especially as subjects broached on the bi-weeky podcast include sex after birth, parenting styles and potty training. We adore.

Spinning Plates with Sophie Ellis-Bextor13 of 23

Spinning Plates with Sophie Ellis-Bextor

THIS is the podcast made for busy working mums who are trying to balance their career with being the best mum they can be. In the podcast, Sophie chats to a whole host of inspiring mums on just how they do it.

mothers meeting louise pentland114 of 23

Mothers' Meeting

Louise Pentland hosts this relatable podcast which chats all things #MumHacks to daily struggles. Expect famous guests from both traditional media and the social media sphere. Warning: very binge-worthy!

motherhood in black and white15 of 23

Motherhood in Black White

Hosted by Gen X mums, Kaanji Irby and Tara Campbell. These two women - one Black and one White - come from different worlds, but have become close friends through their shared experiences as suburban ‘boy mums’, working women in male-dominated workplaces, and their love of 90s hip-hop. Listen in as they chat with each other and connect with guests about parenting and pop culture and the tragedies and triumphs of motherhood with honesty, empathy and humour.

not another mummy podcast16 of 23

Not Another Mummy Podcast

Not Another Mummy Podcast is one of the UK's top parenting podcasts with previous guests including Philippa Perry, Dr Rangan Chatterjee, Emma Bunton, Rosie Ramsey and Meg Mathews. Host (and Mother&Baby mumlister)Alison Perry chats to a different guest each episode about parenting and family issues.

my little coco podcast17 of 23

The My Little Coco Podcast

Join the lovely Rochelle for a cuppa while you get ready in this podcast which focuses on a different theme per episode. She chats with different famous faces who'll you'll recognise to discuss all the different aspects of parenting.

oh shit twins18 of 23


Georgia Martel is a mum of twins who has decided to live out loud after motherhood took the wind out of her! From finding out unexpectedly she was going to be a mother of twins, to the premature arrival of her daughters at 27 weeks, it’s a mixture of meltdowns and giggles and Black British Motherhood in all its glory.

stroller coaster19 of 23

StrollerCoaster: A Parenting Podcast

The smart, fun, must-listen podcast for parents of kids of all ages. Created byMunchkin Inc.

Hosted by Faith Salie (CBS Sunday Morning, NPR’s Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!), each episode features inspirational stories, fascinating guests, innovative parenting tips, and tons of “Wow, I have been there” moments.

the-intended-parent-podcast20 of 23

The Intended Parent: Surrogacy Stories

We're big fans of The Intended Parent's Podcast, in which mums Fran and Kreena share their unconventional journeys to motherhood and in doing so explore surrogacy from the perspective of the girl next door. You can listen back to series one, and series two is on the way soon so watch this space!

hannahmummymills-podcast21 of 23

The Honest Mummies Podcast

Mummy workout guru Hannah Mummy Mills and 2021 mumlister Nichola Ludlam-Raine (@mummynutrition) have joined forces for their new podcast, The Honest Mummies! Combining their health and wellbeing expertise, along with their own honest experiences of all things motherhood - expect chats on birth, surviving maternity leave, fitness and nutrition, sleep, toddler tantrums and much more!

Mum's The Word! The Parenting Podcast with Ashley James22 of 23

Mum's The Word! The Parenting Podcast with Ashley James

Each week, mum Ashley James chats to fellow famous mums and experts to help us all learn more about parenting and even listeners to create a real community feel while you're listening.

Midwife Pip Podcast 23 of 23

Midwife Pip Podcast

Expert practicing Midwifery Sister and mum Pip speaks to special guests and leading expert voices in the world of pregnancy, birth and postpartum to bring you an evidence based podcast to support you on your journey through motherhood.

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