Which supermarkets do dine in for 2?

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As nice as it would be to go out to a restaurant for a date night all the time, it becomes a lot more difficult when you have kids and need to arrange a babysitter, not to mention the cost.

If you're in need of an alternative, why not skip the takeaway and go for a supermarket dine in for 2 instead? As well as being a lot cheaper (you can get a starter, main, side and dessert for as little as £15!), there are lots of tasty options to choose from and they require little effort on your part, exactly what you need when you've been running after little monsters all day.

Sainsbury’s dine in for 2

Although it sadly ended in August 2021 and is no longer available, Sainsbury’s meal deal cost £12 and included a main course, side, and dessert, plus a soft drink.

Waitrose dine in for 2

For £15, you'll receive a tasty starter, main, side, dessert as well as a drink that includes wine, beer and some fizz. You can choose from wine, beer and other alcoholic options.

Tesco dine in for 2

Known as their Tesco Finest Dinner for two, for just £10 you can bag yourself a tasty main, side, dessert and drink. Main's include Pesto & Parmigiano Breaded Chicken and Ranch Steaks with Peppercorn Butter.

Morrisons' dine in for 2

Another one that's currently not available, previously Morrisons' The Best Dine In For Two cost £12 and you could pick one main, side, dessert and drink.

Asda dine in for 2

Mix and match your favourite options with one main, side, dessert and choose between drink or chocolates to finish. Desserts include Sticky Toffee Pudding Pots and Sicilian Lemon Baked Cheesecakes.

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