The best Christmas cookie cutters for festive baking

Christmas cookie cutters

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There's nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked cookies in the house, and having a plate of delicious cookies or Christmas biscuits to snack on during the festive period is the perfect treat after Christmas shopping, wrapping presents or for snuggling up to watch a family Christmas film. Making the cookies is part of the appeal too and it is even more fun when you can create novelty Christmas shapes with some of the best Christmas cookie cutters for festive baking. Your little one will also love baking with mummy or daddy, especially when it comes to icing, and it might even become a Christmas tradition for your family.

Whether you're an amateur baker or fancy yourself as a bit of a professional, there are plenty of gadgets and tools to make the process a little easier for you, especially Christmas cookie cutters. There are so many Christmas shapes to choose from such as baubles, Christmas trees, or stars. Your little one could even make some special cookies for Santa to add to their Santa plate on Christmas Eve.

We can help you choose the best Christmas cookie cutters so you can concentrate on baking and making fun memories with the family. You will be proud to give your cookies as gifts, or offer them to guests. You could even try this easy iced Christmas biscuits recipe with your new cookie cutters.

The best Christmas cookie cutters at a glance:

Best stainless steel cookie cutters: Christmas cookie cutter set

Best Christmas bauble cookie cutters: Christmas bauble cookie cutter

Best Christmas tree cookie cutter: 3D Christmas Star Cookie Tree Cutter Set

We've rounded up some of the best Christmas cookie cutters on the market so you can perfect your festive bakes this winter. Why not browse the list with your little one so they can help you choose what shape cookies to bake.

Baking with Christmas cookie cutters should be fun for you and your little one so the last thing you want is frustration when the cutter doesn't cut properly, or worse, any accidents for little fingers. Plus after all the baking fun (or chaos!) has finished, it is nice to be able to clean the cookie cutters easily. So what is better, plastic of stainless steel? Stainless steel with most likely give a cleaner cut, and it is normally safe in the dishwasher. However, it will have sharper edges and as with any kitchen utensil such as toddler kitchen knives, little ones will need careful supervision. Plastic is easier for little hands because it poses less of a hazard, however, it might not provide such a precise edge and it can't always go in the dishwasher and it can be fiddly to clean.

Stamps are also an option for decorating Christmas cookies. They often come with cutters to create the cookie shape and then a stamper which can be pressed into the cookie dough, or fondant icing. These are great for team work because an adult can cut the cookies while the kids stamp on the design. It might really spark your little one's love of cooking and a kids cookbook might be a great present idea to carry on the baking interest after the festive season.

There are so many Christmas designs for you to try out. If you child is only small, simple is best. You can find cookie cutters in countless festive shapes including angels, Christmas trees, baubles, reindeers, stars, Santa, and snowflakes. For older children, there are more intricate designs like stackable Christmas tree cookies, or snowflake wreaths. You can also make cookies in the shape of baubles to hang on the tree.

Is it worth purchasing Christmas cookie cutters?

Remember that Christmas cookie cutters are versatile and can also be used to create seasonal shaped sandwiches in your little one's lunchbox. You can also use them in craft activities such as salt dough to make Christmas tree decorations, or for fun festive games with play dough, or how about drawing around them to create some lovely Christmas templates to cut out or colour. If you are trying to do Christmas on a budget this year, then Christmas cookies make a lovely gift for family and friends. Your little one will be so proud to gift something they have made, especially if you pair it with a handmade Christmas card too.

Christmas is such a special time for families and it is nice to do festive crafts or baking together. And the best thing about Christmas baking is you get to taste it and enjoy it afterwards.

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