The best supermarket birthday cakes for every birthday theme imaginable

The best supermarket birthday cakes 2022

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What’s not to love about a supermarket birthday cake? We’re talking great cakes at an even greater price point.

Being a parent is a full-time job and we don’t all have the time, or the skills to whip up a cake in the kitchen. Picking up a birthday cake in your weekly shop, in-store or online is a breeze, and honestly, we wouldn’t do it any other way – they’re also especially great if a birthday has slightly slipped your mind, not to worry your local superstore has got you covered.

Supermarkets are your one-stop-shop for birthdays: party food, decorations, presents, balloons and even a delicious birthday cake, you can get it all in one go!

The supermarket birthday cake world is huge, filled with some Twitter drama and plenty of competition, everyone’s looking to give you the best birthday cake possible, so there are plenty of choices out there.

From all-time favourites, like Colin the caterpillar, to cupcake platters and monster cakes, there’s a supermarket birthday cake for every birthday theme.

To show you what the most popular supermarkets have to offer for your next celebration, we've rounded up our favourite supermarket birthday cakes available to buy.

The best supermarket birthday cakes

A magical option for Harry Potter-mad children or even those young at heart, this sponge cake is filled with raspberry jam and covered with soft icing and sugar decorations. Serves 12.

Verified customer review: “Great design and a delicious tasting cake."

A great budget-friendly option, this traybake will have a whole birthday party caked out! Perfect for chocolate lovers it’ll have both parents and kids asking for another slice. Serves 15.

Verified customer review: “Beautiful cake! So nice and not sickly like some chocolate cakes can be - could eat the lot.”

How cute is this little guy? The soft sponge of Pabs the Pug has been filled with scrummy frosting and fruity raspberry jam before being topped with soft icing. Serves 16.

Verified customer review: “Very nice cake. I have had several of these and bought the female pug cake - Loved it. Wish it was a rounded to £10 though. It's not very big but tasted gorgeous.”

This gorgeous large rainbow layer cake is such a great option for any birthday, young or old. Covered in sprinkles, with different coloured layers inside, it’s a surprise treat everyone will enjoy. Serves 20.

Verified customer review: “Absolutely beautiful cake; both aesthetically and flavourful. I’m not usually a fan of shop-bought cake, but this is great! It’s moist but light, not overly sweet. All of my family loved it.”

We think these birthday cubes are a great idea and there's no need for cutting wonky slices of cake. The chocolate flavoured sponge is filled with chocolate flavoured buttercream, enrobed in milk chocolate and decorated with edible decorations. Serves 15.

Verified customer review: “Excellent cakes with a decent amount of chocolate covering. Moist sponge with light chocolate filling, very yummy and everyone loved them. Will definitely buy again.”

Sainsburyu0026#039;s Carrot Cake, Taste the Difference
Price: £2 (was £2.75)

You can never go wrong with a carrot cake, and this small one is perfect to have alongside any other birthday cake for any parents or non-chocolate or sweet loving kids. This carrot cake is filled and topped with cream cheese buttercream and decorated with walnuts. Serves 6.

Verified customer review: “I had this cake for first time last week & it is delicious. It is moist & very tasty. Those who say it is dry must have had a cake cooked with a sub-standard cake mixture as this is plenty moist enough. It is not claggy as some cakes are, just Delicious!! Topping lovely too so all in all, I just love it.”

An indulgent chocolate sponge cake filled with white chocolate frosting decorated with mini Galaxy Ripple, Galaxy chocolate pieces & white chocolate curls. Serves 8.

Verified customer review: “I don’t usually like chocolate cake, but love Galaxy so thought I'd give it a try. I’m buying it again this week, it’s moist and really delicious. Take no notice of the bad reviews as there is one who puts the same wording negative review on for all.”

You've no doubt heard all the caterpillar cake drama so what about a slice of this giant Colin the Caterpillar cake? The giant chocolate sponge roll is filled with chocolate buttercream, covered in milk chocolate with a decorated white chocolate face and sugar-coated milk chocolate beans finished with a personalised leaf decoration. Serves 40.

Verified customer review: “Great cake, moist and plenty of chocolate, loved by all. Will certainly purchase again.”

This impressive six-layered sponge cake is filled, covered and decorated with vanilla buttercream, and sides coated with crunchy coloured sugar pieces. Serves 12.

Verified customer review: “We always order one of these for everyone’s birthdays now. They look gorgeous and taste yummy and the pick up from the shop is always really easy.”

Hearts will be set a-flutter with this two-tier sponge filled with buttercream and raspberry jam, covered with soft icing and decorated with delicate edible rice paper butterflies. Iced with a message of your choice. Serves 28.

Verified customer review: “Got this for my daughter’s 7th birthday. Looks absolutely amazing and the tastes lovely as well.”

For something a little bit different, what about a Max the Monster cake? The chocolate sponge cake is filled and covered with green vanilla buttercream 'fur' and sugar paste decorations for a cute but scary monster. Serves 16.

Verified customer review: “An extra birthday cake in addition to the main cake. Was so much better and a fraction of the cost. Will buy again, the children loved the face.”

We all know how important bees are and now you can show your love with this bee-inspired birthday cake! The top tier features a moist chocolate sponge covered in pale yellow soft icing and decorated with sugar-paste bees. The bottom tier is also a chocolate sponge with yellow vanilla-flavoured buttercream filling, covered in soft white icing and decorated with sugar-paste flowers. Serves 28-30.

Verified customer review: “We purchased this for our son’s birthday, it was great. The sponge was soft and tasty, nothing dry about it. Beautifully made and personalised exactly how we ordered.”

A sweet idea for the first birthday album with golden sponge with raspberry jam and buttercream, covered in soft icing and finished with handmade sugar paste decorations. Serves 18-20.

Verified customer review: “Order this cake for our son’s first birthday!! The kids love it. Just wish there were more options on these cakes for more/bigger servings and pay the extra cost.”

This Free From Gluten version of Asda's fan-favourite novelty guinea pig cake has tasty gluten-free, vanilla-flavoured sponge filled with fruity raspberry jam. Topped with caramel-coloured frosting and sweet edible decorations, Gretel is sure to make the cutest party companion.

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