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We're very pleased to announce this year's Mum List, full of positive, inspirational, funny, amazing mums who (if they're not already) should be filling your social feed.

As voted for by our very own Mother&Baby followers - every single one of these mums brings something amazing to the table, from workouts to recipes, encouragement and entertainment.

So, without further ado, meet your 2022 Mum List!


The Mum List 2022

gracefvictory1 of 20

Grace Victory @gracefvictory

Often known as ‘the Internet’s Big Sister’, we love Grace’s body positive message and amazing fashion inspiration. As well as her experience of motherhood, Grace has also been open about her own experiences of mental health problems including her experience of PTSD as a result of her traumatic coma after testing positive for Covid-19 and delivering her son Cyprus two months early. She is an inspiration and true survivor.

the.confidentmama2 of 20

Melissa Suffield @the.confidentmama

Melissa gave birth to son River in March 2020 and often documents his life on her blog ‘The Confident Mama’. Over on Instagram Melissa is all about releasing the squish - loving every bit of her post-baby body (and why we should love ours too!) From making us envious of her fabulous lingerie collection to adorable pics of River (avec leopard print reins – yes please!) Melissa is sure to make you smile as you scroll.

camillathurlow3 of 20

Camilla Thurlow @camillathurlow

You may know Camilla from the third series of Love Island (2017) where she met her Prince Charming, model Jamie Jewitt. The explosive ordnance disposal expert and former Miss Edinburgh is now mum to daughter Nell, and expecting their second. We’re loving the baby bump updates and twinning outfits with Nell!

rose and rosie4 of 20

Rose and Rosie: Parental Guidance

It’s easy to see why YouTubers and podcast presenters Rose and Rosie are loved by so many. They're incredibly open and honest with their followers about their lives, their experiences within the LGBTQIA+ community and their parenting journey.

mumsandtea5 of 20

Tinuke Awe @mumsandtea

@mumsandtea is a safe space online for mums to come together and support one another. Tinuke is one half of the creators of Five X More, started in response to the statistics surrounding black women and maternal health. Tinuke is mum to 4 year Ezekiel and 2 year old Eden and is so open about her own experiences – it’s the place to get the REAL motherhood tea.

sr_nutrition6 of 20

Charlotte Stirling-Reed @sr_nutrition

Charlotte Stirling-Reed aka The Baby & Child Nutritionist is a long-term Mother&Baby favourite (infact she did a fab video with us on her weaning tips) – she’s a registered nutritionist, author and mum to mini foodies Raffy and Adaline. Get meal inspiration galore, follow Ada’s weaning journey and mealtime routine – and you can also check out Charlotte’s book How to wean your baby!

mixing.up.motherhood7 of 20

Illy Morrison @mixing.up.motherhood

Illy is a midwife, hypnobirthing teacher and mother of two. With a passion for empowering women during pregnancy and childbirth, Illy is also extremely passionate about birth education and creating a positive birth experience. Having experienced her own traumatic birth Illy also offers a birth debriefing service, appreciating the need for greater understanding of birth trauma and processing it healthily.

mumsonaroll8 of 20

Molly Gudger @mumsonaroll

As a disabled woman, Molly got a lot of pushback regarding her decision to have children. So, after having her son Oscar, she started her own Instagram account dedicated to how her family adapts their lives and how she manages as her son’s primary caregiver. While she’s recently shared a post that she’ll be taking a step back from the ‘social influencer’ arena, we’re looking forward to continuing to follow Oscar and Molly’s journey through parenthood!

mammy banter9 of 20

Serena Terry @mammybanter

Mum to a six-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter, Serena was introduced to TikTok during lockdown by her daughter. Her down-to-earth, 'tell it like it is' realness resonated with fans around the world and her posts quickly went viral. We love Serena’s "truth bombs" which remind her followers that life isn't perfect and it's OK to feel insecure at times.

mummyonthemend10 of 20

Sophie Johnson @mummyonthemend

This mental health blogger openly discusses her maternal mental health challenges with PND and psychosis, as well as her experiences with bulimia and BPD. We love the raw honesty of Sophie’s page, and how bright her Instagram is (she also has the best glasses selection, the rainbow ones are our favourites!)

busybee.carys11 of 20

Carys Whittaker @BusyBeeCarys

Mummy to Amber, Carys rose to fame online as a fitness influencer and has since ventured into fashion and lifestyle, too. Amber (who recently turned one) and Carys have the cutest matching outfits, we adore Carys’ wardrobe (and her gorgeous house!) Carys’ message - feel body confident and happy with the skin you’re in.

jessieandclaud12 of 20

Jessica and Claudia @jessieandclaud

Adding vintage lesbian fabulousness to a life with disabilities and chronic illnesses, aided by my beautiful wife Claudia, our son Rupert and our adorable pups. @jessieandclaud make fun, uplifting and educational content that will help you get through tough times and not feel alone.

charlottedawsy13 of 20

Charlotte Dawson @charlottedawsy

TV personality and mum-of-one Charlotte Dawson is always open and honest about the ups and downs of parenthood. We love her cute holiday snaps, tanning tips and cuddles with Noah.

vanessahaye14 of 20

Vanessa Haye @vanessahaye

Statistically in the U.K. 1 out of every 6 women will suffer from infertility at some point in their life. And that is what inspired Vanessa to share her story, in the hope of removing the stigma and taboos associated with infertility. Now mum to two boys and two angel babies, Vanessa is keen to raise awareness of fertility struggles and baby loss.

twinperspectives15 of 20

Laura and Claire @twinperspectives

Claire & Laura are award winning travel bloggers and most recently, mums. On Twin Perspectives you'll find guides to help you plan the most memorable of trips, alongside advice for travelling with little ones. As fierce mental health advocates, Twin Perspectives is also filled with tips, advice and information to help manage anxiety and post-natal depression.

zeinahnur16 of 20

Zeinah Nur @zeinahnur

You can't help but feel happy when you see Zeinah's mega-watt smile. The hijabi mum-of-two shares her life on Instagram, including delicious recipes, busy family routines, modern modest fashion and beauty hacks (plus fab Ramadan tips).

that.rainbow.mama17 of 20

Charlotte Townshend @that.rainbow.mama

Charlotte is wife to Jason, mum to Poppy and TMFR (Termination for Medical Reasons) mum to Teddy. On her bright and colourful Instagram page, Charlotte openly talks about her TMFR, after Teddy was diagnosed with anencephaly at the 12 week scan. She hopes to raise awareness of TMFR and baby loss and help those who have had a similar experience. Her whole page is a ray of inspirational sunshine that is sure to brighten up your feed. of 20

Caprice Fox

Expect girl power, LGBTQ+, BLM - oh and amazing hair. Caprice discusses a huge range of topics including breastfeeding, her birth experience, motherhood and raising their mixed race daughter. Instagram is full of life, full of fun and full of adventures.

hannahw25319 of 20

Hannah Graf @hannahw253

In April 2020 in the height of UK lockdown, Jake and Hannah welcomed first child Millie into the world, and we couldn’t be happier for them. They have become role models to many within the trans and LGB communities, instilling hope that the dream of family life is open to all.

Emily Williams @emilywilliamsfitness20 of 20

Emily Williams @emilywilliamsfitness

Emily loves to share both her motherhood journey and passion for fitness through honest, relatable and fun content. A qualified personal trainer in pre and post-natal fitness, Emily inspires and helps her followers to work on their fitness ‘despite life’s little obstacles’!

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