11 Christmas craft ideas for toddlers

Christmas craft ideas for toddlers

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Christmas is a magical time for tots and in between card writing, making homemade Christmas gifts and navigating the Christmas shopping crowds, it's lovely to spend some quality time with your toddler and get them excited for the magical festivities.

There’s plenty of fun Christmas crafts you and your tot can do together which will help them get into the festive spirit, from creating their own handcrafted Christmas ornaments to hang on the tree, to baking up some tasty treats in the kitchen. Here's our favourite Christmas craft ideas you and your toddler can do together.

Get baking

young girl making gingerbread house at home

Everyone is in the mood for food during the festive season, so baking some sweet treats with your toddler is a no brainer, plus it's educational. Why not give our super simple Christmas cookies a go or if you’ve got the whole day free, then why not try making your very own gingerbread house? Your little one will love decorating it once it’s assembled (just make sure they don’t end up eating all of the toppings!)

Christmas leaf painting

We love this unique and eco-friendly activity by The Craft Train. Simply go outside and find some leaves with your toddler, bring them indoors (make sure to dry them if they’re wet) then paint on a Santa face. The pointy bit of the leaf is the perfect shape for Santa’s long beard. Afterwards, tie a bit of string from the stem so that your child can hang them from the Christmas tree.

Handprint Christmas peace dove

Christmas peace dove
©Pink Stripey Socks

This craft from Pink Stripey Socks is super easy, all that’s required is your toddlers hand, a pen, some scissors, a paper plate, glue and a pipe cleaner or some string. Your toddler’s mind will be blown away once they see their hand is transformed into a beautiful Christmas dove.

Christmas potato printing

Christmas potato printing
©Molly Moo Crafts

Who remembers good old potato printing? So easy, so fun, albeit a bit messy! Their circular shape is perfect for your tot to hold and stamp out some Christmas characters, like a penguin, or even a snowman or Santa Claus. After your tot has created their masterpiece, you can help them with painting on some of the finer details. Find the full tutorial here.

Make a stocking

Christmas stocking
©Getty Images

Use a craft or messy play session to help your child make their own stocking. Cut the two shapes out of fabric, sew the sides up and add a ribbon to hang it. It doesn’t have to be perfect. For younger children, they could stick on felt shapes and glitter to an already-made stocking. Add their name for a personal touch.

Christmas toilet paper roll crafts

Christmas toilet paper crafts

Turn your old toilet rolls into some fun Christmas characters. Either follow this tutorial by The Best Idea For Kids or simply take inspiration and look for bits and bobs around your house, whether it’s some old buttons, cotton wool or some paint to transform your toilet roll tubes. They’ll look great perched on a window sill.

Pine cone ornament

Pine cone with glitter
lizenzfrei o.digi f.35mm

A pine cone drizzled with some glue and a sprinkling of glitter is such an easy Christmas craft to do with you tot, not to mention they’ll look beautiful hanging from your tree. It’s also a good way to get your little one outdoors in the fresh air, as during the colder months we naturally spend more time indoors.

Foil icicles

foil icicles
©Kids Craft Room

Tin foil and glitter is all you need for these eye-catching icicles. Your toddler can practice their motor skills by squeezing the bits of foil into point icicles, before getting messy with some glue and glitter. String them together after to make a garland or hand them individually from your tree.

Footprint reindeer

footprint reindeer

Ok, things could easily get a little messy with this Christmas craft but we love the idea of using your tots foot to create a reindeer head. Once they’ve done their foot print simply help them draw on some reindeer antlers, add some eyes and a nose. We suggest giving this a go every year, it will make a lovely keepsake to see how your toddler has grown over the years.

Santa’s cookie plate

Christmas Santa cookie plate
©Party Wowzy

Display Santa’s cookies proudly on your very own customised Christmas cookie plate! We love this idea fromParty Wowzy, as it’s something you’ll be able to continue using even once your children are all grown up.

Thumbprint Reindeer Ornaments

Thumbprint Reindeer Ornaments

Spruce up plain baubles by letting your toddler do some fingerprint painting. This idea by Little Bit Funky is genius and all that's required is your toddlers tiny thumbs, some paint and a black sharpie. If there's no room left to squeeze them on your tree then these will make beautiful gifts for friends and family too.

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